Disabling of any part of the human body by becoming numb and immovable are the main symptoms of paralysis. The causes which lead to a paralytic state
of an individual are very important. For example if a leg alone is affected, it can be due to a disorder in the nerves that originate from the lower part of the spine. In some other causes of serious paralysis, cerebral bleeding may be the cause Modern diagnostics like scanning etc help find the causes of paralysis more accurately than olden times. Internal medicine external therapies like Panchakarma exercises that
promote muscular strength etc are important. Virechana (Purging) from the Panchakarma set of therapies
is an effective one in paralysis. Other therapies like Shirodhara, Shirovasti, Navara kizhi, and Pizhichil are also administrated in the early stages of paralysis to get a complete cure.

2 thoughts on “Paralysis and Ayurvedic treatment”

  1. Can your treatment cure an old man of 80 years old from his paralysis caused by a herniated disc? thank you

  2. My younger brother become paralysed due to spinal cord injury before 4 yrs in road accident . He is feeling to much pain in his back and legs. can any one help pls.

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