“One size fits all” on
different body types “One size fits all” stores
are popping up everywhere We decided to try on a few of their items – I guess I know not a lot of things are gonna fit. Height 5’11, Size 14/16, Sheridan – I’m not really sure
what to expect with this. Height 5’9, Size 4/6, Lara – Yeah, I think it’s just
gonna be really silly. Height 5’3, Size 0, Allison – One size fits all hats
don’t even fit all people Height 5’3, Size 18, Kristin – Everybody is so different that you could be small up here, big down here, I don’t know. Height 5’6, Size 6/8, Candace Donilyn Tank – I’m apparently going
to fit this over my head. We got this. There’s just nothing
good about this for me. – This isn’t gonna fit everyone. It doesn’t fit me. Honestly, this just makes
me wanna go like this. – The fits okay, it not great, it’s fine. – My mom used to say
something that was like, “I’m a size two sausage
in a size one casing.” and that’s what I feel like right now. – I can’t pulling anything. There’s no where to escape,
this is basically a bra. Emilia Skirt – Let’s get this. So short. This is one size but, doesn’t stretch too much. – Yeah, I wouldn’t wear this. It just doesn’t fit me. I can see through it. – This is the perfect skirt for work. Yeah, this skirts terrible. I don’t who this would fit. Like who? Who would this fit? – Well, it fits. Just kidding, it’s awful. I hate everything about it. It’s giving me the biggest
wedgie I’ve ever had. Layla Hoodie – Real talk, this fits super well. – It is delightfully comfortable. It fits, I think I look pretty good. – I’m no a huge fan of
how short it is here, just because I have a longer torso. – It fits me pretty well, but I feel maybe if
you’re shorter or smaller, it’s just gonna kinda eat you alive. – This is the MVP. It’s the best, everybody loves it. Jada Dress – I feel like one wrong move
and I could reveal myself. The back is little bit revealing for a workplace environment. – It’s not the worst thing in the world. Again, it’s like a little bit short on me. – But realistically though this is where, I mean… This is where my chest is supposed to be. This may not be flattering but it should be able to get over my body. Jersey has one job and that’s to get on everyone’s body. – I’m gonna do this. This is just not happening. I’m giving up with this. – I put on this dress and I was like, “Oh, hell yeah, like I can fit in this.” But it’s kinda sad because I shouldn’t… I don’t know, you know what I mean? They’re like making me feel bad if I don’t fit in something that’s obviously way too small for 90% of the human race. How does it make you feel? – One size doesn’t fit all which I pretty much knew going into this but it’s kind of a real
eye opener when your trying on all these
clothes on your own body and just kind of putting it out there. – Clothes shopping when you’re
a little bit bigger is hard. I feel like this is just
kind of one step further and that it makes people who are actually, probably quite small feel like that there are clothing options that are shut off to them. – It’s a weird thing that we’re… As a society, we’re just
so obsessed with size. We’re so obsessed with
how thin someone is, how tall someone is. – I never really thought about how bad it could make me and everyone else feel. You know, the goal is
to celebrate all sizes. – When I didn’t fit into
it, it felt like something was wrong with my body and
I think you could definitely hurt younger women that grow up feeling like
they need to fit in one size.

100 thoughts on ““One Size Fits All” On Different Body Types”

  1. I personally thought Lara was fine so you go girl. All these comments talking about the same thing isn’t gonna do much for her self esteem either so it’d be nice if we could go easy a little.

  2. guys stop attacking Lara maybe everything fit her but it doesn’t mean she’s comfortable and that skirt is kinda meant to be pulled up really high she had the right to complain stop attacking her she was a little whinny but jeez

  3. Clothes shopping is harder for larger people???? What do you meaannn??? There are so many places with larger sizes! It is so hard for a skinny person to find clothes that fit because everything is too big

  4. The way everyone stands
    Everyone stands all happy
    Lara standing like nothing fit her

    I’m really mad at her… 🙁

  5. So the others can complain about the outfits but not Lara because shes skinny and "everything fits her perfectly". Skinny girls have insecurities too, don't be jealous because an outfit dosent look as good on you as it does on her.

  6. The thing is it’s weird to imagine that I’m taller then a lot of the adults in this video I’m a 5,5 13 year old

  7. This comment section is so offensive, Lara might not have liked or didnt feels comfortable in some of the clothes, Just because she is a skinny normal average person doesnt mean she has no insecurities or doubts about herself and body, You guys are thinking that she is complaining just to be complaining, now tell me this, If I gave you a skirt that was the perfect size but it was to scratchy or uncomfortable, And you felt insecure in it, YOU WOULD COMPLAIN, la gente realmente solo necesita parar esta mierda grosera

  8. So there can be plus-size only stores but there can't be stores only for petite people? I don't get why everyone complains about brandy melville

  9. I offer myself as tribute for the next one of these. Lol.


    24% body fat

    22 / 21 inch thighs
    15 inch calves
    36 inch hips, 34 inch high hip(30 inches when all my fat is compressed)
    37 inch chest, 35 inch underbust
    29 inch waist
    44 inch shoulders at a width of 17 inches(wider than most men 9 inches taller than me)
    8 inch forearms
    13 inch biceps

    My shoulders and arms prevent me from comfortably wearing most items unless they're mens, baggy, or shoulderless because it gets too tight and there's no fat to compress as my torso is full muscle, and my small hips but giant thighs lead to uncomfortable clothes. Admittedly I rock size 4-6 jeans. I will say female t-shirts always have the sleeves riding up and giving me a rash because they're too small so my underarms are revealed all the time.

  10. Is it just me who realized that these clothes are from brandy Melville?

    Also Brandy Melville never advertises their clothes as “one size fits all” they never said that it would fit everyone

  11. 3:08 did she have a nose-surgery? I think her nose does look a little bit strange and doesn't fit her face(just a question I don't want to be mean)

  12. Can we all stop to appreciate all of these amazing people who put themselves into a video about something as personal as body size?

  13. I can see where Lara is coming from with pulling that skirt up so high. But that is not even high-waist anymore. It looks more like a corset.

  14. Imagine going clothes shopping with Lara
    ‘OMG u look so good in that!’
    ‘I don’t know, it doesn’t fit well round here and it’s too short and shows my cellulite and it’s just not right on my body with my long torso’

  15. They were all having a great sense of humour about how silly the sizing was and then… there’s Lara… Lara seems like Netflix Tall Girl is her favourite movie

  16. One size fits all. Any company that thinks this is a thing needs to just close its doors. Perhaps the clothing industry should adopt a standardized sizing chart.

  17. It would be much nicer video if you would left only scenes with those two good looking ones!

  18. Lara is honestly so pick oh the crop top is to short oh the skirt is too hing first of all its not meant to go all the way to your breasts oh this hoodie is too short common gurl the plus sizes are laughing because they arnt fitting into it but your complaining that they fit you what?

  19. People are so quick to make fun of skinny girls and say who fits in this. But if we were to talk about how big you are…. now that’s a different story

  20. 100% of the comments are all about LARA: 0:12 0:44 1:10 1:53 3:52 She has an obviously Superb Bod and for sure she knows anything looks perfect on her, she's just role playing to make the others feel less bad about them haha!

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