My absolute favorite tea is
a mix of pine needles and chaga mushroom. And I’ve been drinking it a lot
during this winter. It’s really healthy
and it’s really easy to make. And the best thing of all is
that it tastes like you drink the forest. I think that the combination
of pine tree and the chaga
from the birch tree makes it taste just like how it smells
in the northern forests, like the ones where I live. So in this video
I’m going to show you exactly how I do and what ingredients you need
to make this wonderful forest tea. Actually, this tea is best to do
during the winter because that’s when the pine trees
contains most C vitamins. But honestly, I drink this tea mostly
because of the wonderful taste. So first of all, you need to pick
some fresh pine needles. But make sure to look at
what kind of pine trees you have where you live, because there are
some pine trees that are toxic. I think the taste gets even better
If you also pick needles from fir trees, even if pine needles contain
more C vitamins. Then you cut the pine needles
into smaller pieces, and you can use a knife
or a scissor. And then pour up some water
to put on the stove. Pour all the pine needles
in the water. Remember to not heat up
the water too much. Some vitamins get lost
in boiling water. I usually keep it under 70°C. And then it’s time to add
some Chaga powder. Chaga is a mushroom that mainly grows
on birches in countries with colder climate. For hundreds of years, It’s been used as a medicine
to boost immune defense and health. It contains lots of antioxidants
and has a very earthy taste. It can be really hard to find
a chaga mushroom in the forest, but you can easily buy chaga powder
in any healthcare store. I also like to add some ginger
for the taste. I usually keep the water heated
for about 15 to 20 minutes to really get out the best taste. Filter the water to get it clean
from all the pine needles And then it’s ready
to be poured up in cups. And the last thing I do is
to add some honey to get some sweetness
to the tea. And then enjoy a cup
of wonderful forest tea.

100 thoughts on “PINE NEEDLE & CHAGA TEA – How to make healthy forest tea”

  1. You really look like a Fairy, an Angel and Everything 😍😍 Been watching your Vlogs since Last Day😍😍

  2. Your videos helps me calm down. life is a bit rough lately and the smallest things can make a difference and help steer away negative thoughts. thank you jonna.

  3. It’s as if she’s an elf from rivendell who decided to journey into other worlds and found a home in our universe far up in the northern woods of sweden.

  4. Man, imagine drinking this tea in the early foggy mornings. Just breathing in the fresh morning breeze while talking a sip out of your homemade tea, feeling the soft silk touch of the steam coming from your cup.

    It just gives you a moment to realize that everything is ok 🙂

  5. Can u show us some Germans tea? Put some engines in boiling water and add some motor oil for better taste 😍

  6. Full stop: she mentioned it briefly but I must reiterate with extreme caution to not do this if you have no idea or even "kind of an idea" of what you're doing. Ponderosa pine, English Yew, Norfolk, etc. are all toxic varieties that can look very similar to Black Birch, Red Spruce, Balsam Fir and all that are harmless.

  7. Ok not even joking whenever I’m stressed in school or anything I watch one of your videos and I immediately feel calm

  8. Now i know why her vid get good views her voice is really nice and clam and the palce where she lives to wow its beautiful 🗻🗻🗻🗻🗻

  9. This video is so calming i love Nature so much… even more the Northern looks so Pure and Untouched. U are reflecting all of it ! 😍

  10. Me: *cuting “pine needles” of my Christmas tree*
    Me: to make tea.
    A 100 minutes later
    Me: *Dies from plastic pine needles*

  11. Jonna your beautiful videos make me feel so at peace. I wish I loved nature as much as you do but where I’m from we have to worry about bears… and sometimes The Blair Witch. – love from America

  12. Thank you for the video friend of the Forrest, I will give this natural remedy a try sometime.

    I like stinging nettle and dandelion tea with honey.

  13. I live in a thick forest area with birch and pine similar to hers. But I give zero fuck about those trees. I cut and make a dog house and burn them all the time.

  14. my shitty lesbian ass: sitting at home and going outside once a week to get food or meet up with friends

    this absolute beautiful forest farie: literally lives of and with the nature being beautiful and gorgeous

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