31 thoughts on “Outrage after body of Hard Rock worker exposed at collapse”

  1. If city respected families1:The Remains would have been removed before stupid blowing up cranes/failure 2:Data shows this tragedy was allowed by City step by step, floor by floor=manslaughter. Sad

  2. So this means they knew where the body was and lied. Everyone thought that they could not locate the body.
    Their cheap fix was to just cover it up with a tarp. Not to remove the body.
    When people are taking pictures of it, they criticize the people for being disrespectful. " it is not who we are" Who we " not are" is incompetents who would put a tarp on it and do it so incompetently that it would blow off in the wind. That is who you are, government officials.

    The criticism belongs on the city for being disrespectful for not doing anything about it, not on the people for exposing their incompetence. Natural curiosity is not "appalling". The fact that government drags it's feet and puts a tarp on it is appalling.
    Then instead of removing the body, they put up another tarp. Oh, problem solved. Just cover it up.
    And they have to go into/onto the building to do it. Where is the "cherry picker" bucket trucks?
    Removing that body should have been priority as soon at is was found.

  3. WWL. WE the people trust you will get Hammer on it and find out when the city knew about the body, when they decided to put a tarp on it rather than remove it, why the tarp engineers were not properly trained in "tarp cover up engineering methods" and not just serve as state media and dish out city talking points.

  4. New Orleans is a total shithole. This situation proves it!!!! There is no excuse why this man's body is STILL there. THEY SHOULD HAVE REMOVED IT MONTHS AGO. START REMOVING THE STRUCTURE ALREADY TO GET THIS TASK DONE!!!! His family deserves more respect then this bullshit! This is all about money, which New Orleans has none due to is liberal, waste and leftist politics. Every demoncrap leftist city in America is shitholes due to FAILED LIBERAL POLICIES.

  5. I can’t believe the bullshit that is being pulled on the people of New Orleans for a chain hotel/ bar. Soul less money grubbing. Poor families of the deceased workers.

  6. Wait a minute! I reached new heights in pisstivity after I heard about this! I thought it was a crude joke! I heard about the collapse but had no idea someone's loved ones were rotting in that rubble! SOMONE SHOULD PAY DEARLY FOR THIS!!!! This is THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY not ancient times! If that was a member of my family – or a friend I would have huffed & puffed & blown somebody's house down!

    This is highly unacceptable! THREE MONTHS SOMEBODY'S LOVED ONE HAS BEEN ROTTING IN RUBBLE? No…they would have to pay dearly for this! The state of Louisiana should be sued, the city should be sued, the contractors who made the mess should be sued, THE PROPERTY MANAGER SHOULD BE SUED FIRST!….When I got thru I'd own the state of Louisiana lock stock and barrel! WTF? Just when you THINK you've heard it all – then come this debacle! This is something that's just unthinkable! We are in the United States of America right? Things like this aren't supposed to be happening! They can bull-doze everything else in the way why not this mess to get to someone's loved ones! This is just awful, just awful!

  7. Was it second-grade materials? Half-ass construction? Somebody working when they should be in the unemployment line? What the hell? What? I am absolutely horrified!! I cannot believe this – and all they're doing is placing a tarp over someone's decomposing loved one? Somebody should pay dearly for this mess! That construction company, contractors, sub-contractors – should all be taken to court and sued until there's nothing left but their own butt and it should have a lien on it! This is just wrong as two left shoes!

  8. That Fire Chief's mustache is a damn fire hazzard🔥

    Looks like he just ate a hedgehog…. bahahahaha ✌️
    I do wanna say thanks to my first responders
    Thanks Chief , much love,
    be careful ✌️

  9. The Mayor of NO ought to be ashamed. If they can see the legs of this body, then why in the world can they not retrieve this body?
    If I was the family members, I would be protesting the Mayor's office to get something done. Instead they are going to implode this building with their loved ones bodies still inside, knowing these families will have NOTHING to bury. Pathetic.

  10. BOYCOTT MARDI GRAS 2020!!!

    It isn't fair to the victims families to carry a parade around their demise. They KNEW all along and weren't gonna do anything about it until AFTER they make "blood money" off of us and the tourists, this is the most heinous crime these government devils can do just to get money, cuz they KNEW imploding the building in Nov. would of taken more than 3 months to clean and clear out in time for mardi gras so they leave it be, just to make a buck I am so pissed that THIS wasn't a priority!! What happens if tourists come and it collapses on them?!?!!? LaToya Cantrell should be FIRED!! for allowing this to happen for 3 MONTHS!!! with NO attempt to do anything but to cover it up I would say i'm not surprised cuz we always get a greedy corrupt mayor and governor in this state but this is out right the most vile thing I've EVER seen and then to blatantly lie to the us that the bodies could not be located and then to ridicule people taken pictures because their lie got exposed and now it's proof. Something HAS to be done to ALL the officials involved, this can not go unnoticed and without consequences.

  11. owner developer ( Mohan Kailas ) should be in jail, hiring unskilled workers off the street, his incompetent contractor ( Citadel ) cutting corners, Greed, this is a crime, now ( Mohan Kailas ) and his business partner D H Griffin the Demo company are still in charge, they insulate themselves by threatening bankruptcy and leaving the city liable, the taxpayer, lock up ( Mohan Kailas ) and sue the city managers, these people are in competent, Greedy

  12. There are more bodies you there. This is literally and figuratively show us. They need to do what is right and start getting the bodies out of there and starting demolition.

  13. Many of the Oklahoma city bombing victims were left inside until a calculated implosion. It's just what is feasible. But 3 months come on.

  14. Yup, city management hasn't changed much, completely incompetent at Harvey, now can't quite seem to get to remains of workers.
    This is months after collapse but they prioritized 2 cranes.
    Mayor talking head is in defense mode and rightly so – absolutely indefensible that they haven't moved with bldg implosion or layered removal.
    As usual it's the everyday guy that gets the hit.

  15. To everyone saying just go get these men. Please go to NO, and show them how! Its tragic and sad that they are still in there, and I wouldn't like it if it were my family. But safety for other workers is a concern. But please, feel free to go to NO, climb a latter and get them down yourself.

  16. If this were the world trade center they would of had it cleaned up before it all hit the ground. I guess when you're trying to hide the truth you do things quickly. They might actually be trying to find the truth in this case.

  17. The mayor needs to resign ,,,,,,the solution for this situation is a tarp the builder and financier are well connected he is the person that got millons of dollars to renovate the former site of new Orleans east mall

  18. So when exactly did the first tarp go up? Why are we all just hearing now that they had clearly found one of the missing men months ago, I’m assuming, and told no one until it was revealed now?! And apparently their plan for taking this building down will be “mid to late March” meaning that two families will have had to continue on living with the knowledge that their loved one’s body was dangling off a fucking building FOR HALF OF A YEAR. March will make six months. That body will have been up there for half a year.

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