hi I’m Patrick and I’m from the Salford
Chiropractic clinic and today I want to talk to you about plantar fasciitis and
foot pain many of us may have heard about plantar fasciitis but what
actually is it the fascia is tough tissue that goes along the bottom of the
foot and when this breaks down it can be painful often people will notice that
they get pain along the base of the heel or pain into the bottom of the foot this
pain is normally worse first thing in the morning as soon as you put the foot
down or worse as you’re walking especially after any periods of
immobility this pain is normally limited to the base of the foot once the fascia
started to break down it can be extremely debilitating in terms of the
pain and also limiting in terms of movements quite often when plantar
fasciitis becomes chronic ie if it’s there for a long time it can be very
difficult to get rid of but not all foot pain is plantar fasciitis but how can
you find out whether you might have plantar fasciitis a quick way of
identifying it is by placing your foot onto the floor lifting it up from the
front and seeing if you have any pain across the heel or the base of the foot
additionally you can use your thumb to push into the heel
normally in plantar fasciitis cases this is very tender and around 50% of people
notice that that’s the epicenter of the pain additionally as I mentioned before
you tend to notice that the pain at the bottom of the foot is worse first thing
in the morning or when you’ve been sat down for any period of time and start to
move again as chiropractors we treat plantar fasciitis by addressing the soft
tissue at the base of the foot by making sure that the joints in the foot all
work as they should do and there’s no restriction in them and also making sure
that the nerve supply to the foot and the muscles within the foot are working
as they should so how can you help try and treat this yourself at home
an easy way to do this is by trying to use an old plastic bottle one like this
with the small feet on the bottom you want to place the bottle on the floor on
its side and putting your foot over these little feets at the base of the
bottle roll it folds and backwards for about one to two minutes once or twice a
day this helps release some of the tissue underneath the foot and the
musculature and help relieve the pain this is a complimentary
treatment two things that I ask patients to do at the clinic what happens if your
pain in the foot isn’t plantar fasciitis as I mentioned before plantar fasciitis
affects the bottom of the foot but often we see patients who pain at the top all
the sides of the feet there’s a variety of different reasons that this can be
caused for example a nerve can be irritated up in the back or down at the
side of the foot tarsal tunnel syndrome is one that we commonly hear about and
it’s similar to carpal tunnel but in the foot additionally these bones that
normally articulate quite freely in the foot can become fixed this often leads
to pain swelling and tenderness in the area locally as chiropractors we’re
trained to identify these restrictions and treat them accordingly oftentimes
the pains that we see at the top of the feet don’t come from the feet at all but
from the higher up the leg or into the back a good way of trying to test this
is by lying on your back keeping your legs straight and pulling it up and
seeing if you get pain in the foot this adds tension to the nerve and if it a
greates the pain it’s probably coming from there as with most local injuries
to extremities the best protocol is always rice rest ice compression and
elevation especially if you’ve noticed that the pains go on recently we hope
you found the information in this video helpful if you know anyone that may
benefit from this feel free to tag them below and if you’ve got any questions
comment below and we’ll get back to you when we can thank you for watching

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