– That’s like the weirdest
thing that I’ve ever seen. (suctioned glass popping) (astonished gasps and laughs) (funky upbeat jazz) – Fire cupping therapy is an
ancient practice that uses localized pressure to promote healing and to reduce pain in the body. – Is it gonna burn at all? Like do you set the cup on fire? – I light a piece of cotton
ball on fire and I stick it into the cup to combust the oxygen. But it doesn’t burn so the fire isn’t directly touching.
(laughter) You might feel the heat from the rim of the glass cup but that’s about it. – I’ve seen people after
they’ve gotten cupping and they have these big
circles on their back and it looks kind of bruised. – You can think of it almost like a hickey so it’s the breaking of
the blood capillaries. – How much squealing do you usually hear when you perform this on people? – [Sonya] Rarely. – Rarely squeals? – Unless you want the cup super strong. I mean, if you’re looking to experience pain we could do that.
(laughter) – I’m excited. – I’m frightened. – I’m really excited
about getting this done. Sonya was saying about how it’s like a reverse massage so I think
it’s gonna be really cool. – So first I douse a
cotton ball in alcohol. And light it on fire.
(lighter clicks) It’s creating a torch. You stick the fire inside of the glass. – Oooh (laughs). It doesn’t hurt though guys. (laughter) – [Daysha] It’s interesting
cause she says it doesn’t hurt but it looks like it hurts. – It looks like there’s giant pimples on her back.
– Yeah! – Oooh you guys! – [Dude] When she starts moving
the cups it makes me squirm. – [Daysha] Yeah. – Well get it out of your eye then cause she’s about to move them. – Whoa! – [Sonya] I’ll do some moving cups. – Maycie how does that feel when she’s gliding like that on your back? – It feels really good,
it feels like a massage. – She can’t move, so her head
is just completely still. So just her eyeball is
moving around the room. (Macey laughs)
Like that scene from “Clockwork Orange”. – Guys it felt really good and now it feels so loose and good. And I wish I could go home and take a nap instead of having to go back to work, which is what I have to do right now. – I might giggle all through this. – That’s okay.
(Daysha giggles) – Actually the oil looks great. I’m really excited for the oil,
it looks like the best part. Mixed with her voice I feel like I’ll fall asleep right there. (Daysha laughs) The tattoo on your back,
when it bubbles up, it turns into a totally different picture. She’s making art over here guys. It’s crazy. – Like if had like a
toilet plunger on my back that’s what this feels like. – [Ryan] You’ve had a toilet
plunger on your back before? – You don’t know my life Ryan. So is there a certain way you
have to take the cups off– Oooh. – Oh, there, there they go. Yep, they’re mobile now. – Yaahh! – [Ryan] Do you ever do this with a giant cup, like a fishbowl? – I’ve used shot glasses or
even wine glasses sometimes. Like if I’m at someone’s house. – That’s a sweet party trick. – It is a great party (laughs) trick. (Ryan laughs) (suctioned glass popping)
– [Sonya] Okay. – I also feel like it
intensifies her touch. Like now, it’s like, ahhh yeah! – [Ryan] She’s got those
tranquilizer fingers. She’s putting you to sleep. – Jesus hands. – [Ryan] Jesus hands, yeah (laughs). Things like bodies scare me. Like needles going into skin. Like visceral things like that scare me. So… – Really he’s just like the world isn’t ready to see my P90X back. – Every time. (Sonya and Daysha laugh)
– Every time it comes back to that. Is that like sugar mint? – [Daysha] You ready? – As ready as I’ll ever be, let’s go. (foreboding music) Oooh, hahahha (laughs) That is so strange (laughs hysterically). (squeals) Gee that was tight too. Oh man why’d that get so tight? – Is it uncomfortably tight? – Ahhhh a little bit. – Yours looks super red, like, I don’t, (glass bottle popping)
like a torpedo or some, Oh my God you’re so red. – [Ryan] How did you guys
not react as strongly as I just did cause that
was some crazy stuff that just happened back there. – [Sonya] You ready? – Yep. – [Sonya] Alright.
(Ryan gasps) (suctioned popping)
– [Ryan] Ooh Yahtzee. (Daysha laughs)
– [Ryan] Holy crap! That hurt. Yowza! – [Daysha] That does look
like somebody made out intensely with your back
in a bunch of different– – Well that’s all I ever wanted so– Oh wow that feels really
good right there, oh man. And then now she’s just
dispersing the blood everywhere. – [Sonya] That’s exactly what I’m doing. – [Ryan] I could feel my blood dispersing. I wanna bottle this moment. And live in it forever. – It just kind of takes the
words out of your mouth. Like, I’m just very serene, I’m at peace. – Yeah right now it’s
tingling with just enjoyment. So I can’t really tell if it’s in pain. But I feel great right now. – It felt really good, it
did feel a lot like Sonya was saying, like a reverse massage. – After she had done the
cupping and then she was just touching, like, where the
cups were, like I guess like, the little circles, it
was just like, “Oh yes!” – It was a treacherous
journey but in the end I think we ended up where we wanted to be. (suctioned popping) (funky upbeat music)

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