– [Voiceover] From Turning
Stone Resort in upstate New York this is Poker Night in America. (lively jazz music) – Welcome to Poker Night in
America. I’m Chris Hanson, he’s Joe
Stapleton. Brand new location this week. We’re at Turning Stone
Resort in upstate New York. – Hello my babies, and this
is my first introduction to East Coast cash poker on TV. My guess? They should probably rename this place Turning
Testosterone. – [Hanson] Day one of our
cash game with a buy-in from 5,000 to 20,000. (gasps) Shocker! Shaun Deeb’s
bought in for the max. – [Joe] What are you trying
to prove, Shaun Deeb? What’d you drive here in a
Ferrari, too? – [Dentale] Jared, I have you
fooled like everybody else. – [McKeehen] Mikey, he’s just
saying you’re not very good. – [Micali] You
couldn’t keep up with him. – Have you been on any
televised final table? Has anyone ever seen you play outside of your own play or no? – [Dentale] Ah, sure. – This is good for you. If you
play good, you can get some backing, you’d
be good. – He doesn’t need backing.
That I can guarantee. If he keeps playing for a
living, he will. – Two hundred more. Fold. – Yes! All right! I just want you to know the whole East Coast is on your
side. – [Dentale] You’re gonna
flop quads on me now? – [Stapleton] Tough to flop
quads with ace-king. – [McKeehen] No, I didn’t flop
quads. – Just could flop huge again. – I didn’t flop quads. – You flop huge. I promise you I was just gonna
raise you, but I feel you’re strong,
so I’m just gonna call. – So you’re just gonna call.
Okay. So what should I do on the turn? – On my life, I was gonna raise
you but– – What should I do on the turn? – You do whatever you want. – All right. – If I bet, are you gonna fold? – Ah, I can’t answer that. – Why? It would be so much easier if
you– – [Hanson] Turn. – [McKeehen] Did that four help
you? – [Stapleton] It did help him! – [Hanson] Dentale, not only
with the straight-draw, but now the flush-draw. – [Deeb] There’s no gamble. There’s no, like if you
wanna play loose it’s tough, if you’re the only person
playing loose you can get destroyed but you need multiple
people to be there with you. – [Sigel] It was too quick. You can lose all your money in
ten hands. – [Bleznick] After you
play the other games, you never wanna play no one
anymore. – I have a huge (bleep) hand,
huh? – Me or you? – You. – I’m betting you don’t. – Again, I wanna raise you
but you have a monster here. – He can’t always have a
monster, Mike. – That’s what Dan said in the
main event. – [Glantz] That’s true. In the main event he always had
a monster. – Clock. – He wants the clock. – Nah, I wasn’t serious. He just keeps calling the
clock after like three seconds. – I’m ready for a clock. – All right, clock. Never mind. – [Stapleton] No clock
necessary. He’s in. – He called. Oh, yeah, right, excuse me. Just so excited to win this
pot, yeah. – [Hanson] And Mike
Dentale makes the straight on the river. – [Stapleton] He does not have
eight-high. – How huge is your hand? All right I’m gonna go all-in. – Call. – You lose. – Okay I’m not gonna win now. – [Dealer] All-in, call. – [???] King-ten? – [Stapleton] Wow, someone
gets wrecked on the first hand! – [Glantz] How happy is Dentale
right now? – He’s countin’. – He played it great. – (laughing) He did. He did. – I wasn’t raising ’cause
I knew he had a big hand. – I think he played it great,
he gotta put all his chips in. – He was just gonna shove
the river if he missed. – Yeah that’s it. I’m sure. (laughter) – Nice hand, Mike. Mike you were shovin’ the river if he missed, right? – Honestly, Matt, I
knew he had a big hand, that’s why I didn’t raise him. He was never folding and I
didn’t think I was gonna get there. So I was gonna just. – I honestly think you have
no clue what you’re doing. (laughter) – Mike’s a good-hearted man
but man he’s annoying sometimes and he’s good at getting under
your skin, but I’ve dealt with him enough. He’s just another fish on the
table so. – Joe plays well but he runs
like the biggest luck box I’ve ever
seen. And no matter how well someone
plays they always think they played
great. And they played better
than they really are. But they’re lucky, that’s the
bottom line. Joe is a luck box. – [Bleznick] We have to play, we
have to play hard. – [???] It ain’t
going anywhere for a while. – [Bleznick] You know that,
right, we have to play hard? – [Sigel] I don’t
play soft with anybody. – Can you see those cards? – [Hanson] Over to Mike Sigel
in seat one. – That’s not playing soft. – [Dentale] Jared, what, did
you win a big pot? – I’m buried in the game. – No he just bought 10,000. – [Dentale] Oh, you reloaded? – Yeah. – [McKeehen] Did you not know
that? – [Dentale] Nah, I wasn’t
watching. – To be honest with you it’s
pretty stupid of me to reload when the best player at the
table has the table covered. (laughter) – [McKeehen] Just in case you
couldn’t figure that out he said – Matt, are you all in? – [Glantz] What? – Are you all in?
