Hi there, I have a job interview in an hour and I desperately need a pedicure Okay. Um, I guess I can help you take a seat, but be careful Just so you know, I’m gonna have to charge you a service fee because how do you say it You’re a big girl The same kind of body shaming reportedly happened at a salon in Memphis, Tennessee It’s this picture of a sign sparking discussion on Facebook saying sorry, but if you are overweight pedicures will be $45 excuse me, but What does my weight have to do with my toenails? Come on, you know it’s a much bigger job If you saw a woman being insulted and treated unfairly simply because of her weight Try not to move so much. It’s an expensive chair What would you do? We’ve taken over the pedicure chairs at Stephanie nail salon in Kenilworth, New Jersey So the service charge is double so you’d be at 40, okay? That grabs the attention of this customer because you’re too big It’s it’s just one of those things like it doesn’t cover all of our costs and she decides to weigh in that’s very free Someone like her size came in last week. They broke our chair Oh Okay, it was it was really bad. That’s not anyone’s problems But it’s like extra work for me. So I need an extra tip you understand She has a different understanding I get extra work a lot at my job and you get compensated for it Well, I’m a teacher. I don’t think compensating for anything. I don’t mean it in any disrespect. It’s just like facts You know what? I mean? That’s not a fact. It seems to be like an opinion in a very rude one at that Yes – would you ever somebody talk to your child? I? Just want to tell the students about this. The first thing you said was the right thing. No, you wouldn’t You don’t have to say anything after that your first instinct right? There was no Now it’s time to let her know her instance. All right on Your approach is different as a teacher, what do you hope your students learn from this You know, what’s right and what’s wrong and how to treat people, you know When somebody’s sitting next to you that they’re hurting and if it doesn’t sound right say something and try to change it We’re back in the salon careful getting on that chair Gentle just so you know, there is a service charge For what? for people your size What do you mean? like larger people like yourself Wait, I’m confused why this man and his brother over in the waiting area are also confused Cuz the chairs are really expensive and we don’t like to be broken Not to mention I have to do extra work on these feet okay, so So how much more will it be double your a double in the size? You made a little bit. It’s normal Don’t worry about it. I have to get more solution from the back just a minute But when our nasty nail tech steps away his confusion turns to action It doesn’t matter this is your job you do your job now you go apologize they’re not talking I don’t care if you’re not talking about me that disrespectful very well. You’re like nice and skinny It does it don’t that’s not that’s you should have worried about that. That doesn’t matter you go apologize, sir Do you apologize you just walk out and not come back? That’s it. Is your very disrespectful very disrespectful You demanded that she apologize to her. Yeah, she deserved the apology. Make no matter what size you you gotta respect She’s beautiful you no matter what size is ematic Size doesn’t matter It’s a sentiment we hear all day long from a fellow beautician can’t believe I’m listening to this. I’m really cannot I’m a hairdresser. I have never heard the man I’ve done feet I’ve done nails. This is ridiculous. You wouldn’t be ashamed of itself She and the human beans shame on you. You better pray to God. You better go to church shame on you From a nurse. You know what I rehearse 45 years some patients were small and very easy to measure other patients were not as small and And from this outspoken woman Singing stop it I’ve just read. Yes. No, no, no, no, no. No do your job and stop. Why did I talk to you this way? Do not cry and don’t mention people don’t do you this way thank you so much. You’re so right. Oh, I’m John Kim Jung You have tears in your eyes No, I just felt so bad for her and I never judge people for this sizes. And I hate them I hate those people We roll one last time Just be careful moving around so much please. Okay. I’m sorry, you know how much it costs to replace these chairs It’s like we’re very nervous when people your size come in the building they cost a lot Jessica more struggles to contain her disgust like this is a workout I hate when my boss makes me do fat people’s legs, but that comment finally tips the scale I’m very sorry. That is very safe Years old and I think that’s disrespectful. You should not be doing that Just see how much work pisses Yeah, but it’s a lot Complaining you are yourself everyone in this room can hear you’re saying misleading like but really why are you getting involved anyway? You’re making me upset former you upset the whole place you see what you do it’s not read it was you I’m very sorry I’ve been waiting. Hi. I’m Johnny honest Okay Tell us what was going through your mind it took a lot of units the editor first couple times You don’t know how people feel about themselves Like people have that much self-esteem and you could be destroying it by doing this your message to people who would think like her mouth shut Keep within your head Got nothing nice to say don’t say it

