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  1. thanks for the video, very helpfull. I'm dealing with Plantar fasciitis as we speak, I think the key is really to have a lot of patience, focus on good quality stretches, foam rolling and also a lacrosse ball for the foot is super helpful, I'm also seeing a osteopath whoI would recomend for every runner a few time a year, he just let's you know your body better.

  2. Here's the calf foam rolling tutorial I mentioned: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98uo2EbNsb8&feature=youtu.be&list=PLrbwxlLsQTFMfbPqmf6Dqevbf6Qtcf_R6

  3. I managed to run through mine, didn't really cause any issues until pushing 10 miles+ when it would flare up but would usually go away again. I found it worse when running a fair bit slower than easy pace, probably because I was landing on my feet differently.

  4. Rolling under arch helps me prevent/cure PF. Tennis balll is good but the best thing I have found is a hand dumbell (0.5k) It has a hexagonal edge so as you roll backwards and forwards you also get tiny pulses wich seem to help to stretch the muscles and prevent compaction of the PF. Works better than anything else I have tried. But agree with calf stretching etc. Good work James.

  5. Thank James- I really love your videos- and this one in particular as I have suffered on an off with PF for 12 years and I do have issues with my anterior tibilias…..I did not make the connection and thought two separate issues so thanks!  I did note in 2011 my PF returned and I made a change to eat only raw fruits and veggies (no alcohol/ caffeine etc) very very very "clean"  within 3 days I had NO PAIN at all.  So that was eye opening.  I have even gone as far as to try Prolotherapy injections but no success. I am now sold on any time I have a "big inflammatory response" to check my diet- cut out the alcohol and all the "bad stuff".

  6. Rolling the bottom of my foot on frozen golf balls, frozen water bottles, and room temp tennis balls really helped me. I continue to do heel dips whenever I see a stair. Alamo foot care has a YouTube video with an excellent self-massage which hurts to do on a plantar fasciitis foot, but which I credit with my eventual "cure." During flareups, I live in Crocs, which seems to really help.

  7. Thanks again for these videos James. I'm trying all sorts of things to try decrease my knee pains. Running a 5k or even 5 miles is fine but when I try to gently increase that to say 9 miles I have to stop as knees become to painful. I'm trying to train for a half marathon.

  8. thanks James I've got some exercises from the physio for PF, which are really helping.
    any advice on changing from neutral to stability shoes. I did get checked out but I seem to have set off some knee issues as well as the PF . so frustrating

  9. Goodness James, how do you manage to crank out a video every day? Great stuff. I really hope your channel takes off.
    Have you considered reaching out to other , perhaps larger, running channels on YouTube? They might give you the boost you need?

  10. Morning James, okay I've just completed a first full session following your stretches for the plantar…My first observation is the sense of deep stretch in the calf muscles and the sense of relief. I am also aware that I gave myself time to complete up to five sets and up to 40 seconds each set; this is something I might usually renege on in anticipation to get out running. So I observe a mind-set change in my approach to prepping for running as well. I am going to run this afternoon, the idea is to complete another full and concentrated set of plantar exercises before hand and then monitor the plantar throughout the run. I had yesterday off and I have done some rolling of the quads, hamstring and calves…One further observation is that one of the potential causes of my plantar issue is that I have always had to deal with an old broken toe injury (a motorcycle crash at 19 years old meant a pretty horrible big toe stub – the break healed but the ligament was squashed and has deteriorated over the years. Thus, I have quite limited movement in this toe, and it generally constantly hurts – I have got used to managing it over the years, but perhaps you're right and I should talk to a podiatrist anyway. Ironically it's the other foot (possibly over-compensating) on which I have the plantar fasciitis.) Finally, it has really helped to receive your insight into how to and what to stretch to alleviate this issue…I'll keep you posted with continuing results. Best, Mark.

  11. Great video James – I honestly never think about my soleus contributing to this even though it's part of the gastroc muscle complex (duh!). I had a horrible bout of plantar fas about 3 years ago and the key for me for rehab (after doing everything else) was wearing a night brace for about 3 months. Thanks as always for the great videos and information.

