– The chest is definitely not a fun area. – No, it’s not fun. I can feel it vibrating in my lungs. (upbeat music) – So, I hate my thighs. I have had appetite issues that stem from being diagnosed
with clinical depression. – I’ve always felt kind of
self-conscious about my arms. I have very strong Italian genes that have blessed me
with incredibly pale skin and very dark, thick hair everywhere. – As a queer, trans, non-binary person, I draw a lot of attention in the streets. I’ll have my chest out,
I’ll have chest hair out, and for a lot of people that
makes them uncomfortable. – When I got to college, I started binge eating out of boredom. I gained a lot of weight. For some reason, after I
came back from study abroad my appetite disappeared. – My arms just always
looked kind of manly. I make Nifty videos, which
means my hands and my arms are at the forefront of
every video that I make. A lot of the comments that I
get are making fun or my arms, telling my I should shave
the hair on my arms. – In my experience as a Chinese American, I kind of feel pressure
to have thin physique. In China, random acquaintances
will come up to me and be like, ‘your face is so so round.’ – I wear a lot of loose clothing,
low-cut dresses and tops. – My thighs, which I’ve always
been super insecure about, are actually the thinnest
they’ve ever been. I wanna feel happy about it, but it’s disappointment in myself for not treating my body well enough. – I wanted to have something
that makes sure that no one A, fucks with me, and B, that
decorates my outside persona. – This is my first tattoo, and
the fact that I’m getting it on a body part that I’m insecure
about is super important. – I’m so excited! (chilling music) – Hi, my name is Ying
and I’m a tattoo artist. I’ve been tattooing for five years. I feel like tattoos can
br really transformative, make them feel better about themselves. If they have any insecurities
about their bodies, you can always put a piece of art on there and, you know, make them feel better. So, tell me about this tattoo. – I love Disney and Peter Pan. It’s one of my favorite movies. Tinkerbell was kind of
who I related to the most because she’s magical
and a little bit sassy. – So, I really wanna get
a Buffy the Vampire Slayer related tattoo.
– Okay. – I really wanna get her stake. There’s a specific stake that I want. It’s call Mr. Pointy. It’s the stake that she
uses in the earlier seasons. It was given to her by another slayer. – So, the tattoo I chose is inspired by Tōyō Miyatake’s photograph. It’s a pair of pliers in
front of a barbed wire fence at the Japanese internment camps. – And where is this going? – On the outer part of my left thigh. – So, I want to get it on my left arm, either here or right here on the inside. – We’re putting it on my chest. – So… – Oh my gosh. I wanted to also incorporate something that represents my
Chinese American heritage. I want my Chinese name as the stars. – So, the design I drew up, I feel like it will look better
on the inside of your arm. – (gasps) That is so cool. – You like it?
– Wait, that’s so pretty. I love that so much.
– Yay. – Oh, that’s dope. Cute.
– It’s coming out the front. – [Oscar] Dope, dope, dope. I love that, that’s really dope. – This woman is a superstar. – So, are you ready to get tattooed? – Yeah, let’s do it.
– Cool. (hip hop music) – You ready?
– Yes. I chose Tinkerbell
because she just doesn’t take anyone else’s bullshit. That’s the sort of attitude I want when it comes to owning my body. – [Steph] I’m a huge Buffy fan. I’ve always wanted to get this. I think it’s a great symbol of strength and girl power and independence. – [Oscar] I do immigrant
rights organizing. The tattoo that I’m gonna
get is a chain link fence with a fist running
through it, holding a rose. – [Sarah] I love that my
Chinese name was bigger and I love the little splashes of color. – [Steph] I really want the stake to be surrounded my flowers, a feminine aspect so it’s not just a twig. – [Oscar] The idea for the rose is we’ve clearly noticed that some people are afforded their
humanity and some are not. It’s an indication of the
beauty and the resilience of existence as resistance. – [Sarah] The pain was
actually more manageable than I thought it would be. – [Steph] I loved Ying. She was so amazingly talented. – I wasn’t expecting it to hurt that much. There were times when I
was gritting my teeth, but she was cheering me on. – I know it’ll be a permanent reminder that my thighs are beautiful. Oh my gosh. (screams) I like how the colors also
go outside a little bit. – It’s not too much,
but it’s super simple. – Yeah. – (screams) Holy shit, man. Wow, the shading in the stake
and the flowers is so good. This on my arm forever
and I’m so happy about it. – Oh, oh my God, damn! That’s beautiful, wow. That line work is amazing. The super femme fingernail, love that. Yo, Ying, fuck. – It’s been one week since
I got my first tattoo. It still doesn’t feel real. I’ll just admire it and I’m
like, that really happened. It’s a part of my body. – Maybe no one will comment
about my hairy arms anymore and instead they’ll just be
like, ‘your tattoo is so cool.’ – I fuckin’ love it. I feel like I can walk down
the street confidently. – I try to avoid looking at my bare body, especially my thighs, but
because of this tattoo I have something to admire. It makes me feel proud that my thigh was able to be the canvas
for a piece of art. – When I look at my arm, I just see this awesome piece of artwork and I don’t really think
about my insecurities or anything else that I
normally would think of. – Beforehand, it was interesting
to see men look my way and be unsure about their attraction, especially when I’m expressing my gender in a non-conforming way. I’ve been kind of showing
off my tattoo now. I feel empowered and affirmed in the way that I’m expressing
myself through my tattoo. – The tattoo, regardless
of which thigh it’s on or which body part, definitely
serves as a reminder that regardless of what I
put in it or don’t put in it, it’s still beautiful and it’s healthy and I should appreciate it more often. – So, as you may have
noticed, Boldly is now As/Is. – Mhm, but don’t worry. You’ll still get all the
awesome content you’re used to, but just even more new, great stuff. – Click here to subscribe. – Woo! Clicky, click. (upbeat acoustic music)

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