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  1. Someone breaks your chair and it doesn’t matter. Hell yes it does, especially when and if she sues for injuries due to breaking the chair

  2. Idc if a person dress or look urban as they say as long as their not being disrespectful and using ignorant derogatory racist words, cause people have right to rock whatever style they want

  3. This should never really happen. We r all human beings it doesn't matter how big or small you really are we should be caring towards everyone

  4. I feel bad for the actor even though she knows their acting it’s very rude bc it’s saying I need a fat persons for this job ITS YOU I feel terrible

  5. This happened the same time with my mom, my mom gross really long nails and she went to get her nails done and a lady charged her extra because her nails were long and said that they won't charge her less until she cuts her nails

  6. 5:15 i swear my mom was talking to me threw her!! I love her energy her pride her all. A women that would definitely have your back!

  7. Love the brothers lol. Standing up for us ladies !!!! Thank you. My man would stick up for her, too. There are good men out there, for anyone who thinks otherwise!!!

  8. I don't get the confusion with the whole "why did she say she was 18 lol"
    She's pointing out she's 18 bc even though the person working is clearly much older, the younger 18 year old girl can recognize disrespect and knows how to treat people better.

    You'd think the adult would know better.

    That's the point.

  9. I have a question that isn’t meant to be rude. Why does she need to get a pedicure, not a manicure? Just curious! :3

  10. It should say "if you see someone being discriminated because of their weight, what would you do?"

    Me: Yeah uhm, I'ma need you to fix your teeh
    Person: But they're fine
    Me: In eight seconds they wont be.

  11. Size shouldn't matter but as an oversized person myself it's really important to work on yourself and if you love your body enough than you should strive to take care of yourself. Also if I had broken a chair with my weight I'd have to pay for it.

  12. I'm overweight too but not in the same way; I work out like theee times a week! We should be judged by what our bodies look like. Plus it is irrelevant in a pedicure! Like wtf

  13. … I love how these videos try to show you how the news progam thinks we are hate full people …. 99% of the people do and say the right thing ……

  14. Salon lady:*bodyshaming the girl*
    America Rules!:
    1.Treat others the way you want to be treated
    2.Be kind
    3.Nothing matters
    4…Everyone has a heart ❤️

  15. body shaming is disgusting and this happens too often in the world that ppl think it's a normal thing to do. ppl think it's funny. especially from where i live rn here in the Philippines. i must say most of the people here especially from the older generations are very close minded and rude. they'd just start commenting on ur appearance and think it's a really funny approach. i sympathize so much with this girl in the video bc im a plus size girl myself. and i still receive unjust treatments here in my country. public transportations will charge u double for being big. and sometimes they wouldn't let u ride in if you're big. this just shows how disgusting and toxic uneducated people are

  16. It breaks my heart when I hear someone call someone else fat because my dad my mom and my girlfriend are over weight but I love all of them I every time I hear stuff like that I just start crying and yelling at the person

  17. I seriously hope not one single time they ran this skit no one spoke up. I don't even want to think about the possibility of our world letting someone speak to another like this without strangers stepping in to try and help stop it. I couldn't imagine hearing this crap. I'm 5.9 125 lbs and I feel sick just watching this.

  18. I hope that no one would ever do this to someone. Everyone has their issues and their flaws. If you are reading this you are perfect and don’t ever care what someone thinks.😘

  19. Can you guys please do the me in fort dodge!?🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🙏♥️

  20. Size doesn't matter. But it's a health problem. I think people should do workout frequently when they love eating.

  21. As a plus size person this is horrifying. Lemme tell you pedicures are the same on me as a skinny person. haters are crazy.

  22. Me:sees a homeless man and gives him money

    Wwyd:*pops out of sewer* hello my name is John quinones why did you give the homeless man money?

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