Salut Guys and welcome to “French Guy Cooking” This is what we are gonna bake today ! I know valentine’s day is coming in just a few days but I won’t enter this commercial mess. No way ! I made my decision ! period ! you sure ? okay okay okay I will do it ! stop
harassing me like this ! and today I will teach you how to bake a
cheat’s a cheat’s ? on a French iconic pastry called Pain au chocolat ! Pain au chocolat ! this
is going to be fast delish and naughty and one more thing Barry from “my virgin kitchen” has nominated me so this video is participating to the #delebake
challenge #delebake I’ll tell you more about it at the end, let’s
begin everybody’s making dinner stuff for
Valentine’s Day no, like everybody, but if you really
want to reach the heart, reach the heart, you gotta stand out of the
crowd and make a beautiful breakfast with these delicious pastries . The
recipe is very easy. Take a roll of ready made puff
pastry stop it ! you can’t use pre made stuff
that’s just impossible confiscated ! why not is just to speed up
the process ! oh come on be a man, and do it from scratch alright this puff pastry is a very special
one is called “raised puff pastry” and
you need about seven hours to make it ! okay sorry for that Take a roll of premade puff pastry ! coat it
with melted butter… sprinkle it with icing sugar. as far as I know we are not respecting the classic recipe. so take this
opportunity to twist it even more ! add some cocoa powder,
cinnamon powder or what ever stuff your like. but just
don’t add some heavy stuff like syrup or it could prevent it
from rising in the oven. Cut the twisted dough into four thick strips. trim the excess. of don’t waste it. Use it to go to form a bowl and then store it in your fridge for like three
weeks. The strips should be about one finger wide or less. make two stacks. cut each stack in half. Which at the end makes four pastries. get some
chocolate. normally we use dark chocolate but you can
use any type you like. Cut it into nice batons. well a in my case just cut it into some chocolate broken lost bits. To produce the shape of this pastry proceed as following : place a rectangle
in front of you. place the chocolate bits like if they were
a baton on the right. leave some space between
the chocolate and the edge. Roll it like a sushi. one-time press down gently. Roll it one more time and again pressing gently place the 2nd chocolate baton close to
the roll. last roll and last Press Trim any excess. this is the shape you wanna have…An oval spiral. Brush the pastries with an egg wash. place them on a baking sheet in a
preheated often at 180 celsius or 360°F for
20 to 25 minutes. “Et voila” the “Pain au chocolat” re ready ! Golden , light, crispy and the chocolate just brings it to
the next level ! to fully enjoy them you wanna eat them
slightly warm. okay I know it is not the real deal but in under 30 minutes it unbeatable ! even
though some people might consider this recipe
less good than the classic one so it raises the
question how good is a recipe if you can’t make it. if you can’t make it. no and please don’t tell me you can
seven hours is just a no go for 99 percent of the people.
and yes it matters to me that you are able to
reproduce what you’ve just seen ! To see, I saw, seen. Otherwise,
it’s not sharing its show off. Now let’s talk about the “delebake” challenge. “Delebake” stands for delegation
baking It’s a challenge started by Barry from my
virgin kitchen and open to everyone. to participate all
you have to do bake something whatever you like, then
post it online as a photo or as a video on Twitter,
Instagram, YouTube ! just remember to use the hashtag “Delebake” ! “Delebake” ! I can’t wait to see what
you’re up to guys am also nominating a friend DJ bbq ! don’t do that the guy just has a
barbecue how can bake something ? well
obviously you don’t know the guy ! come on subscribers left delegate oh
sorry let’s “delebake” ! I hope you will have a great
Valentine’s Day Have fun, Take care, like comment share and don’t forget to subscribe for the next
video bye bye ! d in did indeed

100 thoughts on “Pain au Chocolat, Chocolate Croissant #mothersday”

  1. Man I love your channel. You are a great "chef", you are hilarious and your video editing/production skills are great too. I notice that in your recent videos your lighting and camera quality has become even more top notch. I am a super fan of your work man! Keep it up.

  2. I come back to this video just because you make me laugh so much with the whole classic croissant debate 🙂
    Congrats on 100k subscribers! 🙂

  3. I will make this for my husband they're his favourite, but we're not in France anymore 🙁 he will die!

  4. i wish you chefs would use gas mark as well its annoying only having gas mark on my oven and i have to search google every time i want to use a recipe of youtube

  5. it's looks simple and easy to make, I love this Pain au Chocolat to eat for breakfast, no kidding every time when I'm going to the hotel in Europe I have to pick up this Pain au chocolat to my plate

  6. yo je suis française et je te surkiff !! c'est grave cool que tu fasses ça il n'y en a pas beaucoup des gens qui font ce que tu fais continue :))

  7. When my parents decided to move to Portugal, from Switzerland, I missed a lot of things from back home. One of them was le Pain au Chocolat! 🙂

  8. I should know how to make pain au chocolat. I mean, I worked at a french bakery. Yet, I only came here to get hungry haha. And yes, I did make the pastry FROM SCRATCH. It was…. fun. Who am I kidding? No it wasn't.

  9. that is a great cheat. croissants are time consuming especially when incorporating the butter and rolling the dough. this is a welcome hack.

  10. I've tried this a number of times, They always blow up. I even tried to roll the dough super thin with one layer and they still blow up.

  11. Je suis agréablement surprise de voir que personne n'a lancé le débat iconique dans les commentaires.

  12. pain au chocolat. bread the chocolate. the chocolate bread. the bread chocolate. chocolate bread the. chocolate the bread.

  13. Pour la vegan que je suis ,tu viens de sauver mes petits dej du dimanche ! Avec deux trois modif , je vais enfin pouvoir me refaire des petits pains rapido 😍MERCI !!!

  14. Fantastic!! Even better idea- do this n a random day, so your particular person of choice isn't expecting anything! Make romance a daily thing! 💗

  15. I make rough puff pastry. Would that work? It doesn't take much time to make.

  16. Great cheat! Tasted better than most shop bought ones (maybe days more about UK?). Substituted chocolate bits for chilled Nutella worked a treat. 😍

  17. Hmmm – If Alex can take this shortcut cheat… then I guess it's Ok for us as well. (Until we can get back to Montreal or Quebec City for the real deal)

  18. Finalement tu n'as jamais fait de pâte feuilletée Alex ! Tu as fait plein de show off pourtant (doing your own knife…)

  19. chocolatine chocolatine chocolatine chocolatine chocolatine chocolatine
    chocolatine chocolatine chocolatine chocolatine chocolatine chocolatine

  20. Nonsense. It's NOT 7 hours active time spent working on the real recipe & nothing else. A lot of that time the dough is spent chilling out in refrigeration. No problem with anyone taking a shortcut, but be honest about it. You can multi-task; and along with making the dough, catch up on chores, errands or other hobbies during those 7 hours. Real puff pastry has ALWAYS tasted better than the premade stuff IMO. If it's a gift, why not give the best?

  21. Back when you didn't have that iconic and so awesome french accent in your videos, nor the studio. First time I jump back to one of your 2014 videos, and the change was noticeable. Love your channel!

  22. Wow, I just started following your stuff recently. This video is good and helpful (I love easy puff pastry hacks, so this is on my shortlist now), but your production value on your videos has come soooooo far in that 4+ years. Great on you sir, love your stuff.

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