Before some days… Husband: Mom, Why there’s no clothes to change! What is she doing other than washing the clothes? All my clothes are dirty, How can I wear the same clothes again and again? Here’s the lunch, please eat on time Mom, I am leaving ask her to cook fish curry for tonight Mom: She would have heard and she’ll make You be safe Wife: Aunty, Why couldn’t he talk to me straight? He is always scolding me to you I am doing what I can Why can’t you ask him? Parvathy… Phone is ringing 🔔 Here’s the coffee… ☕ Hey.. tell me Paru… I want to see you! Now… What? Where? I’m waiting down, come soon… I’ve to go for work today Are you coming or not now? Ok Will come 2 mins Song Sugary beach Holding hands of an angel I walked on the shores of the beach This is love I counted each moment And I rejoiced myself In the light of the moon I saw her glowing face Pinched myself thinking it a dream… This place is so beautiful Why are you staring at me? More than this place… You are beautiful in my eyes Homeless (Shouting): Wow… Wow… What a beautiful girl?.. What a beautiful girl? (Laughing-Madman) Hey… Abi.. Who’s that? Here.. Look at him (Again laughing Mad-man) Wedding… Wedding… I’m going to marry… Hey… I hope you won’t make me like that Definitely! That’s gonna be you! (Spitting) Mom.. What’s this? There’s no salt nor spice Can a human being eat this? Didn’t I tell and go in the morning No proper clothes to wear and no proper food to eat Should I come home or not? (Darling) Very sorry… Forgive me! Will cook as you wish from tomorrow ok ok (Darling) (Darling) WHAT? I feel baby’s kick in my womb Yeah! Aren’t there anyone pregnant around? Or is it you the one pregnant for the first time See my mom She bore 10 children before me and still strong sitting Go… Go.. Get up.. Go.. (Phone Ringing) Hello Hello Paru… Aren’t you asleep? No… I just now came from my work After my duty Ok.. How about an out for a movie tomorrow? Tomorrow… I’ve to go for a rural medical camp To a place called Kalarampatti Oh.. then.. Be safe Sure Call me as soon as you reach Yea ok (Birds chirping) Breath-in Doctor! Doctor! My sister has fainted Who? Where? Kayal (Name) sister has fainted Come soon bro What happened? Wait a minute Are you her husband? Yes What is this? Why aren’t you caring a pregnant woman? She has no strength Please give her the medicines which I prescribe Mom: Son, Selvam (Name) She’s pregnant and you are scolding her always this is the main reason that she has lost all of her strength I can carry… No… Give.. give the bag No… that’s ok Give me… give it to me Till I’m there… I’ll take care of you You’ll be my queen… Forgive me darling… I have troubled you a lot I have bothered you, as well as our child, both I behaved heartless and inhuman with you Mom, I’m going to town It’s too dark already go carefully madam I’ll leave then Go safe madam, Bye (Phone’s battery low!!!🔋) Tell me dude! I’ve got one I’ll come to the spot Why are you taking diversion? There’s a construction on the other road Why are you stopping? There’s a fault in the car, will check ASAP Guys… come come Heyy.. Who are you all? Hey.. Stop.. Guys stop her… Help.. Help… (Slap on the face) (Baby crying) Abi… Why have you troubled her? While she gave you milk to drink from her own blood. Woman’s Pain

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