So he has a plantar fasciitis flare-up, in
his heel, and so the goal for treatment is to obviously resolve pain and create healing. –Well, it was last night I was… I was helping paint my daughter’s garage,
(I still have paint on me) and I was coming down backwards off a ladder and there was
something–the paint tray or something down there, and I was putting my foot down and
realized that I couldn’t, and had to move my foot as I was coming down and
came down on it wrong. It caused a really quick contraction of the
gastrocs, really put a lot of pressure on that plantar fascia, and boy, it was… it was
agonizing right then. I came in to work today. I’m really not walking very well and Kimberly saw me hobbling and
immediately said, “Get in here. Let’s get this taken care of.” So for his treatment today, I started out
with the auriculotherapy and treated the ear. And what I love about the back of the ear…
if you’re doing tendinomuscular or you’re doing points related to certain areas of the
body on the front, the back of the ear mirrors the front. But it’s more muscular in nature instead of
tendons, bones and ligaments. And so, if there’s an area of the body that
you can’t go and work on muscularly because perhaps they have a cast, or they had surgery,
or there’s just extreme inflammation and extreme pain, like a plantar fasciitis patient who ripped
their plantar fascia, you’re not gonna go in and do your muscular stuff there. But it’s almost like giving them a massage
in that whole area of the body and creating the blood flow and so you’re working on the
muscular aspect when we treat the back of the ear. So, instead of doing hot and cold, hot and
cold with ice and heat, Zheng Gu Shui does all of that magic, plus, then it has herbal
aspects which heal the tendons, bones, and ligaments so it helps the healing process to be faster. And now, I’m just doing a little bit of Gua
Sha on his leg, and there are few blockages right up here. I can feel them.
And so, I’m working through, knowing that I need energy to flow
downward across the heel in order to create the healing. The Bladder channel comes down the back of
the leg, and the muscles in the Bladder channel wrap over the heels so I need… I need the Bladder channel to release as
it goes over the heel. If Qi and blood flow can get to the heel
and create the healing. So where does energy need to go next? As it comes down the leg, it also
has to come up the leg. So the Bladder channel then meets with the
Kidney channel, the Gallbladder meets with the Liver channel, the Stomach channel meets
with Spleen channel. So the channels up the leg, all need to be
open as well. And really, this whole gastrocnemius muscle,
it… it is affected by the Gallbladder channel, the Bladder channel, even the Liver, Kidney
and Spleen channel as it comes up the inner-leg. So everything that comes comes
down must come up. And then finally, because he’s in pain I don’t
want to put a needle into heel where there is pain. But to help facilitate, I just added a couple
of needles – Seirin needles – right here to create that flow. –So I’m super appreciative. And how blessed I am to work with such talented
people and talented healers as Kimberly.

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