I want to talk a bit about the opioid
crisis facing the nation. As clinicians, we are there for tasked with continuing
to treat our patients pain, but at the same time trying to avoid opioids or
prescribe them in a safe way when they are indicated. We also have pressures
from regulators. Most states now require us to do training in opioid prescribing.
With that background, we put together the NEJM Knowledge+ Module in Pain
Management and Opioids. This is a module of sixty case-based questions that take
you through the basics of pain management, how to prescribe opioids in a
safer way, and also how to recognize when patients are in trouble when they’re
developing opioid use disorder. The cases have been written by a group of experts
and vetted by several experts in pain management and in opioid use disorder.
We’re happy that we can offer this program for free. To sign up for the Pain
Management and Opioids Module, you can go to knowledgeplus.nejm.org and sign

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