  12. Thanx, James, exactly the video I was looking for! Especially thanx for explaining the anatomy and working mechanisms, as a doctor I enjoy understanding why I'm doing particular exercises. What's your opinion on rolling over lacrosse ball? And what's your opinion about "prehab for plantar fasciitis", once you get rid of the problem (for instance) it's hard to motivate yourself to daily rehab but obviously you have to do prehab to prevent your PF from coming back. 2-3 times a week?

  13. Do I do those streatches with shoes or without?I've been doing all sorts of things (incls your streatches) to fix my PF problem the past 2months. How do I go back to running? I think its ready but Im afraid that I might get PT again.

  14. I've tried the traditional PF recommendations such as rolling my foot on a ball or ice bottle, standing wall stretch for the back of my calves.   My PT identified that I had adhesions on my upper calf and tight shin (on the outside like you brought up in your video).  I now try to massage the back of my calf and shin which has greatly helped!  Thanks for all your videos – great information!

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  16. I'm 27 and this pain came from no where. My first thought was that it was an old injury acting up. So far just rubbing the area when it hurts and ibuprofen before work have been helping. Hopefully these new stretches will help. Either way they feel good.

  17. Thank you so much James, been dealing with planter fascia pain and ankle pain for 5 years and now I am feeling great. Keep the information coming!

  18. I experienced the best stretch on the first technique you showed…pushing hands against the wall with one foot far back on the floor. Thanks!! The others didn’t provide me much relief. I’ve also tried stretching with a towel pulling on the bottom of my feet, hasn’t helped either. :/ My doctor also recommended a stretch where you try to pick up a tennis ball with your toes. This does help me to some degree! I’ve also bought some shoe inserts which kind of help, and also some turmeric capsules which I typically forget to take but supposedly helps with the inflammation.

  19. Thanks James… I've looked closely at my stretches this time and made slight changes (from this vide) and also advise running bare foot for a short period, to see how your feet land (I noticed with my right foot at pace, my heel isn't touching the floor so just mid foot and toes to push (and really stretching my PF… now I've changing a fraction to ease the tension … now I'm running at easy pace

  20. I have been running off and on for about two years, but about four weeks ago I finally found my love/ mental need for it. This week has been such a struggle because my left foot flared up to the point I was having pain all the time. I did these stretches like you said and for the first time today I can walk without pain! While I had been using a tennis ball and even tried insoles, it never occurred to me to work my calves to relieve the pain. Needless to say, I'll be using these stretches as part of my normal routine.

  21. Thanks so much, great exercises…I’m not a runner, I’m a senior citizen as they say now…another group suffering with this ailment and this video was very helpful!

  22. been in pain for a while just seen doctor and told what problem is not caused by running work in quarry industry so walking on uneven ground rolling foot on bottleas well as bought new boots for walkingis helpingand stretch out whencome to stairs or bridges

  23. Tried everything had problem over 2 years not working in pain a lot, going to orthopedic surgeon in 10 days, get surgery can't take it anymore.

  24. I''d love a video of you doing the exercises for the appropriate length of time, so we could watch while we do the moves. Thank you!

  25. Was just diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis earlier today and was so happy to find your YouTube video. It was so helpful as I could not fully understand the piece of paper with stretch instructions my podiatrist gave me. You explained the various stretch techniques so well. I am at work but going into a spare office to do some of them now!!! Thank you so much!!

  26. I have been prescribed an orthotic to help with pain and will try your stretches out. I have stopped all trail running but it has not helped with pain. Hopefully these stretches will help . Thanks dd

  27. hi there, thank you for this demonstration of how to stretch correctly. I was told today that I am heading for surgery :(. Going on two years. Have done 12 weeks of PT three times a week, two sets of cortisone injections now. Before the injections I tried icing, taping, night splint, stretching on my own, expensive shoes and orthotics, and 800 mg ibuprofens. If I sit down for even ten minutes I am in excruciating pain getting up. If I need to get up in the middle of the night I physically come close to collapsing on the ground or wetting myself. Good thing I live alone! I have done tons of frozen water bottle massages and recently began going to a massage therapist. I don't have the money to continue PT or massage therapy.

