– This is what dreams are made of. Hillary Duff was wrong. (playful music) Over the next two weeks
I will be micro-rolling. Micro-rolling is this circular tool with lots of tiny needles on it. It’s good for fine lines or textured skin like pock marks and hyperpigmentation. – I had pretty bad acne in high school up until the end of college. – Acne has always been a problem for me. Almost any picture I see of myself, all I can see is these red marks. – I feel like there’s no
hope for it at this point. If these pock marks go away
that’ll be interesting. – I just feel I can hope this works. – The first step is to wash your face, so I’m gonna go do that. – My face is cleansed. Step 2 after cleanse is apply a serum. – I’m not used to so many accessories. I’m just gonna concentrate
really on these areas here. – Now it’s time to roll. – A bunch of tiny needles on here. I think I’m just gonna try it. – You can definitely feel the needles. – It doesn’t hurt, it feels kinda good. – Once you forget that you’re
punching a million holes into your skin. – I think I’m done in terms
of the areas I want to cover. Now for some more magic serum. – Now I just feel like
I’m doing an art project. – Alright, think I got all the spots. Am I pretty yet? (relaxed music) – I feel very happy and accomplished now that I’ve done it once. I’m really excited to see if
this improves the condition of my skin over the next two weeks. – It seems like it’s gonna be worth it. – I know how insane it sounds and it’s only been like 36 hours, but it looks better to me. It’s probably because I just
really want it to look better. – Serum first. (rock and roll music) – Really gonna concentrate on this part. – Think I’m gonna try my nose this time. What if this really did
clear up my face completely? What a (bleep) game changer. – So at fist I couldn’t tell if the scars actually looked better or if it was just psychosomatic, but I think they’ve actually
gotten a little smoother. My wife Kate seems to think so. – I just said that I thought your face, this side looked smoother. – [Jared] Do you think it looks smoother? (toddler screams) – [Jared] No I guess not. (woman laughs) – The two week challenge is almost done. This side has lightened up quite a lot. I’m gonna micro-roll this morning. Mom, what do you think of the condition of my skin right now? – Your acne scars are
paler, they’re lighter. I noticed that already today. – Alright, so I’ve done two
weeks of micro needling. You can still see the scars and this light is actually
making it look a lot worse, but I think it looks better. – So after seeing the after photos, it actually looks a little
better than I though it did, particularly under makeup
it is way less noticeable. I think that over time it would probably lighten up even more. – [Jared] My wife Kate notices and she likes it, so that works for me. I really feel like it’s
better than before. – I’m glad I micro-rolled and I think I’ll continue micro-rolling at least for a few more weeks to see if it could get even better. – My verdict: thumbs up. (techno music)

100 thoughts on “People With Acne Scars Try Micro-Rolling”

  1. the last before and after pics for the guy's face had after photos from the left and right side that are the same. an old pimple left a scar on the side of his nose and you see it on both sides of his nose if u pay attention

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  3. Calamine lotion left on overnight will lighten up any spots that micro rolling doesn't, like freckles & liver spots. You can see a difference after just a few nights!

  4. I wish I could do this but I'm probably allergic to that serum and the moisturizer, I can't even use baby products on my face.

  5. Ok. They literally just reversed after the image at 2:57 and set it as the after image for 2:55. Basically they used the “after” image of the left side of his face (the side without the serious acne scars) and reversed it so it would look like the right side making it seem like the micro roller did a lot. More evidence is that in the before picture of the right side of the face 2:55, he has a small mole under his eye while the after picture doesnt. Also he has a pimple on his nose that you see on both the before and after pictures of the left side of his face 2:57.

    Buzzfeed, ya’ll exposed.

  6. You're supposed to Wash your skin, use the roller in side to side and up and down motions, then use the serum and moisturizers.

  7. Why dont ask people with a face full of scars to try the dermaroller instead of people with (almost) a nice skin???

  8. 2:55 this is just the photo of the other side of his face flipped bc he has the same pimple on his nose in both sides.

  9. Ok now just use the microneedler and show us the difference. Willing to bet it’s the serum and not the roller. You would have to press pretty hard for the needles to actually pierce your skin due to the surface area.

  10. You definitely should not be applying serum while doing this. Actually is not appropriate to apply anything while using micro rollers

  11. 2:54 Disliked. The before picture has a light hitting on the face to emphasise the scars, as opposed to the after pic. What works is the goddamn lighting, not the roller. And you guys are deadass testing a skincare product for just two weeks? Really?

  12. they are rolling the wrong way~! they should roll up lift the thing then roll down so as not to drag the skin and make more wholes on your face

  13. I have very very bad skin, I’m still cute tho but if y’all want a good comercial and you make my skin clear, I’ll do it for free just as long as I get the free product 😊

  14. I agree DO NOT use on active breakouts. You want pin point bleeding to occur. Don't use a vitamin c serum or moisturizer after. Use a .25 mm roller and give it 2-3 weeks in between sessions. Get cheap ones so you can throw them away after use.

  15. His skin looks awful, and I don't mean by the acne scars. His skin looks shiny, and tight which means solar induced photo damage; he looks like he has rotisserie chicken skin.

  16. The before ang after of the guy is fake i guess. He the acne on his nose didnt move at all. He has it on his left and right side. I dont think if this is real or not

  17. I had a huge scar on my nose for 8 years and after a year of use it i dont see it at all anymore. Has also help with acne scars and the scar from where my eyebrow was peirced.

  18. what kind of serums do you use before and after??? please help! I've been wanting to try micro blading. are the serums different? PLEASE LET ME KNOW! THANKS

  19. Acne patches work the best for clearing up pimples. DAMN honestly im glad i bought them. They only work when the piple has a bit of a white head. all u do is put it on at night time then it sucks out the puss the next day. https://millennialsupplies.com/products/acne-patch

  20. The first day, in the first 2 hours the redness under my eye had decreased.
    I think it was because of the increase in blood and oxygen in that short of time.
    I thought I was going crazy.
    Finding a good moisturizer is important

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