Hello friends, welcome back to Divine Care.I
have been receiving a lot of requests to make a video on breast enlargement so today’s video
on it.Firstly let’s talk about the reasons-the main reason is hereditary, genetics, second
reason is hormonal imbalance or emotional imbalance , stress ,depression being major
reasons nowadays.Malnutrition is also a major reason ,low body fat or some sort of energy
imbalance in the body can be the some more Ok so now let’s talk about each of them one
by one.Let me first tell you about female body. In females there is a hormone named estrogen
which is secreted which is responsible for breast growth.Puberty age or the secondary
growth age for females are from 12-16 years.During this age good amount of estrogen is secreted
in the body.But if this secretion is hampered due to any reason that can also lead to under
development of breast. Ok ,now talking about the remedies for it,we
should firstly eat estrogen rich food like flax seeds,sesame seeds.To consume to flax
seeds firstly roast them and then grind to to a powder.swallow this powder with water
3 times a day.Believe me friends flax seeds are not only the solution for this problem
but also rectifies and cure a lot more problems.Also try including fennel seeds,fenugreek seeds,soybeans
,tofu,soy milk in your meal.Talking about fruits papaya is great,in vegetables carrot
and leafy vegetables are rich in estrogen.Also try doing some exercises which would strengthen
your pectoral muscles.Our chest area is our pectoral area.Try doing push ups or some
yoga poses like cobra pose, tree pose, cow pose which could also be beneficial.Till now
we have talked about nutrition, exercise. now let us see importance of massage.We can use
any oil for it but I would prefer olive oil or almond oil.Take some oil on your palm and
we have to massage in a circular motion both clockwise and ant clockwise for about 10 to
15 minutes daily. Friends please don’t be too anxious for results,keeping
massaging to improve lymph circulation and let’s work on all fronts to get faster results. For people who are very lean should first
gain some weight.Energy flows through some meridians in
our body.If due to any reason this energy flow is hindered or
there is some kind of blockage then also it causes hampered growth of that area. Now let’s
talk about some acupressure treatments to remove or restore this energy flow. Friends
I would like you to apply these treatments directly on the body part as they have shown great results. The point is CV17.It is being depicted through the picture ,try and understand
the location.Also I have described it in the description box below.You have to apply a
soybean or fenugreek seed (whichever is comfortable) on this point with the help of a surgical
tape.Either you apply it during night or during the day and change the seed within 24 hours
of use.Apply this treatment for about 3 to 6 months.Friends I will also be uploading
a second part of this video.Any queries related to this are most welcome.Thank you for watching
the video.

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