Teresa Giudice‘s tummy looks taut and toned in recent photos from The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast trip to Jamaica  But did the bodybuilding enthusiast star, 47, get some cosmetic surgery help?  According to The Blast, Teresa turned to liposuction to create her incredible body  Although Teresa hasn’t exactly… Continue Reading Teresa Giudice Underwent Liposuction For Swimsuit Body – Live News 247

Pain! *the beginning of a kid’s show* (Laugh) -Psst… Let’s go over here. Just you and me, c’mon I wanna sing a song, just for you! ‘Cause you’re my special frie-e-end… Heh Yeah! Hey! pain Ugh… uh damn pain! I’m tired of those motherfuckin’ children (pain) They don’t even know… Continue Reading Dicon – P.A.I.N. (Official Music Video)

I kept your pictures on my phone/ So when I felt my most alone/ I thought I’d die, but at least I’d/ die with you And later when you never called/ My highest high, it was all I could/ It was all I could to stand and think of me/… Continue Reading The Purge – A Pain That I’m Used To (Official Video)

hello welcome back to my channel so this week skincare Saturday is on the caress daily a soap body wash so if you’d like to hear more about this because guess what I absolutely love this stuff it is amazing but I have the best place for you to buy… Continue Reading Caress Daily Silk Body Wash

EMBRACED IN PAIN – No need to talk to me – Wait… – Stop stalking me! – Please Miguel, listen! I need to talk to you. – I have nothing to hear from you. – Miguel, please wait! Listen to me, please, it’s important. – Have you seen the news?… Continue Reading Paulo & Miguel 21 Embraced In Pain (EN.ES.FR.IT.DE.EΛ.SR.中文)