Hi! After the pain-staking process of pain-staking…pains-taking Fine! After the pains-taking process of explaining and putting the Van de Graaff machine together in my last video. I can freely experiment with it now. Basically this machine creates super high DC voltages that’s charged in its capacitance. Which is basically between its top dome and the earth or surrounding conductors or this ground ball for example. I’m holding the ground ball in one hand and from the size of the arcs…jump (ouch)…from… over (OWW) four inches away I can say that the voltage of the dome can be over 200 Ouch! thousand volts and that’s just the voltage when it [email protected]#!…oww! Guess it’s a capacitor and can hold charge for a while If the tower was taller and further from any conductor and in vacuum, the voltage would rise much higher But with the belt constantly putting charge in the dome you would expect the voltage to keep climbing, but that’s not true See, at any voltage – even one volt – charges to start to fly off a charged surface into air molecules or just as single electrons But at higher voltages much more charges run away and leak due to the stronger repelling force between similar charges so the voltage can only rise to a point where the amount of charges running away is equal to the amount of charges being put in by the belt. And the charges accumulate much more in sharp edges like this nail and run away much faster from it creating a wind like this. Although it seems like half of the flame is getting attracted to the nail and the other half is being pushed away Well a flame is the plasma or ionized gas Which means is positively AND negatively charged so some of them get attracted and some of them repelled from the point Well, this napkin shows the charged wind better in any case having a spike or sharp edge result in charges running away and so the voltage drops and that’s why the arcs are much smaller now and that’s why we try to avoid sharp edges in the dome Similarly, if I bring a sharp object close it quickly sucks away the charges from the dome without any visible arch Although, in the dark, you might see some glow on the tip. The voltage significantly drops and that’s why you don’t see any discharges between the gap This is how lightning rods attract the charges toward themselves and prevent them from jumping elsewhere You saw me in much pain when I was struck with only five kilo-volt in my Leyden jar video Aaouuw! Shii…**BEEP** Oww! Oww! So, why is it that I don’t get hurt as much being zapped by hundred to two hundred kilo-volts? If electricity is flowing through me, why am I not dead? It is really the current that gets you and not really the voltage. NOOO! Now then.. Besides that it’s a pretty good presentation though Go watch it, link in the description. The current through my body would be very high, if my body resistance is around five kilo-ohms under high voltage for two hundred kilo-volts There would be a 40 amp spike of current through my body. See when the capacitance of the machine shorts to my body through the arc The entire voltage of the capacitance falls across my body But it drops quickly to zero with a time constant of R times C and for the same reason, there will be a huge spike of current that quickly goes away. But why do I say 5 kilo-ohm of body resistance only? When we measure it using a meter we read somewhere around hundred kilo-ohm to a mega-ohm The reason is that most of the body resistance is made of the thin dry skin As you have seen, high voltage has no problem breaking through inches of air so thin dry skin is like a bad joke against high voltage The arcs short from the dome directly to the low resistance tissue under the skin and spread through the body If I measure the capacitance between the two domes with the zero of my meter being around twenty to thirty Picofarad I’ll see an increase of 10 to 20 Picofarad so let’s say there is 15 Picofarad between them and my Leyden jars capacitance I measured was around one-and-a-half nanofarads So here the capacity is hundred times smaller than the Leyden jar which means those large arcs, although they might contain more energy they discharge hundred times faster. So I don’t feel as much pain as I do from the Leyden jar. Of course, it doesn’t mean it’s not damaging. My skin is already getting red and I can see some burn spots It’s like their stuff. They use for hair removal, of course all this is like kids play for me because I’ve seen worse Now if I hang a piece of paper from this string and bring it close Shii!…**BEEP** Oww! You see the ball keeps bouncing between the two domes because it is neutral at the beginning and gets attracted to the big dome fix up the same charge and Gets repelled to the ground dome where it becomes neutral and it goes back and forth Something starts to smell around here The top dome keeps its charge until a pointy object gets too close Which reminds me, i taped a wire to the center contact of my Leyden jar with the end strands poking out and I connected the outer Contact to ground and brought another wire from the outer Contact close to the center contact with a centimeter gap So if the voltage on the jar is too much there will be an arc between them Let’s leave it on the table and see what happens It seems like it’s wirelessly being charged Although it’s not Wireless our wire here is air because the charges from the dome are Directed right through the air to the spiky wire than charging the capacitor OAUW! SHI..*BEEP* Seems like the capacitor wasn’t the only thing being charged my floating body being too close to the dome was charging too now Of course, we have the obligatory Hair-raising tests, but unfortunately, I don’t have much to offer. So I guess we will be using electroCUTE Where is she? Now we have electroCUTE Charging up it’s slowly going up Very nice Remove your hand and put your foot on the ground suddenly She is discharged Let’s touch fingers OOW! That was strong Hey, I may not have much hair on my head to offer. *Ouch* But I have a whole bunch of glorious knuckle hair to offer. *Ouch* You see my hair rises when I bring my grounded body close and the voltage of the dome rises. *Ouch* But when there is a discharge.*Ouch* The voltage of the dome drops and so the attraction goes away and my *Ouch* hair drops back to zero So the dome might be originally at 300 or 400 thousand volts But as I bring my hand close it sucks the charges from the dome and the voltage of the dome dro*Ouch* drops Lower and lower and *Ouch* at this point The voltage across it is 0 because the amount of available charges is so low that even my body can short it out now for my last trick I have this cupcake paper cups that if I put on top of the dome flat face up They fly away like this But the interesting thing is that if I put them flat face down They get *Ouch* attracted to the dome And there are no arcs isn’t that amazing I give you three monetized seconds to figure out why The reason is that the edge of the paper is good at getting rid of the charges and so it can attract more Charges in and the top dome keeps attracting them the voltage of the top dome drops and that’s why you don’t see any arcs there but if I *Ouch* Put the paper flat face up the flat face is not good at Getting rid of the charges so it gets overcharged and it out flies away Oh, by the way when you see the ground ball is bouncing back and forth it’s not because the arcs have some special force It’s because when the two domes are charged oppositely they get attracted to each other and the ground dome leans Towards the big dome and when there is a discharge that attraction goes away because the charges go away and the dome just falls back The amount of noise this damn motor is making is Awfully high if you want to make it make it with an AC motor And I suppose you can add a dimmer to adjust the speed if needed See ya (UNIBROW DANCE)

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  7. 1:18 Can that be what Nikola Tesla tried to do with that huge tower for wireless power transfer? (The "Wardenclyffe Tower")
    Basically sending/saturating the air with electrons, ready to pick up by any pointy thing (like an antenna)?

  8. 1:18 Can that be what Nikola Tesla tried to do with that huge tower for wireless power transfer? (The "Wardenclyffe Tower")
    Basically sending/saturating the air with electrons, ready to pick up by any pointy thing (like an antenna)?

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