Trailer unter der Regie von Hideo Kojima geführt und bearbeitet (Vögel am Himmel) (Tragt) Mit Nuklearwaffen bestückter zweibeiniger Kampfpanzer
Metal Gear REX (Diese Wörter sind für mich) (Das Leben, es schmeckt süß) (Es lässt mich leben) Mit Nuklearwaffen bestückter zweibeiniger amphibischer Kampfpanzer
Metal Gear RAY (Es lässt mich atmen) (Die Liebe tut so weh) (Aber immer noch) Mit Nuklearwaffen ausgestatteter Kampfpanzer
Shagohod (Sie rettete meine Seele) (Blumen einer schönen Vergangenheit) Unbemannte zweibeinige Waffe
Gekko (Sie erblühten in Freiheit ) (Unter der Sonne) (Erinnerungen, die ich dir weiterreichen möchte) Zur Abschreckung dienender zweibeiniger KI kontrollierter Panzer
Peace Walker (Damit du siehst, was wir hinterlassen haben) Zweibeinige Kriegsmaschine für den generellen Zweck [KI kontrolliert]
Metal Gear Zeke (Wenn alle Hoffnung vorbei ist) (Alles, was übrig bleibt, sind Zweifel) (Hätte dir alles zurücklassen sollen) (Für morgen) (Wenn deine Zeit gekommen ist) (Wirst du in Angst leben?) (Hätte dir alles zurücklassen können) (Aber, wir lassen los) Der entscheidende intensive Kampf Die entscheidende Geschichte Der entscheidende Maßstab Die entscheidende Evolution Der entscheidende Metal Gear Menschenähnliches zweibeiniges Waffensystem
Meta Gear Sahelanthropus Von Zero zu Omega [vom Anfang bis zum Ende] Das fehlende Stück, um die Geschichte zu verknüpfen V wird kommen…


  1. DAMN YOU KONAMI you killed this amazing series we will never get something like this ever again you will not go out with a bang but with a pathetic whimper


  2. When Venom Snake is set on fire in this video, does anyone else think it's making reference to when Solid Snake killed him? As per the lore, Solid Snake killed him with a flame thrower.

  3. I wish there was a "delete" button for memories. I would delete my memories of playing MGS games…..just to play them all over again.

  4. Just in case some retards still doesn't understand, "The missing link that completes the saga" is refering to Sahelanthropus. Just like the real life Sahelanthropus, he was the missing link in the evolution of Metal Gears.

  5. just remember when you watched this after playing all the games and waiting for the new one to come out…Regardless of the end just think of the journey there..

  6. Wow all the top comments here were written at least 2 years ago
    Are there still people watching this in December of 2018?

  7. Looking back on it, I never realized just how much I’d miss the series, like I knew I would miss it, but this was part of my childhood, and now it is gone.

  8. We re in 2019 and first time I played mg was back in 2002 I played mg1 on my ps1 it was one of the most interesting games the entire series is a masterpiece to this day I played all of the games relaseased afterwards except mg4 Because it was a Sony exclusive and I was using xbox 360 at the time , now what happened betweek kojima and konami is above us the fans, but truly every viewer here agrees that the everything about the game is legendary except mg survive which is a big flop , I dont know who s fault it is but you guys sacrificed a masterpiece over a disagreement and its dissapointing there are bigger issues in the world yet the 2 sides involved find a common ground, please Konami reunite with Kojima again and give us something dont let big boss die.

  9. This is basically a trailer for the metal gear saga. Like a final goodbye and the trailer ends with a homage to metal gear 2 as big boss burns. Full circle Christ.

  10. People can say what they want. MGSV was good in it's own way. Surely by far not as great as MGS3, but i loved it non the less.
    What YOU Konami did with Kojima was your biggest and worst mistake.
    You pretty much ran your business into the dirt. At the very least for the western market. I am well aware, that the asian countries love Pachinko and what not, but if you continue like this, you can all together stop releasing games for the western audience, looking at the disaster like Metal Gear Survive.

    You don't have to kiss Kojimas ass or crawl up in there, but at the very least realize what piss poor decision it was to fuck around with him.
    Get things straight. Talk it out. Cooperate again and listen to Kojima some more. Without him you would be nowhere near as a developer as you were with him.
    Maybe you were the muscle, but Kojima was your brain.
    And you pretty much know what happens with a human without one.

  11. You know what, after seeing this beautiful compilation of the saga, revengeance can burn in hell for all I care, since it is essentially a middle finger to the stories, efforts and tragedies of everyone featured .

  12. Giving fans a brief recap of every Metal Gear Solid game was a brilliant idea. Providing a glimpse of what the new Metal Gear, Sahelanthropus, was capable of was the perfect ending. This is what captivates audience's attention. This is how trailers should be made.

  13. Man this hits me hard. It looks like a forshadowing of what was coming. Rip Hideo Kojima's great franchise. (1998-2015)

  14. This game is a trash 😠, repetitive missions, downgrade graphics, cut content. Incomplete game.
    Thake that KONAMI 🖕🖕🖕🖕👎👎👎👎

  15. One of my life biggest let downs was this game not being finished 100% and knowing we will never get it. Maybe in an alternative universe i am enjoying life having played this game because they did finished it 100%

  16. 4 years late but everyone complains about the one and only David Hayter not getting a chance to be Snake this time around, 😭😱. But I just realised that Hideo had the last laugh letting Keifer Sutherland voice 'Snake' seeing as he wasnt David's Snake., comment me if I've made a mistake

  17. Fuck you konami & kojima, this game was the worst game of my life 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮😡😡😡😡

  18. MGS5: TPP is great with its gameplay, but the story sucks and everything is all over the place


  19. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Cuck
    A Hideo Kuckjima game.
    Trailer edited and cucked by Hideo Kuckjima.
    Enjoy getting cucked by false advertisement and Kucknami killing the series.

  20. I haven't completed the game yet (not nearly), but knowing the major plot twist is what kept me from unistalling the game. It felt so lackluster that I was really losing interest, but then… everything made sense and I really want to know how the hell that happened.

    I really don't get why people get upset with spoilers if the thrill is the process, not the goal.

  21. to think that this saga is over makes this trailer hit right in the feels…
    Feels like Kojima already knew what was going to happen and made this to all time fans…

  22. I always thought this game would tie in MG1 and MG2 because at the 2:48 min mark Big Boss is on fire burning. Solid Snake burned Big Boss at the end of MG2. And I always figured this was Big Boss.. He had been through a lot. And Big Boss in MGS4 tells Old Snake that Eva stole his body and re constructed it with Body Parts of Liquid and Solidus to make him whole again..

  23. Where the fuck is metal gear solid 6 kojima idc if u left konami just make one with big boss maybe what he was doing while the phantom was making outer heaven complete

  24. Watching this now legitimately almost brings me to tears, sadness? No. Happiness? Not quite that either, but seeing this artwork for what it was, I have to say there is nothing else like it, And there never will be. This is the only game series to ever tug on my heart strings with nothing more than a trailer.

  25. We are Big Boss. We carry on his legacy. Not Hideo Kojima Not Konami. We
    That is what Phantom is trying to tell us

  26. At 0:41 why does solid snake look like Ben Stiller in metal gear solid cover picture they had in the deja vu mission !

  27. I wish that someone could've told me in 2008 that MGS4 was gonna be the last great Metal Gear game, and to not waste 7 years waiting for this unfinished mess of a game.

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