– Oh! – We’re going to a chiropractor today to get our backs professionally popped. – So I have never been
to a chiropractor before. – I have no idea what chiropractors do. – As far as I know,
chiropractors just kind of like jerk you around and put
stuff back in place. – I constantly have to massage my neck. – I just kind of have
a constant stiff neck, and it’s become my new normal, but I feel like that’s
probably not a good thing. – I just turned 27 and I
feel like I’m 40 years old. – I’m Dr. Mike Mensah, and I’m a chiropractor here at Uplift Health and Wellness. Everybody sits in one
position for a long period of time, and they start to experience some kind of discomfort. So everybody who has a spine basically can really benefit from chiropractic treatment. Any tension or pain or anything? – Right here. – Right there? – [patient] Right there, yes. – A lot of patients,
we start off with some Easton pads, this is just a basic way of flushing out any kind of lactic acid. And the heat packs, what that does is steam, that is being
released, actually helps to get blood flow to the tissue. – [patient] I might just take a nap. – I’ll make sure you’re
awake if you start snoring. – [Dr. Mensah] Is that okay, felt good? – Yeah, that’s something I’ve done before, but I’ve never done it
with also heat on it, and that was super relaxing. – You’re going to hear
that quick audible sound, that cracking sound, and that’s just gas being released from the joint. Take a nice deep breath in. Good, and then breathe out. I’m going to apply a little pressure. (bones cracking) How are you doing? Any pain? – [patient] No, not at all. – Okay I just wanted to make
sure everything is good. Hold that breath, don’t breathe out. Now what you’re going to do is just take a nice deep breath in and just breathe out and we’re going to stretch. (bones cracking) How was that? – Oh man, that was deep. – [Dr. Mensah] Deep
breath in, and let it out. There we go. Deep breath in, and out. – [Patient] Have you ever
killed anyone like that? – [Dr. Mensah] Never. – Oh, and for the record,
he wouldn’t have told us if he killed anyone anyways. – I totally would have. I wouldn’t even have a license. Deep breath in and out. I want you to take a nice deep breath in, and breathe out. Sit up, 1, 2, 3. – That was amazing. I feel like I have a new body. – This is one of those
things that hurts so good. It feels terrible when it’s happening, but you feel like a
whole new person after. – That felt like I was
in a sauna half the time. – Just walking around I feel
like my posture is better. – He told me what he was going to do next, and why something was hurting, and it was very detailed. – I think it is really
helpful, especially when you’re a super active person, or also someone who’s sitting
at a desk all the time, so basically for everybody. I think a lot of people
don’t take into consideration how much physical fatigue
affects your mental health, but my mind just feels so clear.

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