– I had Barbies. I don’t know why I’m already laughing. (funky music) Black Barbie’s back! Can I say black? (mumbles) – Aw, how beautiful! – Oh my God! I am digging the soulfro
going on right here. (laughs) – It’s really soft. – Her legs are super freaking long. – Oh, one leg is shorter
than the other though. – Very long legs. Always wearing high heels. – That’s a men making
that design right there. – Yes, Barbie came out with new skin tones but I think this is the
first time that we’re seeing such variation in those skin tones. (funky music) – Which Barbie is this? Tall? – [Voiceover] Petite. – Petite? – This one’s really cute. I like this one, she’s fun. – You didn’t cut this hair, right? It looks like it. – I just, sorry, I don’t
mean to undress her but I’m like, okay. – Yes, curvy Barbie, yes! – Curvy Barbie! See, this is me. I got no boobs and a fat ass. – If I could just get them
to, like, make a hybrid I think I found, like, myself. (laughs) – Oh look, they’re wearing flat shoes! – Can you guys stand up? Because your feet are flat. (gasps happily) – “I’m gonna ask my makers to make sure “that I can wear flat shoes “and I’ll wear some
dope kicks to the club.” And she’ll be like, “Okay.” And they’re friends. – For me, kids should
understand that, like, you shouldn’t look at a
plastic toy and be like, “That’s what I need to look like. “That’s what I need to become.” – You know, I hear people
argue all the time, like, “My child can tell the
difference between a doll “and a real person.” And while that may be true, the original intention of Barbie was to project your adult ideals. – I get it, but it’s just,
I think it’s important that parents teach their
kids that they should not see themselves in plastic things. – And you know, even for myself, like, I’ve gained weight over the last few years and being able to look at a curvy Barbie that looked just as beautiful as all the other Barbies sitting there,
it was meaningful to me. – I’m happy that they have
the wide array of sizes but then they also need to think about what are they going to sell
along with these body types. You need to make sure that along with having all of
these ranges and sizes like you’re also letting young girls know that there’s happiness
along with being different. (soft music) (whooshing)

100 thoughts on “People Review The New Barbie Bodies”

  1. They should start making Barbie dolls that look like Eugenia Clooney. They could make an anorexic special edition of her.

  2. It won’t affect the majority of kids. It doesn’t affect the majority of kids. Kids don’t think about the body shape of their toys because they are KIDS. People need to stop thinking that children look through the same eyes adults do, because usually they don’t.

  3. When I was younger I loved playing with Barbie, braiding her hair, sewing clothes and stuff. It never crossed my mind that I wanted to look like her.

  4. I never had a problem with the original Barbie design, just that they all looked the same. Im glad there's variation now.

  5. With different shape barbies comes different shaped clothes. So you have to buy more clothes to fit each individual barbie. Marketing scheme at its best.

  6. When I played with barbie
    All I did was made her go into adventures
    I made her into a doctor
    A surfur
    A model for me to design clothes for hee
    And other things
    All and all I just thought of my barbie as a friend who wanted to do everything so I helped her

  7. The Barbie company or whoever makes the dolls should make customizable dolls on a website so girls can have a “mini them” or like them as a doll?

    Wait what

  8. In English we watched a documentary on the making of the Barbie doll and it said the skinny long neck and tiny waist are so you can put layers of clothes on the doll. After dressing it it looks a lot more realistic

  9. In English we watched a documentary on the making of the Barbie doll and it said the skinny long neck and tiny waist are so you can put layers of clothes on the doll. After dressing it it looks a lot more realistic

  10. In English we watched a documentary on the making of the Barbie doll and it said the skinny long neck and tiny waist are so you can put layers of clothes on the doll. After dressing it it looks a lot more realistic

  11. I'm a Barbie collector, and this bothers me. Projecting grown up fears on a child is horrendous! Mattel has done an injustice to children everywhere by producing dolls based on grown up fears. Let them be kids.

  12. I didn't like barbies I thought they looked "fat" I liked the monster high dolls cuz they are "Skinny" now that I think about that its pretty messed up

  13. Damn all I did with my barbies was make clothes out of tissue for them and send them on dates with other barbies🤷🏻‍♀️

  14. I was never really into Barbies since I’ve always had Bratz Dollz, but, alright. If people like it, i love it 🤷🏽‍♀️

  15. 0:35 really? You needed to bring the whole man thing into it. What the heck does that even have to do with this. It’s irrelevant.

