(energetic music) – Spencer Pratt here, I used
to be the guy you hated. But now, when I’m not busy
hanging out with celebs, I’m your healer, and therapy
explorer, so get ready. I’m Spencer Pratt, and I’m gonna heal you. (chill music) This week is a special one for me, I’m hanging out with Perez Hilton. Perez and I go way back,
and we have a ton in common. We’re both social media
stars, we’re both fathers, and we’re both known for having transformed our bad boy images, – Hot chicks and free liquor,
can’t go wrong with that! – Into being loved by the world. Perez suffers from anxiety, and he often is overcome with fear. So I decided in order to
really ensure healing, I was gonna stick to
something I know well. It’s time to whip out the big guns, make way for the crystals. Oh, that’s nice (mumbles). Oh my gosh, Gunner’s godfather. – We’ve got the bright aesthetic going on. – We’re trying to get noticed out here. Have you done a crystal healing before? – I don’t even know what that means. – Get all your chakras right. – All right I’m into
it, I’m happy to do this because you’re Pratt daddy crystal king. How much money would you say
you’ve spent on crystals? – We’re past a million probably. I literally don’t think I
could love crystals more. I want all my furniture to
be made out of crystals. I can’t go anywhere without crystals. Let’s get onto business,
I already know why we’re healing you, ’cause I saw your YouTube video and I almost cried. – I have been battling full blown anxiety. I don’t think it’s been this
bad in a very long time. I made a big parenting mistake, that I am beating myself up over. I’m a father of three, and
I’m doing it all by myself. So that’s a ton of
pressure to support people, that really brought anxiety
into my life in a real way. It’s bad, but I’m working on it, and I am excited to try this. – One thing I know for
sure, it is super relaxing, maybe it’s just like a mind thing, but you’re gonna feel healed today, you’re gonna be charged
today, full battery. Oh hello. – Hi guys. I’m Naha, and I’m a crystal healer, here at House of Intuition in L.A. Crystal healing is a treatment
where crystals are placed upon the body, and each
crystal has its own frequency, its own energy, and it helps to bring those same energies and
frequencies forward in the person. What are the things that
you guys want to work on? – I’ve been dealing with
anxiety for a while. I also feel like my mind
has been poisoned recently. Don’t do this, what you’re doing is bad, you shouldn’t do that, do this better, and it’s like, I don’t
want you to just tell me positive things, but I feel like lately all I’ve been hearing is bad, it’s been weighing me down so much. – Then we’re gonna put
extractive stones on you, to clear out all of that negative dialogue that might be swirling
around in your head, and we’re gonna do something
that’s called cord cutting, and that helps to release all of the projections that
people have towards you so that you can be the
authentic person that you are without feeling pushed and
pulled by everybody else’s stuff. All right guys, follow me. So let’s go ahead and get you started. We definitely want to
work on clearing the mind. We’re gonna use fluorite, and then you’re gonna help me
with some cord cutting, yeah? – Oh I love cutting cords. – So why don’t you go
ahead and place the garnet right between his feet, so that
keeps him nice and grounded. Crystals have energy,
and they rub off on you, the same way that people rub off on you, some stones give you
energy, and some stones help to draw off the
energy that you don’t need. – I was so thankful to get to
take part in healing Perez, I was just like come on
universe, come on God, let’s go, let’s just heal Perez. It was so fun. – Then place cut pieces
of terminated fluorite, the psychic vacuum cleaners. – This feels so good that
my brain is telling me you gotta do things like this more often. – [Naha] Do you recognize this? – [Spencer] I know lithium. – Yeah lithium is a very,
very, relaxing vibration. This is one of the best
stones for releasing anxiety. – [Perez] I zoned out, I’m
not here at the moment. – The idea here is that you
can really take the energy that he is receiving here,
calming anti-anxiety energy here, and really be able to share
that, and shine that outward. Send your awareness down
to the base of your feet, and just allow a wave
of relaxation to begin moving up over your body,
and any negative energies, that they may be released
back to the environment, with harm to no one. Okay so I’m scanning him,
I found a couple of areas of cording, one’s right over
here on the lower left leg, and one is right here
on the lower right arm, so today I thought we might
need to bring in the big gun. – Ooh! – The seleknife! – Seleknife, patent pending. That seleknife, I need that. I wanna like cut my cheese
and salami with that thing. Dang, this is the coolest
knife I’ve ever held. – It is pretty awesome, right? – Thank you for letting me hold this. – All right so I’m gonna
let an expert do this part. I call upon the element of fire, and I ask for your assistance
in clearing the etheric body. Cord cutting, we can help to
clear some of the old energies, some of the old pre-conceived
notions about who they are, so that they can really present themselves as who they are today, and
not be judged by their past. (blowing) All energies released,
we banish to the south. (blowing) In the name of the highest,
harmony and balance, I anoint this body, as a being
of 100 percent divine light, All right go ahead and take
a nice big, deep breath in, and release. All right take your time, but you can slowly start to sit back up. – I am feeling right now,
like I’m at a loss for words. And that rarely happens to Perez Hilton. – Your aura is very clear,
and so is your etheric body. – She sliced up all that negativity. – Little did you know I was. (laughing) – I definitely think Perez
got some major fricking cords cut today, just sliced up. Thank you so much for your
time and all your energy. – My pleasure, thanks. – I am so happy I came
out, I did something new, I was open to it, I am
genuinely grateful and thrilled that I got to do it with Spencer. I feel happier. We should have light radiating from us. We gotta keep it going, we
gotta do Ayahuasca next time. – MTV, we’re ready to go to the jungle. – Did you like what you saw? Wanna see even more from
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  1. I wonder if Spencer is an earth sign? I feel a serious Virgo vibe from him. I'm a Double earth sign Virgo/ Capricorn & I've loved Crystal's my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE. my aunt was a healer that used Crystal's on me as a child and that started my fascination. I love this show and I need my cords cut SO BADLY.

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