Onde está a sua dor lombar? Normalmente aqui. Você ainda sente um pouco? Não tanto. Aqui e aqui. Você ainda sente alguma dor agora? Mais para a esquerda. Certo, seu umbigo está aqui. Então se você comparar aqui e aqui, está quase na mesma altura. Na verdade está um pouco… Continue Reading Balance Method Acupuncture: Lower Back Pain, Instant Results (legendas em Pt)

In this segment we are going to work on Jackie’s migraines using another Twe-Na technique called rolling. In this case it’s important to just use a relaxed posture to your hand, the fingers gently curled around and we are going to look for some of the larger areas of her… Continue Reading Acupuncture for Migraines : Acupuncture for Migraines: Tui Na Rolling Technique

Hi, in this segment we’re going to be doing moxibustion for self care, for stress and energy. So, there’s a couple of points that we can use that will really be helpful to help relieve some of that stress, actually they can even be helpful for headaches. First one is… Continue Reading Moxibustion Benefits : Moxibustion for Energy & Stress

The next point to help the asthma chest tightness is called CV15. It’s just below the xiphoid process. How do you locate the xiphoid process? It’s between the two rib cages, and there is the bone, the end of the sternum bone and from this end of the sternum bone… Continue Reading Acupuncture for Allergies & Asthma : Acupuncture for Asthma: Jiu Wei

You can reach first of all to my videos Press this red subscribe buttor and then press this bell icon After giving fire to the cream what will be happened? We watch later, untill cream got some heat till then we discuss about its other properties Hello viewers, I’m Memoona… Continue Reading Bye Bye Acne & Pimples with Most Popular Fairness & Skin Whitening Cream, Fair & Lovely Review Hindi

You’re going to grow hair! I won’t have to do my eyebrows ever again. Ok, well… For awhile I won’t have to do my eyebrows. Hey guys! It’s Mi-Anne and this is Beauty With Mi. So this episode is really special because it involves me conquering a fear. Needles freak… Continue Reading I Tried Eyebrow Microblading | Beauty With Mi | Refinery29

Welcome All! I am Jyoti Khatri, Holistic Health and Wellness Expert. In today’s video I am going to share a single acupressure point which is super effective for male genital issues like spermatorrhea, infertility, impotency, premature ejaculation or seminal emission related problems. These problems has ill effects on not only… Continue Reading Natural treatment for MALE HEALTH PROBLEM | spermatorrhea | Acupressure solution | Samaya yoga

Hi everyone, this is Yasuko and it’s time for Massage Monday. This week I’ll show you how to massage your swollen legs using lymphatic drainage techniques and acupressure points. This is a nice treat for your tired legs at the end of a long day. Caution: If you have a… Continue Reading How To Massage Swollen Legs Using Lymphatic Drainage and Acupressure – Massage Monday #268

The biggest message that we are trying to get out there isn’t one type of beauty, you know? There’s so many different shapes, and colors, and textures. Eyelash extensions are the perfect complement to that, because they just accent the beauty that you already possess. My name is Stacey, and… Continue Reading I Got $200 Eyelash Extensions For The First Time | Macro Beauty | Refinery29

RACHEL WHETSTONE: So I wanted to introduce Arianna, who I’ve met a couple of times, who I admire enormously for being an amazing journalist, an amazing entrepreneur, and an incredibly warm person. And every time I meet her, I feel very, very happy, which is a lovely gift to give… Continue Reading Arianna Huffington: “Thrive” | Talks at Google