Hi everyone, its Justine Body image is a topic We’ve been hearing a lot about more and more I feel we’ve never been as Obsessed with physical appearance as we are right now, and that’s the work of social media since I started in my youtube channel I’ve gotten to see even more that for the image discussion because I’m the body that’s being discussed And I can totally understand how public comments like that mean ones could affect the self-esteem of a young girl or a Woman, or a man of any age for that matter now if you’re thinking what the hell would she even know about low self-esteem or insecurities if you think that hang on and keep watching Who decides who has the right to talk about low self-esteem and who hasn’t? See usually on the thumbnail of a video on that topic you see a girl looking really sad Or holding her belly fat to show that she has the right to legitimately talk about it because she’s objectively In a bad body Why talking about this subject? Needs visual justification or proof that you’re allowed to do so so I spared you the dramatic thumbnail But I want to talk about this anyways Everyone has insecurities it has nothing to do with your age your weight or your body type I have a normal weight for my height. I Do sports I eat Healthy I rarely drink alcohol, and I don’t smoke perfect on paper But you will not see a picture of me in a bikini From the back in a close-up picture you just wont because that’s a part of me That just does not belong on social media. Just like it did not belong in a newspaper before social media appeared an intimate private life became so public Another example at least once under every video I upload every one I get a comment saying that I have small teeth do the people commenting think that I didn’t notice By the way Justine Leconte teeth is the second most Google thing about me Why does it matter so much? Truth is it’s a part of me, and I embrace it, so I don’t care, but imagine a 15 year old girl Who’s putting Herself out there posting selfies on Instagram in the hope that she gets Compliments that people say that she’s pretty and she gets the comments Something like what AF happened to your nose. It’s effing disgusting go get surgery of yourself By how much do you think that her self-esteem is gonna drop and? When you post that publicly under her picture you’re not only saying that right to her face You also saying that in front of everyone she knows and all her friends Who would do that in real life, right? Haters as they’re not officially called look for potential weaknesses in people and press Right where it could hurt and everybody has a place that could hurt Accept models right because they are physically perfect Wrong and that brings us to the next point models aren’t the benchmark two reasons for that first one It’s their full-time job to look good They are paid to do just that and trust me the pressure of looking good for the job Is high enough to make especially young girls feel really insecure even if you think that objectively They really have nothing to worry about in fact the most insecure people I know are models they need to hear all the time that they look pretty and that they look great and It’s exhausting for them Second reason Photoshop, it’s surely not the first time that you’re hearing this obviously But you can’t compare yourself with a picture that has been pimped and corrected for hours There is a very good short movie about the power of Photoshop I would call it cant remember the title I link it below Great watch as far as I’m concerned my job does not depend on how I look in Depends on how I think and what I create as a result my value does not equal my looks The way you look doesn’t define you as a person either and even if you’re a model because others opinions Don’t matter. You know I get all sorts of comments like oh my god. You’re anorexic It’s disgusting you should be ashamed to put yourself out there as an example Says who or oh, honey, I thought you were slim, but are you sure you’re not a plus-sized based on what sighting system Let’s be clear here. I’m not trying to fish for compliments or get reassurance from you guys I’m just trying to show the actual bandwidth of what we call others opinions. It’s ridiculous It’s from one extreme to the other one once you’ve understood that it all becomes Relative, and it doesn’t really matter anymore I see it from an external perspective kind of their hating about Justine Square picture from here to here front view twice a week on YouTube. Why did they do that? I keep doing what I was doing your worst judge is you the only opinion that really gets to me Is my own I used to be an athlete I trained a lot, I was really fit Compared to that benchmark everything now looks meh no matter how often I go to the gym. I just can’t keep up So I have two options the first one is to feel sorry about myself and keep complaining the other one is to pick the right benchmark Today versus yesterday if today I feel better and fitter Well, then that’s progress I can work with that and this simple positive thought this little satisfaction boost will show every time you smile women are very self criticizing a lot more than men don’t do that just Change the benchmark One more thought just my two cents on how to keep yourself motivated and interested in Making progress little by little which we are in return Totally boost your self-esteem do things that you’ve never done before it’s actually also my culture rule number one Every day for instance try out a new look every season is a new chance or a new excuse to try new things Try a new sports every time you do sports the body generates dopamine which is basically a substance that makes you feel happy So the more sports you do the happier you feel on top of the physical benefits We know and you also sleep better afterwards so it’s a win-win-win. It’s like a magical weapon Smile at yourself every time you see a mirror when you smile the brain switches to happy It’s not smart enough to realize whether there’s really someone standing in front of you or not so you can totally Trick it and fake it as often as you need Compliment others when you make people happy it makes you happy it’s math or biology. I Would need to check that fact, but let’s say you’re killing two birds with one stone Conclusion I think the image we have of our bodies is impacted more by our level of self-esteem Than by how our bodies actually look which is cool because self-esteem is easier to build up little by little Than it is to build the perfect body define perfect anyways Thumbs up if you enjoy this video, I wish you a fantastic Sunday And I look very much forward to your thoughts and comments Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel if you haven’t done so already and I’ll see you very soon again. Take care. Bye. Bye