– All in. – I’m rooting for you like a
soccer mom. – I can’t fold, I call. – [McKeehen] Go Matt, go Matt. – I can’t fold, I call. – [Hanson] Bleznick calls. – [Glantz] I hope I get three
calls. – How much is it? – [Dealer] 1,275. – [Dentale] No he started with
it and (bleep) gave me a nice needle, “Oh Mike, you’re
playin’ cash in the middle.” – [Hanson] Abernathy
folds. Over to Shaun Deeb. – Oh, Shaun, please shove sharp. – [Dentale] Yeah baby. Flat
city. – 1,275? – [Dealer] 1,275. – Damn. Come on, Shaun. – [Dentale] Who wants to take
action on this hand? Jared or Shaun? – I’m gonna go with Jared on
this one. – Yeah, I like Matt. – ‘Cause I think Shaun woulda
raised. – I like Matt. – I’m rooting for Matt, but
I would definitely pick Shaun. – I’m rootin’ for Matt, but I
think Shaun. – I’m rooting for Shaun. Screw
you guys. – [Dentale] Let me see. Cover
your mouth. I wanna swipe for you, bro. – [Stapleton] Bleznick
flops best with top pair. (laughter) Up and down draw for Glantz. Deeb out in the cold. Deeb’s betting, but there’s no
way he gets Bleznick off this. – You can fold, Jared. You’re allowed to fold. – Side pot. – I’m rooting for a black seven. – Me too. (laughter) – Check. – [Hanson] Bleznick checking
in the dark. Turns a king. – [Stapleton] Kind of
a scare card for sixes, but it’s a scare card for tens,
too. Glantz still sweatin’ his draw
down there. – [Hanson] Deeb checks behind,
so, let’s go to the river. – Check, check? – Yeah, he checked it. – [Stapleton] Ughh, that’s
annoying. You’re open-ended, you hit a dumb pair. Sorry,
Matt. – 2,500. – [Stapleton] And now that
Bleznick’s made two pair. He bets against a quick fold
from Shaun. And Matt Glantz is gonna
need some chips! – No, I had a 10. – Obviously. I need, uh, five. Obviously. – [Voiceover] We’re coming
back to Turning Stone with more Poker Night in America
next. For more from Poker Night,
visit pokernight.com, or find us on Twitch,
Facebook, Twitter or YouTube where you can see complete
episodes and unedited live streams. – Welcome back to Poker Night in
America. That’s Joe Stapleton. I’m Chris
Hanson. Let’s get back to the action. – [Hanson] It is amazing how you
can tell the different flavors of
poker from where you’re at. You could walk up to a table, not knowing where anyone is
from, watch the table be played, and pick up exactly where people
are from. – [Stapleton] No doubt in my
mind this is an East Coast poker table. It reeks of meatballs and
testosterone. – Any time you can cost– – [McKeehen] Any time you can
cost Mike the match, you have to – [Dentale] Next time I
get raised, I’m all in. – He’s getting mad at me when
I keep losing every pot. – [Dentale] Yeah, but you’re
losing because it’s your own choice. You have control over your own
money. You chose to lose because you’re
raising. – No, no, no. I chose to play
bad. There’s a difference. – [Dentale] Correct. – I’m playing bad. – [Dentale] True. Mike, you said. It’s a five card
game. – [Bleznick] I’m playing bad. – [Dentale] I agree. – [McKeehen] I mean the call
you just made with the queens, man, you played that hand great. – Look, run bad, play bad.
Run good, play better? – [Bleznick] I’m playing bad. – [Dentale] True. – No, it’s backwards. – [Dentale] I don’t know
what I’m saying, I’m drunk. – Okay. – Yeah sure you are, buddy. (laughter) – Shaun with the move of the
century. The serious look goes on. Please give me a hand. I wanna club Shaun this hand. Even though I like him, one
hand. – Don’t touch ‘im. – Shaun’s getting clubbed this
hand. Eight what? Nine? All right, nine’s good. Mike, you folded out of turn
again? I fold. – I’m all-in. (laughter) – Yeah, Matty boy! Shaun, show me a king. – (laughter) I can show you a
king. – Yeah. (laughter) – How much is it? – Five, it’s about five, I
don’t know where it is. – Shaun’s got king-queen.
