Hey guysm it’s Chris here from PenisEnlargementResource.com – the website guiding you and your penis to better performance and health. In this video I’ll be doing a quick unboxing of Phallosan Forte so you can see exactly what you get, when you order. This is not going to be a detailed review, so if you haven’t already done so make sure you subscribe to the Penis Enlargement Resource Youtube channel, so you don’t miss the full review of this penis enlargement product. Let’s roll the intro and get this Phallosan Forte unboxed! So once it’s out of the shipping box that it came in – which was notably completely plain, it had a generic return address on as well so there was no mention to its content and the fact that it contained a Phallosan Forte – once we’ve actually opened that and we’ve pulled the Phallosan Forte box out, you can see that it’s cling film wrapped, so you can tell that it’s brand new and nobody else has had this product before you. There’s a magnet on the lid which holds the lid closed and then once opened up you’ve got the manual – the printed manual – and the manual is in German and English and contained about two pages of instructions on how to use the device whilst also emphasizing the potential problems you may experience, as well as the fact you need to wear the Phallosan Forte for 8-10 hours a day, 6 days a week. There’s also QR code where you can download a Training Plan app for your phone and we’ll obviously have a look at that in the full Phallosan Forte review which I’ll upload to this channel at a later date. Just pulling the the plastic box out, this is also sealed with plastic as well so again you know that the entire device has never been used before it’s brand new. So with the plastic removed, you’ve got your device. It is actually quite big packaging for what you get but part of that I think is to do with the fact that each part is actually labeled. So part #1. This is the elastic belt which is strapped around your waist. The ring is made of a sort of foamy rubber and feels very soft and comfortable in the hand, whilst the belt is is obviously rather stretchy as you can see. Section #2 which is on on the left hand of the packaging – you basically get 3 sizes of sleeve condom which includes the large sleeve and this is attached to the tension clip. In sections #4 and #5 you’ve got your protector caps. Whilst in part #6 this is a suction ball with a 3 way valve. The #7 you’ve got your measuring template to determine the correct suction bell size, plus you also get your measurement ruler. The measurement ruler is made of sturdy cardboard, can be used to measure your penis in centimeters and inches, whilst it also highlights the average penis size of Norwegian, German, US and UK men for comparison. And then you also get a travel bag and this contains 4 extra sleeve condoms; 1 small, 2 medium and 1 large. That’s pretty much it, there are quite a number of components here and they will ultimately vary depending on your penis size but that is pretty much it. That is your Phallosan Forte unboxing! Make sure as I say, if you haven’t already done so, to subscribe to this YouTube channel for not only the full review of Phallosan Forte which will be uploaded at a later date, but also the variety of other product reviews that we’ve done on the Penis Enlargement Resource channel. As ever if you haven’t already done so make sure you give this video a like, and if you’ve got any questions about this product, make sure you add them in the comments section below. Thanks again for watching, this has been Chris from PenisEnlargementResource.com – the website guiding you and your penis to better performance and health. We’ll see you on the next upload.

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