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  1. Justine, can you recomment an eye conceiler? I dont wear make up at all but i suffer allergies and therefore my undereyes get puffy and i get dark circles too. I am 39 yrs old and as much as i hate it im getring close to that age where i may have to wear some kind of makeup.

  2. Justine, you are a diamond in the rough! I just stumbled upon your videos last night and can't wait to find time to continue binge-watching. Finding my truth and feeling innately worthy in this world hasn't come easy for me (like most women, probably) and your lovely demeanor, truthfulness, and kindness about the topics you cover is so refreshing to me. Thank you so much!

  3. Dear Justine, I enjoy you very much. You have Esprit, "Joie". Sick people making sick comments don't have this. In fact, they can't see or sense this. Their life is dark. It is a real relief to hear confidence-building comments about sizes and shapes! Keep your videos coming!

  4. I was bullied as a kid (through highschool) for being too thin. Now I feel fat, but Im healthy for my height not taking my old age into account,

  5. Well done video. Haters hate themselves and spew it outwards. A young lady in our family was a beautiful young woman, a model with a great career and even better future. She committed suicide. All of us just want to be loved and accepted for who we are.

  6. What a wonderful message. Thank you for being the advocate for women everywhere. Your video is always insightful, elegant and tasteful, I truly enjoy it. Thank you Justine!

  7. Hello Justine; I am a new subscriber. I have been enjoying your videos. Coincidentally I have been watching (after searching the topic you are covering in this video) and here you are also covering this topic; I am 45. I haven’t done anything to my face; here I was as a teen comparing myself to magazines only to find out they were photoshopped when they’re already models; now with social media it’s frightening the effects it can have on young ladies and yes women/men at any age. I try to avoid engaging in that type of content/images and now certainly have a much better self esteem than when I was a teen because who I am on the inside matters far more than how I look anyway. Thank you for spreading a positive message.

  8. Can't believe anyone would say anything unkind about you: you are gorgeous on the outside as well as you obviously are on the inside (it shines through in each one of your videos!)

  9. You are so encouraging. One thing i have noticed is that designers mostly don't look phyically like they are perfect.some look dowdy. I myself
    Look older and i get disappointed
    With my looks. But i have a passion
    For fashion and i love to look at it study
    It in that i have a background in costume design in theater a large
    History and art history.i am a nurse
    By trade but a stylist at heart. The mirrors frustrate me but age marches on. Fortunately
    I have cared for elegant women over 80 who are beautiful inside as well.
    That helps me a great deal
    You are a fabulous teacher and project so well.perbaps those that criticized your teeth
    Wear dentures.ha anyway thank you so much for your instruction.it blesses me and continues to
    With each video.

  10. Merci Justine pour cette capsule absolument nécessaire et très à propos en cette ère de superficialité et de recherche de la seule perfection physique!

  11. Thank you for bringing this up!! With all other grate content you have. So smart and creative and fresh=) Hope you will do more history videos in the future=)

  12. Hi Justine i watched your videos already longer than a year and I love them! It’s so good that i can always learn things from you and hear your options about something. Like this topic it could be complicated and sensitive but I do agree with you. Just sometimes self criticism is even hard to avoid but it’s somehow also kind of a motivation that makes one try better. So it’s like a paradox 🤷🏻‍♀️

  13. One of the things I’ve learned as I’ve grown older is truth number five—others’ opinions don’t matter. But it’s so frustrating to think about how vulnerable young people are to thinking the opinions of the public and their peers matter so much. I really appreciate this video and thank you for talking about it! Insecurities never completely go away, but talking about them with sympathy and accepting our “flaws” (I have small ears, people always comment!!) we can alleviate a lot of stress. Thank you Justine!

