…episodes, and I am trying to get video of them for the doctors, and I feel one coming on. So, here I’m going to start. I get these … spells and I shake. It starts from my abdomen and then it goes out to other parts of my body
after a while. Sometimes it’s mild,
and I can speak through it. Other times, it’s really more violent,
and I can’t speak. So, let me try … Usually, I will jerk several times, and then stop for a few seconds, and then jerk and stop. I have taken several videos of me
lying down while I have these, and I thought I would just take one
sitting up and trying to talk.

3 thoughts on “PNES, NES, Pseudoseizures, HYPP, Hemiplegic Migraine”

  1. This video saddens me immensely. I would like to get in contact with this woman. I am new to commenting on Youtube. Are you 1000 Dominoes? If so let me say this. I am an ent doctor that permanently eliminates migraines of all type by looking for specific abnormalities in the nose and sinuses that trigger nerves and cause the pain. I have successfully treated patients with Hemiplegic and Complex migraines.
    Please contact my office, 713-795-0600. All I need from you is to send me a sinus CT scan and I will let you know what needs to be done to help you become migraine free for good.
    Here are some videos of me on the Doctors with a woman who had migraines for 41 years and has not had a single one for two years. I will be back on the Doctors with her next week.



    Kevin Smith, MD
    PS- This information applies to everyone on this thread regardless of what type of migraines or chronic headaches you have been diagnosed with.

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