Susan Angel is here to discuss the latest
on migraine headaches and new research on medication out there to help people who suffer
from them; and they are not fun� Welcome Susan
Hey, thanks for having me. Migraines are very common�
They are, and if you look at the statistics there are millions of people in the United
States who suffer from Migraine Headaches. Often times women, more than man, but often
times they can come in a chronic fashion where they can come frequently or episodic. But
either way, they can disrupt folk in terms of their work, their parenting, and just overall
activities of daily living can become problematic if not taken care of.
Yes, they can be debilitating, often times you hear that people that have migraines have
called in sick from work, they can�t go to work, they have to go into a dark room
and lay down, and sometimes there is a vision portion where they see an aurora or some sorts
of flashing or shimmering lights with their vision as well so they can be debilitating
really. Absolutely, and there are so many things that
can trigger them, there is a genetic component, but there is also environmental factors that
influence the onset of a migraine which include various foods, alcoholic beverages, caffeine,
changes in the weather, stress, hormones, so there are lots of different factors that
can impact the occurrence of a migraine and the frequency. So, one of the things we are
doing at CNS Healthcare is looking at a new medication to prevent these things.
So this is something that would keep them from occurring in the first place�
Correct, and what�s really cool about this trial is that we�ve got, well you might
feel �why do I need to do a clinical trial?� what�s different about this medication?,
well the thing that�s really cool about this is that it is unlike anything that�s
out on the market right now. In what way? What makes this different?
Well, right now we have lots of different pills and they have various side effects;
they can be helpful but they can have a different set of symptoms that you may have to deal
with as it relates to the side effects. This treatment is a once a month injection with
a very small needle that you get once a month that can prevent migraines.
OK, so unlike medication, that you can take daily, or in a pill form, or medication that
you take at the early onset of symptoms of a migraine, this is a shot that they would
come in once-a-month that could help prevent the migraine.
I know some people might be �ugh, oh gosh an injection��, well I have to say that
it is nothing major and the benefits definitely outweigh he risks. So if you are experiencing
migraines frequently and they are disrupting your quality of life, this is something that
you should come speak to us about. Ok now tell me, do people need to get a hold
of their doctor before they do this or can we just call CNS Healthcare? You could give us a call directly or even
have the opportunity to schedule the initial consultation on our website, but typically
we have the opportunity to get you in on the same day and during that first appointment
you�ll meet with our nursing staff who will do a detailed evaluation to look at your current
physical status, health history, current medications and they will review the clinical trial with
you just to see if it is a good fit. We are always trying to get the treating physicians
involved, not in the sense that they would participate in the trial, but that they are
aware of your participation and we often times would seek out medical records, confirming
diagnosis and treatments so that we have a good continuity of care going.
And you also need to have the patient�s history is what you are talking about so you
could be contacting their doctor with their permission of course. You know the neat thing
about a clinical trial is often times it�s free of charge, especially if you have a hard
time right now making ends meet in a tough economy, this is an opportunity to get medication
absolutely free. Correct? It is, and not only that, you get the benefit
of a full medical team evaluating your care and evaluating you on a very routine basis,
you also get a very good evaluation that includes lab work, physical exam, an EKG, so we are
really looking at the whole picture. We want to make sure that there aren�t any underlying
medical conditions that are contributing to your symptoms and that you would be fully
participate in the trial. The thing that�s great is that back in private practice we
used to say that we need a payment, process your insurance, etc. and with this, we don�t
have to worry about that. As the patients come in, we don�t have to worry about insurance,
or copayment, in fact patients that participate with is receive a stipend for their participation
to compensate them for their time and travel for participating.
So what you are saying is that they can be compensated monetarily and get paid to participate
often times. And this is made possible because when it is a clinical trial, and I will explain
this as people might not know, the drug company or pharmaceutical company that is putting
this medication out on a trial basis has to conduct these studies before it goes widespread
for FDA approval. So all medication has to go through this process at some point, so
often times it is a great way to take advantage of something that even you own doctor cannot
write a prescription for. Yes, that is a great benefit as so many people
suffer from migraines and it impacts them daily, and even with medication can be very
frustrating; so this is a great opportunity to see if this new medication could impact
you positively. That�s great, and if anybody is interested,
call the number on your screen or go to the web?
Absolutely. Susan Angel thank you for joining me and we�ll
have you back to talk about some more trials coming up.

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