  14. Justine I have been binge watching your videos for four days now. I love that you understand your craft well enough to explain it with simplicity. I love that your videos are crisp and clear. Thanks for making this video. It shows how beautiful and positive person you are inside out. Love from India

  15. I love your posts because they offer a sane, compassionate take on clothing, fashion, and self-esteem. Your authenticity and compassion are evident in every video.

  16. Thank you Justine! I am just getting around to view all of your past videos! I enjoyed this video so much. This is such a great video for both girls and boys who have these personal conflicts. BTW, I adore your infectious smile and lovely laugh! :)))

  17. Tu es sublime, j’adore les sujets, les uns après les autres, j’apprends beaucoup. Merci Justine, directement du Québec! Danielle

  18. T
    Timeless advice. Whenever anyone talks about self-esteem this video is my benchmark and I’ve lost count of the friends and family I have referred to view it. Love your genuineness and authenticity , it shines through in every video you post xo

  19. Thanks for keeping it real, Justine. I think what I love most about your message is that it's what we all know to be true, deep down. Every one of us was once a child, completely free and unburdened by the pressure to be beautiful. I think deep down we all carry that freedom within us, but in time, it becomes buried by society's expectations and pressures. Thank you for reminding us of that precious truth.

  20. Hi Justine; Wow, thank you for being so vulnerable and direct about something so difficult for most of us, body image. And the talking to to those of us that are so unhappy or something with ourselves that we have to pick at and hurt others… it's a sad state of affairs. I love watching your tutorials always informative and up beat and presented in a straight forward manner. It's so great of you to share all of this with us. Sending love from Ontario, Canada!

  21. I heard about you from watching @TheWholeHappyLife. I’m almost 38 years old (from the US) and find your content so encouraging and meaningful. I’m so glad she mentioned your channel, as I’m looking forward to watching on a regular basis.

  22. Hi Justine, I very much enjoy your videos and the content. Very real, like from a sister or friend talking about a variety of subjects that all connect to you and what you do but connect to all women as well. Thank you.

  23. Votre dentition vous donne beaucoup de charme, c'est vous. Nos différences font notre unicité.
    I should start writing in English even if I don't feel comfortable doing so. I enjoy your channel very much, you bring fresh air, a professional and kind viewpoint on fashion. Wish you the best.

  24. FYI I think u have a natural real smile that makes it beautiful. What I really want to say though is you are addressing a huge gap in how we dress and take care of ourselves as working women. I feel, esp in North America that we are so busy and basically just put on our uniform to go to work and forget about how it looks feels . Compared to my grandma who was meticulous and took pride in how she dressed although she didn’t have much. Thanks for making it easy and reminding us why this is important.

  25. It’s physics … you are what you give to others. For example, a red rose appears red because it absorbs all other colors of spectrum and reflects red.

  26. Justine, I love your positivity!!! Your demeanor and videos are fabulous! I am a new subscriber, but have done a marathon watch last month and now am all cut up!! The videos have been positive, honest, and straightforward, I love it! I have learned soooo much with them, and I am so grateful to you! Thank you! Many blessings. —-Fabiane, LA area CA, U.S.

  27. I love your content and I always try to remember that anything negative someone has to say to me is really just and insecurity of their own. Our own opinions are the only ones we need to care about and thankfully we have the power to work on anything that's bothering us. Keep up the great content I recommend u to everybody I know (both of them) lol

  28. Bravo! 👏🏼 I am sharing with my three young adult daughters; they need not compare themselves with fashion models or celebrities. Thank you for these words of wisdom! 🙏🏽

  29. Justine, I thank you for your positivity, honesty, and your informative videos. I only discovered you this week and have been binge watching past episodes. You are a delight to watch! Keep on being yourself.

  30. The most compliments I ever received were when I was depressed and having stomach issues. I had been fit 130lbs and 5'7" and then I moved, had a terrible roommate situation, had trouble adjusting to the cafeteria food, and felt depressed and didn't want to go out, therefore skipping many meals.
    It made me so uncomfortable when people gushed about my long thin legs and tiny waist. I had dropped from 130lbs to 110lbs in three months, my skin kept breaking out, I often got hives from stress, and I had stomach pain and headaches often. I look back at those pictures and yeah, sure, my legs looked like a model's. But it wasn't beautiful to me, it was painful.

  31. It makes me so sad to think of young girls who get negative comments on their online content! Cyberbullying can be such a problem. I’m glad you continue to post even though people have commented negative things on your videos. Your channel is the best!

