AMNA NAWAZ: Good evening. I’m Amna Nawaz. Judy Woodruff is on assignment. On the “NewsHour” tonight: containing an outbreak — how the Trump administration is preparing the nation for the threat of coronavirus, while China mounts a people’s war against the disease. Then: After another bruising Democratic primary debate, where… Continue Reading PBS NewsHour full episode, Feb 26, 2020

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A Spec PPV430 R Body Kit (MB Autosport) How did we get to this stage? ASpec Body Kit very successful, Led daytime running lights, carbon fiber details, A big spoiler in the back … This car doesn’t look like one of the … we intend to make a special headlight… Continue Reading VW Scirocco | Wide Body Kit // Çift Mercekli Farlar \\ Devil Eyes – Modifiye

alright guys I’ve got an upper body strength workout for you today focusing on the chest and back we’re gonna be sculpting out these areas by performing multiple sets fatiguing those muscles and really a building nice lean strong muscles yeah so four consecutive sets that means we’re gonna perform… Continue Reading Week 8 Day 5 //At Home Upper Body Workout // CHEST + BACK

– This is me and I love coffee. The intoxicating nutty aroma. The rich chocolatey taste. Some days I drink three cups like the average American I am. Other days, I drink more like five or six. But is that too much? First the good news. It’s almost impossible to… Continue Reading What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Too Much Coffee

Putinism is going to come to Russia. But Putin’s policies will be followed by the coming govt. Does Putin has a body double? What is this Body Double? Have any Soldiers or Presidents done this in Russia? We will discuss in detail in this post. Beloved Tamil People. Greetings from… Continue Reading Are You Real Putin? | Body Double செய்யும் ரஷிய அதிபர்கள் | Tamil Pokkisham | Vicky | TP

Myth: Injecting medicine straight into your heart can be beneficial in some way. Ah, the dramatic scene that ends with an actor stabbing a needle straight into their heart, narrowly escaping death and magically curing whatever ailment just befell them. While very dramatic, it’s also very untrue and an exceptionally… Continue Reading Hollywood Myth: Heart Injections Actually Do Something!

Using antibiotics when they’re not needed is not only unhelpful, but it can be harmful. One in five medication-related ER visits are due to antibiotic side effects. Common side effects include rash, dizziness, nausea, yeast infections and diarrhea. Antibiotics kill off all kinds of bacteria, even the good, healthy kind… Continue Reading Antibiotic Awareness | McFarland Clinic