Hello everybody, Ashley here from MUTU System. Today I want to talk about a topic that I hold near and dear to my
heart and it is painful sex. So I want to talk about painful sex today for a
couple reasons, one: because I don’t think we talk about it enough, two: I think a
lot of women are suffering with it and they’re suffering through it and that’s
not fair and I also want to empower you with some tools and some resources that
have been very very helpful for the women that I have had the
opportunity to work with or to share my story with and obviously to share MUTU
with. when I became a MUTU Pro back in 2016 I started teaching a lot of
workshops where I am locally, in Michigan and one of the topics that kept coming
up over and over again was painful sex. I myself had no idea that so many women
were suffering with this symptom after childbirth. It’s a very very real
symptom and it’s a symptom that often gets overlooked it is something that
women are told over and over again because I have heard this from numerous
different women that they just need to learn how to relax,
try drinking and glass of wine, hold your breath… these are not acceptable
answers in my world. What would be an acceptable answer is giving resources
and giving good resources. So if a mom comes to me and she says to me that she
is suffering with painful sex it’s typically a red flag for me to encourage
her to go see a woman’s health PT. MUTU can absolutely help with this symptom
and I highly encourage you if you do go see a woman’s health PT to look at MUTU
as something that’s gonna complement this relationship women tell
PT is going to be able to do internal work and to see things that we’re not going to
be able to see obviously through an online program, but they’re gonna they’re
gonna work really well together. I always say women’s health PT is great because
you can see her in person but then you move to your homework, this is what
you’re gonna do at home when you’ve forgotten everything and all the
exercises she has told you to do. So I am here to tell you and to hopefully
encourage you if this is something that you are suffering with I am here to tell
you that this is not okay, this is not normal,
sex should never be painful, it doesn’t matter how big your baby was, it doesn’t
matter what kind of vaginal tear, maybe you had a vaginal tearing childbirth or
a really traumatic birth experience, I’m saying that yes in the beginning, of
course, things could be painful but this should not be something you have to live
with for the rest of your life. So if you’re still feeling like this is
something that’s getting worse I highly encourage you to see a
professional. Women’s health PT’s recommend and endorse the MUTU System so like I
said this is gonna be something that complements this very well. Sex should be
fun, it should feel good, often we stop talking to this part of our body because
maybe we’re upset with it, maybe things didn’t go as planned, we’re frustrated
and I get that, but we’ve got to start talking to it to then fix it. We
want you guys feeling good, we want you empowered with body confidence in your
body and feeling good. If you guys have any questions as always please
reach out mutusystem.com and somebody on Team MUTU will be more than happy
to answer your question and I always say if we don’t have the answer we will find
the answer for you from one of the resources that is going to be
the professional in that area and to be able to help you with that. We want you guys to as always MUTU So You Can fill in the blank,
MUTU So You Can be sexually confident MUTU So You Ca have pain-free sex,
MUTU So You Can fill in the blank. Please don’t forget to follow us and
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MUTU Pros like myself and real MUTU mamas.

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