  28. This started about a month ago. I’ve always had carpet and these past 2 years I’ve been walking bare on wood floors. I try stretching but it causes pain. Should I take it slow just before it hurts? Or should I keep pushing my muscles. I have been wearing foot support but whenever I finally do these stretches it leaves a pain similar to a cut on my heel.

  29. i have the pacer test today and damn does my heel hurt. idk if i have time to stretch but it hurts so fucking much to run

  30. Recurring Plantar Fascitis present in the arch and heel.  For the arch, strong doses of anti-inflammatory drugs and a walking boot calmed down the inflammation, then stretching helped carry me the rest of the way.  For the condition present in the heel, no amount of anti-inflammatory drugs worked, so a steroid shot was necessary, followed up by ice treatments 3x a day and stretching all helped.  I urge all viewers to stretch calves daily and consider an orthopedic insert.

  31. Thanks. I've had pf for about 5 months. I had an ultrasound shock therapy which seemed to help. Similar exercises. Now I'm using a CBD oil dripped under my tongue twice a day. Slow recovery. Also I stopped running for a month which sucks, as i really miss it for mental and physical health. I hope to run some trail ultra races this summer…. we'll see

  32. For me, calf stretches and heel dips on stairs caused pain in the Achilles' tendons. My plantar fasciitis is ongoing, with frozen bottle rolling, stone ball massage, high quality orthotics, avoiding walking without support, and plantar fascia stretch before I get out of bed offering the most relief.

    Pain is most severe after walking for some distance, and is present in the plantar fascia, a little ways in front of the heel. In the morning, pain is minor in the bottom of the heel.

    Strengthening exercises and calf stretches have been a challenge to keep up on due to forgetting and lack of motivation to do much of anything when I get home from work.

  33. Ive had mine about seven months. So painful. Have specially made insoles whch only slightly helped. Then began to wear a night splint – which helped a little – after four months of planta. Then this January, took my podiatrists more drastc solution – a foot cast which helps. I wear it all day. BUT got fed up and decided not to wear i t today, as he had advised just 6 weeks which had passed. To my dismay, my heel is throbbng after just a day without a cast. I am now going to faithfully try these excercises. My husband had Planta for over a year many years ago and these kinds of excercises helped him recover completely.

  34. Thanks so much for this video. I liked seeing your description of the exercises. I have done some of these but l am looking forward to trying the gastrocnemius stretch and the soleus stretch. Great new info.

  35. Excellent. Thx James! I have tried everything under the sun, and these are the only stretches that helped me.

  36. Dear Sir,
    I have an issue with my heel bone, hurt it 6 months ago while playing fustal. A small part of it's bone still hurts when i press it with mu thumb. Can you please let me know of any treatment for that.

  37. Perfect. Felt the tiniest beginning of plantar fasciitis twinges I’m no stranger too and 1 session if these stretches it stopped. I’ll keep it up. Huge warning I’m overdue for new road shoes.

  38. You mentioned strengthening as an important part of preventing plantar fasciitis towards the end of the video. Do you have a video showing what kind of exercises should be done to prevent this type of injury? I have been dealing with plantar fasciitis for over a year and my podiatrist is trying to direct me to a surgeon. I would want to consider other options before opting for an invasive, irreversible process. Thank you.

  39. I'm only 23 years old but I've had this pain since I was a young teenager. I noticed when I was going to concerts and I would be standing all the time that my heels were killing me but I honestly thought that was just normal it was only recently that I realized the you shouldn't be in pain when you're standing. now I have a job where I'm on my feet all the time and it's killing me hopefully these stretches and wearing proper footwear will alleviate this. thanks so much for this video the stretches already are relieving some of the pain. Does anyone have any recommendations for good sneakers?

  40. Hi, have been doing these stretches over the last week and can see significant improvement. Thanks a lot and god bless you.

  41. Two years going with it and still hurts. Stopped running but the crippling pain out of bed is still there unless I sleep with my shoes on. It's like living with depression: doctors can explain it great but treatment is a shot in the dark.

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