– Hi, I’m Dr. Steven Lester. I’m a radiation oncologist at Central Florida Cancer Care Center and today we’re discussing prostate cancer and radiation treatments
in the planning component. Many patients come in,
they have a lot of anxiety which you really shouldn’t
have with prostate cancer for most patients but they
wanna get started right away and they get a little disappointed when I say I can’t treat you tomorrow. The reason for that is that
we have a lot of technology and a lot of planning that goes into treating prostate cancer. In order for us to do image guidance, we place three little metal
markers in your prostate which is utilized to see where
your prostate is every day on X-ray ’cause you can’t see a prostate on a standard X-ray. So after we decide with your input that you wanna be treated, we have to have these markers placed. Once the markers are placed,
we usually do a CAT scan and often an MRI to fuse the images so we can see exactly
where your prostate is then we have to go for a planning process with the treatment planing computer which customizes the
treatment to your anatomy. Once we’ve got the plan approved, we do a phantom treatment on the machine to make sure the computer got
all the calculations correct then we bring you back and
film you on the machine to make sure it lines up. So you can see it takes
a good seven to 14 days to do all the processes that are needed to make sure your treatment is accurate, precise and customized for you. So that’s what goes on behind the scenes with regards to your
planning and your treatment and that’s why it takes about
two weeks to get started.

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