Hey guys, Liam from Killer Ink here and today we’re going to be taking a look at the Spektra Xion. The Xion is a pen-style rotary that was the result of over three years of research and development from the great minds at FK Irons. So without further ado, let’s… Continue Reading Spektra Xion Tattoo Machine (FK Irons) | Review, Setup & Unboxing

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim for this tutorial, I will provide an alternative method for fabricating handles using ring handles where later the ring can be round or square in shape like this this is 4 cm long so you just have to attach it to the top like this then sew manually whereas… Continue Reading Crochet || Cara membuat Handle panjang dan pendek

The bread baked with the pressure cooker So far we have been baking our bread in the oven and this summer a cousin came to visit us on his return from the Atlantic and he showed us how to cook it with the pressure cooker. 200 g plain flour 50… Continue Reading 02-Le pain à la cocotte / The break baked with the pressure cook

In this video, I will tell you Does sports-related activities can cause back pain? Whenever you step out onto the playing field or into the gym, you run the risk of suffering some sort of injury. Back injuries are among the most common, whether you’re a committed and competitive athlete… Continue Reading Can Sports Related Activities Cause Back Pain?

hello and welcome today I’m going to introduce you to the perfect starter embroidery machine for beginners and pros alike embroidery is an art but like all art forms your creative potential depends greatly on your tools whether you’re a hobbyist looking to embroider at home a crafter who wants… Continue Reading Ricoma EM-1010 Home Embroidery Machine | Best Embroidery Machine for Home

(upbeat music) – Can you show me again where you’re having the headaches? – Here. On both sides. – It’s on both sides? – Yeah. – It goes from here, and it goes up and over that way? How long have you had this for again? – 20 years. –… Continue Reading 20 Years of Migraines Improved with Gonstead!

Hey everyone, this lesson is on amebiasis, otherwise known as intestinal amebiasis (amoebic dysentery) so in this lesson, we’re going to talk about specifically an infection with entamoeba histolytica we’re also going to talk about how we can get infected with this type of amoeba what is the pathogenesis how… Continue Reading Amebiasis (Amoebic Dysentery) | Entamoeba histolytica, Pathogenesis, Signs & Symptoms, Treatment

Hi, I’m dr. Joe Nemeth I’m a periodontist in Southfield Michigan and today I want to talk about a interesting subject something called lichen planus or oral lichen planus. Lichen planus is basically an autoimmune disease we don’t really know what causes it and there isn’t really a predictable cure… Continue Reading Lichen Planus – Burning Mouth Symptoms | Causes | Treatment