  16. all i thought about barbies as a child was "…she would look good with a mowhawk…MOOOOOOM WHERE'S THE SCISSORS"

  17. Yay new Barbies with different body types… wait now none of the Barbie clothing I already have fits..,now I have to buy all new clothing…just like Mommy.

  18. I cut my doll hair when I was 7 and I kinda was good but terrible at the same time and her hair was blond all the to her back and had a pink stric

  19. I didnt care about how they looked, all i done was attempt to do their hair, dress them, and try find matching pairs of shoes 😂

  20. When I was younger, my brother and I were too busy melting the Barbie dolls’ faces and hair with the lamp . I didn’t even notice they were all white 😂

  21. Why are people always complaining about the proportions or dolls? I get the whole “unrealistic standards of beauty affecting young girls” but has nobody ever heard of stylization? If the designers made the dolls too realistic then they would fall into the uncanny valley. I do think helping young people learn to love who they are and to be confident is important, however, sometimes making a fun toy that doesn’t give people nightmares is a higher priority for toy manufacturers.

  22. I never really cared about my dolls just being white its just a toy
    A toy is not gonna determind i cant be anybody its a toy
    I never cared what they need to change is humans we need stop seeinv color if we can get past that

  23. Barbie was fun because she was THAT kind of girl… the rich thin tall one with good hair and nice boobs.
    The Super Model Of The World kind…
    Now she is just normal boring girl…
    No glamour or fun.

  24. I think its good because when I was younger I never knew dark skinned people existed because barbies were always light skinned and I grew up and started watching the tv and saw people who were dark skinned (that was probably the most stupidest thing I ever thought)

  25. But i never see barbie's body as perfect. Big boobs, perfect booty, v shaped face, big eyes,etc

    Just thin. That's it. Even some dolls, i consider not so pretty.

  26. All I needed when I was 6 years old was a Barbie that I could play with. I didn't care whether they were skinny or fat, black or white.
    They're only ever gonna care if we keep all of this up. Just give them a goddamn toy and let them play with it

  27. As a child I always had trouble taking clothes off Barbie dolls so maybe this would be easier. Also, love that they can stand up on their own!!!

  28. I am a naturally skinny and a little tall woman. I have breasts but zero butt!
    When I saw the new barbie dolls, I asked myself why my body type is not considered as normal, too. Why make the other body completely disappear from the stores (I have been in) and ONLY offer thick body type Barbie dolls.
    Something is wrong in the society.
    I'm already feeling terribly unattractive, since big butts become a trend. Now this.

  29. It's unfair to say "the first realistic black doll was introduced in the 2009"… black Barbie dolls were introduced in the 60s/70s and they may not be "realistic" but come on, have 'white' Barbie dolls ever been realistic?!

  30. Honestly i dont think its bad that girls want to be skinny like Barbie. Its a lot better than being fat and dying 🤷‍♂️ I used to be hella fat and im glad i never accepted this is how im going to look and i dont think anyone else should. Always strive to be a healthy person. Being fat is alright but never accept being fat only accept healthy.

  31. I almost lost all of my barbie body parts and dresses and shoes. And yet, people only lost their barbie doll shoes.

  32. I recently started working for a big box retailer and when I was pushing toys section I definitely noticed the new barbie types. I thought it was really cool that they made them look more like actual people.

  33. I saw the curvy doll in the store recently and got so excited and the first thing I could think of was "I wish they would have had her when I was little."

  34. I'm not black but thinking about the fact that the 1st realistic black barbie was only introduced in 2009… Wow. I was 7 years old. I never knew a black barbie even existed and I love the diversity they have now.

  35. I prefer the rubber bendable legs like the 80s and 90s barbie , i don tlike the barbie nowadays they are stiff

  36. I think the diversity of size, shape and color is great! I have to be honest though… As a little girl, I didn't want a Barbie doll that looked like me. Barbie was a fantasy doll. I wanted the Barbie with the most perfect face, with the most perfect, longest hair, and the tallest and thinnest body, with the best clothes. She wasn't supposed to be me. That's what was fun about playing with Barbies. Total fantasy fun. She had the dreamhouse. She had the dream car. She had the most handsome dream boyfriend. Fun clothes. She could be anyone you wanted her to be, and look fantasy perfect at the same time. I think Mattel maybe making a mistake but I wish them luck.

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