we are literally on pins and needles welcome to the Sewing Report I’m Jennifer
Moore helping you discover your love of sewing it’s been a while since I have
done a subscription box unboxing but apparently I’m getting a bit of a
reputation for doing these so another company has reached out to ask if I
wanted to try their box and it is the pins and needles sewing subscription box
how it works is every month you get enough supplies to make one complete
project like they did a sewing machine cover this month apparently the theme is
geese I’m going to guess I know what that means but we’re going to find out
so let’s open this up and we’ll see what is inside for the month of May alright
and we’ve got a couple cards in here and alright this first card says it’s from
Jennifer McClanahan owner and designer of Sweet Tea pattern company and she
appears to make quilts so this must be some sort of twill pattern and okay here
we go this is a baby’s quilt pattern and some Moda Bella Solids the Moda grunge
mini charm pack and a clearly something called clearly perfect angles, batting and
thread so let’s go ahead open up the packaging is super cute it’s got some
tissue paper and it was like these purple metallic polka dots which is cute
and one thing I do like about this box is that it’s a little slimmer than some
of the other other subscription boxes I sort of like that it makes things kind
of easier alright so here are the motive Alice Alice we’ve got some white and
some light gray and we’ve got the mini charm pack here so these are sorry cute
and I’ve collected sort of a few mini charm pack stacks sometimes I have a
hard time figuring out what to do with them but hopefully this quilt pattern
will help me figure it out and the quilt pattern that comes in it oh this is cute
so the quilt pattern is called baby geese and it requires that you have a
mini charm pack so maybe this is a good project for for
you if you’ve got some mini term packs and you don’t really know what to do
with them like if you’re in my situation so this is actually pretty cute all
right we got some thread and sort of like a this sort of like a I would say
serve like a beige like sort of like that all I know is through I don’t know
how to describe this it’s almost like a look of metallic beige if that’s a thing
I don’t know and then we’ve got this thing this is the clearly perfect angles
and I’m going to be honest with you I don’t really know what what this is at
all so let’s open it up if I can get this rubber band off here there we go
that would be easier right and then okay I’m not really sure what this is so it
clings to smooth sewing surfaces it’s color-coded for easy use
it’s got quarter inch and 5/8 inch seam guides and a fabric alignment key okay
so it says to help you sew on the diagonal like if you’re making flying
geese or to making like them if you’re making like half square triangles but
I’m not really sure what to do with this so I’m going to open it up even more
here because I’ve never really seen one of these before I would have to look
this up after I take this video because I’m still not really sure I’m not really
sure what this is to be honest with you I mean it looks sorta cool and I like
the idea of helping me to sew triangles because that can be I’m used to like I’m
really used to just doing using my ruler draw a line but each one alright so this
thing okay so you put it on a sewing surface okay like you sew through it I’m
not sure I’m going to figure out what this is though because I’m not 100% sure
we’ve got our fabric we’ve got thread you got batting so women else projects
are nope supplies in here to make a a mini quilt which is cute so I think
that’s a sort of a neat project and sort of like the young sort of like that
quilters can box that that was also a mini quilt kit
so many quilts seem to be all the rage these days so I just thought some kind
of adorable and I like the fabrics that came in I think that charm pack is
pretty cute here I’ll open it up so you can see what kind of fabrics are in it
so stop sir it’s called grunge and it’s got served an assortment of colors it’s
they’re not really solid they sort of have a mix of other colors in them but
it’s definitely more of a gender-neutral fabric which i think is cool and it came
just really cute mini quilt pattern so I sent a box looks pretty neat the prices
they start off at 29.95 if you want to do month to month but they also give you
a discount if you prepay for like three months six months nine months or a year
and pins and needles kits has offered $10 off your first box with the coupon
code pen needles 10 and I will link that below and put all the information in the
description box for you but this is the May pins and needle sewing kit and if
you like these types of videos be sure to subscribe to this channel I you more
unboxings I do product reviews I also try to do a tutorial every now and then
and also show off some of my sewing projects so please stay with me and
subscribe to Sewing Report for much more of this I will see you next time you

7 thoughts on “PINS + NEEDLES SEWING KITS | Subscription Box Unboxing + Review | SEWING REPORT”

  1. That looks like an intriguing kit! The perfect angles affixes to the sewing bed of your machine and it allows you to skip drawing lines on your squares for making half square triangles and flying geese ext, or at least that's the premise. I've seen it in quilt catalogs but never saw it in person. I'm curious how you like it!

  2. What's the quilt in the background? Do you have a video on it? Also, love the unboxing videos! Keep up the great work!

  3. I would love a monthly sewing box. Never thought to get one of these subscriptions. This looks like sew much fun. Melinda @pigstyatelier

  4. Looks nice but all the subscription boxes seem to be for quilters. Are there any for garment sewers in the US? Sew Hayley Jane does boxes but they are only available in the UK.

  5. The Clearly Perfect Angle is freeking AWSOME! It's like a cling that goes onto your sewing machine base and you use the lines on the cling so you don't have to mark your triangles for geese, half square triangles..etc

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