– I got out of the army three weeks ago, so it’s really still pretty fresh. I’ve never had the time as an adult to kinda sit back and process my seven years in the military. Two days ago was kinda the first kind of introduction to like, “Hey, you’re… Continue Reading Wilderness Therapy: A Path to Healing for Veterans

(kisses fists) (laughing) – The Three Musketeers, were pound each other’s fists. And we kiss. (kisses fist) And that is our secret way, like our little secret handshake. She is a poser. She loves cameras. She loves to be a center of attention. – [Girl] Daddy! – Words can’t even… Continue Reading A family lost and found in King County Treatment Court

I thought that I should make a video on Matrix [opal] specifically Australian Andamooka Matrix opal [this] can this material can be treated and Sometimes when you’re lucky, you’ll get results like this, so trying to keep this short let’s Let’s get into it. [I] started on this particular piece… Continue Reading Andamooka Matrix Opal Treatment!

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I am Sara White. In December of 2004, at 43 – Reggie had just turned 43 years old Sleep Apnea was a cause of Reggie’s death. We know that sleep apnea is not in itself a deadly disease, but what it does do is exasperates other diseases, high blood pressure… Continue Reading Sara White on why it’s crucial that dentists raise awareness of alternatives to CPAP

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