13 thoughts on “Pain and Me: Tamar Pincus talks about chronic pain, acceptance and commitment”

  1. This works. I don't know how it works; I don't know why it works. I am not even sure what is working. But it works!

  2. What a wonderful video. Thanks a lot Tamar for allowing us to apply German subtitles and use it for patient education 😀

  3. So beautiful! A fast way to say how the pain changes you and how you have to fight everyday to be you again! Or just a reminder to you that your excruciating pain is not gonna go anywhere and that sometimes even though the pain is bigger of yourself you still there, one is a part of the other. And in the process you learning that you are nothing like you were before, but still is…Is a different person, a resilient one, that fights everyday to be a bigger and brighter yourself!

  4. this has been so helpful to me in helping my loved ones understand how my RSD/CRPS pain truly affects me! I've shared it with my Pain Support Group too they all agree that it's so true! thank you so much for all of your hard work!

  5. I've shown this to several of my patients who are living with chronic/persistent pain and they can connect with it and relate to it. Thank you, Tamar.

  6. I'd like to translate the subtitles in french, but for some reason this option is not available. Could you open this video to translations ? Thanks !

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