Whether someone is screaming bloody murder,
or Snapchatting with their bestie. Assessing pain may seem like a no brainer. But one must look deeper into the situation
like the great philosopher SOCRATES and find out WHAT, is the root of all this pain. “S” stands for SITE — at what SITE on your
body is the pain located? “O” stands for onset. When did it start? Were you jogging on the treadmill, or eating
Chunky soup in the bathtub? These are important questions. “C” stands for character. OK, what is the pain like? Is it stabbing, burning, aching, shooting,
crushing cramping, tender, throbbing– “R” stands for radiation – OK that aching
pain in your head, does it radiate to your jaw, does it shoot down your neck or back? Or does it stop by unexpectedly to visit because
they’re lonely, or bored, and know you’re home. Shiela, enough is enough. “A” is for association. Does anything else happen with the pain? When the pain flares up, does it make you
nauseous, or difficulty breathing or swallowing? “T” is for timing. Not to be confused with time of onset, this
is: Is there a pattern to the pain? OK, so the pain always occurs while watching
“Two and a Half Men.” Yes, this is a normal finding, don’t worry. “E” is exacerbating factors. Does anything make the pain better or worse? OK, so turning up the volume to “Two and a
Half Men” makes the pain worse. OK, and the pain is relieved when it cuts
to commercial break. Yeah, this is quite common. Finally, “S” is severity. How bad is the pain? On a scale of zero to ten, zero being no pain
at all and ten being the worst pain you could imagine, how bad is your pain? And there you have it. Pain, is not apparent. OK, you must think, like the great, Socrates.

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