(intense music) (indistinct chatter) (intense music) – [Colin] So good man. Every time I try to explain to someone, what we were doing there, they can’t believe that we did it. So, why exactly did we go there? Like this facility? – [Jonah] So last year,
when I was in India, I got really sick. I was basically on my death bed. I couldn’t get out of bed
for more than two weeks. I was really nervous. After questioning whether
I should buy a flight home, I went to Jaipur. I did this ayurveda treatment for 10 days. And it was an incredible
experience and truly healed me. And I was pretty much the
healthiest I’ve ever been. So when I went with Colin,
and you were having some, some physical issues in your
shoulder, and some stress. So I knew that this would be
the perfect place to take you. – [Colin] We need to watch his back, and kind of just give
our natural reactions of what was going through our heads, because like it does look, really really interesting
from their perspective. – [Jonah] And just to keep in mind, these are very radical treatments. So, I want to say they are for everybody. But just keep an open mind
and see the intelligence behind these, because there
are a means to the madness. We started off having a
consultation with the doctors. – [Colin] It was nice
because, it seems like they’re diagnosing you very specifically
on what your issues are. And they ask very thorough questions. – [Jonah] Very thorough. – [Colin] And from there, you
get your treatments out of it. – [Jonah] So the first treatment
for me is a medicated ghee, which is a purified butter. And they basically take a clay molding, put it around your eyes. And then they slowly
drip ghee into your eyes. And it kind of feels
like you’re in like a, pool of like, maple syrup. And when you open your eyes
it’s like, kind of thick. But pretty much the goal
and the purpose of this, is the ghee actually pulls all
the toxins out of your eyes. And it makes your vision better. You can see more clearly. It has a lot of benefits, because we’re always in
major cities, especially, there’s a lot of pollution
that actually gets absorbed into our eyes. So not a lot of people know that. – [Colin] I’m going to be honest, I was kinda terrified the night before. Just the thought of putting
butter in your eyes, it feels like I’m risking my vision. You know, when you go to
India, there’s smog everywhere. I can totally understand. – [Jonah] They’ve also had
certain cases where people who wear glasses after
they’ve done this treatment a multitude of times, they actually don’t need
to wear glasses anymore, which is trippy. So, this stuff really does work. What was your experience like then? – [Colin] First of all, I had no idea the prep
that went into this. Because like, I was just laying face down, and just having my massage. And I just felt like it
was like a hot stone, or something, and it felt great. But I didn’t understand what was being put into this practice until after, when we asked him to record the process. I just gained much more
appreciation for it. – [Jonah] It took them like thirty minutes just to prepare the little pouch. Custom made all these herbs. They put the oil, the
tumeric, everything in there. And then they compressed it on you. For your skin to actually
absorb all of those things, that’s really good for muscle recovery. It’s just really relaxing. – [Colin] Definitely
relieved some tension too. This next one looked very intense. And like, even for me watching,
like right off the bat, he’s getting oils dripped into your nose. And then you have to go gargle. So it’s just, very aggressive
right from the start. What was it like to get this experience? Because I didn’t try this one out. – [Jonah] This one, for me, was definitely the most uncomfortable. Actually, I take that back, the enema was the most uncomfortable. I’m really sensitive in the nasal area, so for me I was a little
nervous going into this, but, ultimately what they do
is they take sesame oil with medicated herbs, and
they drop it into your nose, and it comes all the
way through your throat and into your mouth. And
then you have to spit it out. What it does, is it moisturizes
your respiratory system and your nasal system. And you can just breath much better. It cleanses any toxins
throughout that area. And it’s really an incredible treatment. – [Colin] I mean by the
look on your face there, it looked intense. – [Jonah] Since Colin was
recording me, I thought I had to, you know, really be strong
and push it through. And just experience it fully. Happy I did it though. I was breathing like a champ. This next treatment looks like
it’s straight out of a movie. Colin man, let me know your
thoughts on this one bro. It looked great. – [Colin] I had no idea
what it looked like because, first off, they blindfold me. So I had no idea what was going on. I knew slightly about the
treatment in that it was going to be like a drip treatment. But I had no idea what that
was going to feel like. It was the most relaxing thing. I can’t even explain it, it was like having your hair washed, a waterfall going through my hair. But like, it was just a thin
bead going across my forehead. – [Jonah] Warm or cold? – [Colin] It was warm. It was fantastic. I could never expect something like this to feel as good as it did. It just felt like all
of my stress was being pulled through my head. I got goosebumps man. Literally just lifted out of me. It feels like I literally just had all of my stress melted right off the top of my head. – [Jonah] Beautiful insight. Did you feel, were you able to get into a meditative state? – [Colin] I was at peace for sure. – [Jonah] Just not in your thoughts? – [Colin] Oh no, no toxins in my mind. So good, man. As you can see by the smile on my face. I would install one of these if I had any idea how to set this up. (laughing) – [Colin] I would do it again. I would recommend it to anyone who is feeling
any sort of stress. (typing) – [Colin] That facility
downstairs was pretty great too. I’ve never seen medicine
just being made right there. – [Jonah] Safe and clean. I feel like this medicine
really heals people, and its not made in a scientific lab. It’s just made from herbs
that come from the ground. They come from the earth. You have these ladies
hand-rolling all of them with ghee, and drying the
herbs, and cooking them. And it almost smelled
like a kitchen down there. – [Colin] You actually brought
some of this medication all the way back to the states. – [Jonah] Yeah. – [Colin] Right? – [Jonah] My grandpa didn’t
get a chance to come to India this year, and really wanted
some of the herbs and some of the medication that they make. So he, he asked me to bring it back for him, so. – [Colin] I mean that speaks volumes. – [Jonah] Yeah. – [Colin] The medication
itself, right there. – [Jonah] It’s powerful stuff. – [Colin] My reason of going was, right before we got to India, my arm and my neck was
just absolutely destroyed. And I’m gonna be honest man, like, I was really nervous
to even come to India. I was definitely having second thoughts. Two days before the trip, I went in, and I had to get a steroid
shot into my arm and my neck just to relieve some tension. I’m really glad I came to India. Because shortly after this treatment, and just being out in that
atmosphere, I felt incredible. I was really renewed. And honestly I expected that
I was going to be hurting more than ever, but all this
energy in here was back. You know like, it wasn’t
negative energy, it wasn’t pain. I was feeling like I was back to myself. Thank you for sharing
this treatment with me. – [Jonah] Yeah man. – [Colin] Appreciate it. – [Jonah] Glad you got to
experience all types of experiences in India. – [Colin] Obviously, check
out my boy Jonah Cast on his YouTube. – [Jonah] Thank you sir. (laughing) – [Colin] To get the spirituality side. And I’m gonna stick to my story time, and just sharing these kind of experiences and these moments with you. So, brother, thank you. – [Jonah] Thank you. – [Colin] And stay tuned for more from us. (chill music)

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