  32. Thank you so much Justine for this video. At this age of social media it is very important for every girl and boy to realize that you are more than your Instagram posts. A good heart and a genuine smile goes a long way…☺️☺️☺️

  33. I just realised that I have been watching your videos less for the fashion advice and more for the positivity..your voice is so pleasing and peaceful for the mind and most importantly I am slowly learning to love my body.

  34. I am again and again happy,that there was no social media when i was a teenager. the time was hard enough without.
    You are a great woman and the content of you videos is one of the best compared to others.

  35. My mother, who was so beautiful that people would stop her on the street and ask her if she was Ava Gardner, told me numerous times as a young girl after I got dressed in the morning to look in the mirror and fix myself one time and don't look into the mirror for the rest of the day. My parents didn't want me to focus on my looks. They knew what was valuable in life and they knew what was shallow. I taught my children the same. With today's social media, thank you for sharing a very important message! p.s. Your professionalism and content is a pleasure to watch!

  36. I agree with you, Justine. Young girls nowadays have so low self confidence. In general most of the women have some insecurities. Most of the men doesn't have same issues, no matter how they look like.
    I am very much like you, Justine, that is why I like you so much-we have so much in common. I never drink alcohol in my life, never smoked, never used drugs, I eat healthy and organic food, I work out for 10 years now and nobody ever guessed my age right so far. I am very positive and very good at making people feel better about themselves.

  37. I’ve just come across your YouTube channel and have binge watched it over the duration of a few days. I am currently watching this episode and thank you for doing it, especially for the young girls. You are absolutely stunning, intelligent and inspirational. I look forward to watching more. Continue being who you are, and thank you for the gift of your channel. Sending love from Australia x

  38. A very important video. Girls are hyper sensitive about their looks. There is nothing wrong with that imo if it is natural for them to want to be pretty – it is the human condition. For example, the male peacock is the one that has to be beautiful to attract females, and the females are really plain. I think what is attractive about any person isn't their absolute beauty as compared to other people, but that they have clearly taken the time to be the best possible of the raw materials they have to work with. That is VERY attractive. So my opinion is, don't compare yourself with others – that is futile. Instead, work at making the best version of who you are. People will notice that you try.

    When someone is faulted or made fun of for their genetics, it is the cruelest form of put down. That person was born that way. It is just wrong to make fun of someone for something for which they had no choice or input. In my experience, when a person is kind, they focus on those parts of you that are beautiful and overlook the flaws. For every person that focuses on Justine's teeth (there is no problem BTW), there are ten guys that want to make out with her.

    For example, I am attracted to VS Martha Hunt. I later learned that she has scoliosis, and that as a result her gate when walking down the runway is a little off. Lots of people made fun of her for that. I think it makes her that much more beautiful – that she is 1 in a million woman as a VS model in spite of a congenital condition.

  39. I have the same gummy smile issue and I have always complaint about the appearence of it. However, I leaned how to protect myself from those of nonsense comments about my teeths. I have them and I'm grateful.

  40. I don't know what people say to you. You have a cute smile. You are a beautiful & honest woman sharing the truth in an awesome way. Enjoy your videos. 😁❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  41. A late comment – I've always suspected those who criticize have very deep insecurities and choose to make others feel the same in order to alleviate their pain. They they don't understand that lifting others up, instead of tearing them down, lifts themselves up and out of their pain and insecurities. Thank you Justine!

  42. I had the same problem as a child, the gum teeth ratio wasn't pretty to many, as an adult I get complemented a lot about my smile. But it took so many comments and jokes for me to develop a thick skin that now I thank people for the complements and never think twice about them. My daughter has that problem, but just like you Justine people can't help to fall in love with her personality and sweetness. I don't make a big deal about it, instead I help her build her self esteem, and I always make sure she knows how grateful I am to God for giving me such a beautiful girl.

  43. Bravo, Justine! The real beauty shines from inside 🙂 Social media nowadays distorts reality. Thanks for bringing this subject. Love your channel!

  44. I love that you talked about the fact that everyone has a right to their feelings- no matter what others think. And you are right, everyone has insecurities. To all: Make room for the feelings of others guys! You are not the only one with feelings.

  45. Your smile, your creative beautiful mind makes me happy and alive every time I watch your video. I also admire your confidence… we are the same hight, but I can’t wear heels like you wear 😉 would be great to listen your thoughts about being tall. Thank you 🙏🏼

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