He’s thinking about snapping you off. – If I had king-queen, I
woulda called him already. – [Dentale] Naw, that bad? – No, but if he had kings
he wouldn’t call already. He would slow roll. – I do not have kings either. – What do I have to do to
get you to show a card? – 500? – [Sigel] Take your shirt
off. – Like 500 from the pot,
like, or 500 off the table? – I don’t understand the
difference. You give me 500. – [???] Off the table, you want
to? So like do I have to
call for 500 more, like, do I give it to you? – If you pay me 500, you can
match, and you can win it back. If you call. – Okay, I wanna see a card. – [Stapleton] I have no idea why
you would pay to see something you can see for free in, like, a
minute. – Show him the ace! Show him the
ace! – Show him the one on the right. – Show him the ace! – Definitely don’t want to, no,
no, no. – [Dentale] Oh my god. – Okay call. – [Dentale] He’s got kings,
you have ace-king. (laughter) – King-jack? (laughter) – But now I’ve got an
extra 500 on my side so that’s great, right? He’s calling anyway! – You win 1,000 if you get
there. – Why are you all-in for? – What do you mean, this is gr-
I had extra 500. (laughter) – What are you guys doing, once
or twice? – Once, once, all right. – [Stapleton] Runnin’ it once,
like some ballers. – [Glantz] No I knew
there was a big chance. – Well you, but I mean Mike. No, I said he’s the only
one that didn’t realize it. – And an extra 500. Please no, please no jack. – [Abernathy] Jack, jack. – [Glantz] Please no jack
or king that would be brutal after all this. – You realize jack or
king of hearts, you win. – [Glantz] What? – [Sigel] Jack or king of
hearts, you win. – Yeah, thanks. Nice, thanks guys. – [Deeb] Sigel, you can’t read a
board so don’t even act like you can. – Aw nuts, and an extra 500. How
do ya like the extra 500? – How good do you run? – What do you mean? You gotta work for that 500.
– You had ace-queen! – He would have never paid me
the 500 if I didn’t say it goes in the
pot. (laughter) – [Sigel] He was never folding
ace-king, for sure. – Yeah, you snapped me off an
ace-king. – It’s called a slow roll. – Okay. Oh, really? – Have you not seen him on this
show before? – Did you hear what he
did to Mike Madison? You’ve heard of that, you’ve
seen that? That happened! He, like, broke
him down, he broke his spirits. He was gonna burn this building
down. – Oh no way, in fact
Shaun Deeb has no clue what a slow roll is. I’m like, I’ll give you a slow
roll, like, that you’ve never seen
before. It’s got some, um, acting in it. Not just the, uh, you know,
holding back on what your hand is. We’re gonna have some fun. I’m gonna show Shaun what a slow
roll is. You’re lucky you’ve got a
favorable flop. Because if not, you would’ve
had the same read, and I would have clipped you so
lovely. But you got a favorable flop. You had a good read, though. – No, I’m not gonna sit
here and be like Sigel and say that I had a live read
on you, I had no read on you. I just think you play bad. (laughter) – Just fire away. Fire away. – I’m being completely honest
with you. I’m not gonna be like
Sigel and say oh I had a– – [Dentale] Just fire away. – [Bleznick] I just think
you played bad, that’s it. – No, no. You know what it is,
Jared? You don’t have respect for my
game and you’re a clown, and
you get a favorable flop. – [Bleznick] Let me tell you
something, I respect you. – And I woulda clipped you
if you didn’t get that flop. You’d do, like, 1,300, call,
1,500, call. Oh, (bleep) I lose.
– I respect you as a person, I don’t respect your poker game. – [Dentale] You got a favorable
flop. – That’s the truth. I don’t
respect your poker– – [Dentale] Just keep betting
away. – I think you’re a good person
though. – [Dentale] Keep betting away. Forget about– Listen, as off
the table? – No one else does. – Jared. Jared, off the table? I love
you. On the table, I think you’re a
horror. – I love you, too. – It’s very funny, Mike,
because everyone thinks you’re a horror on the table. – Shut up! – And 95% of them think
you’re a horror off the table. – [Dentale] Why do gotta raise
like that when I limped under the gun,
and I could have a big hand? – [McKeehen] Nice hand, Jared. – (bleep) clown, I’m all-in. – Yes! – [Glantz] Oh boy. Oh boy. – [Hanson] Dentale’s all-in. Looking like a steam all-in. Upset at the world. – Deal. – Did you call?
– [Dentale] Did you call? – Deal. – You gotta say “call.” – [Stapleton] Go, deal!
Fuhgettaboutit. – He doesn’t know how to show
his hands. Slow rolls are
encouraged. – I’m not, I don’t slow roll.
Go. Deal. – Mike’s gotta show his
hand ’cause he’s first. – [Bleznick] This hand I can’t
fold. – Ten-nine off? (laughter) – [Deeb] Let’s see a board. – This guy’s a (censor bleep)
joke. Don’t touch my (bleep) hand,
bro. (bleep) joke,
this game. – [Deeb] Might take a minute and
a half to see these hands on the river. – (bleep) outta here,
man. Ship it. – (laughs) I call that a zinger. – Jared Bleznick, ladies and
gentlemen. – Please have four tens. (laughter) – Ship, ship, buddy! – [Abernathy] Wow, that was
good. – I can’t, with my image I can’t
fold. – [Dentale] Ship, ship! Ace-
king is never good to have. – No, I didn’t have ace-king,
I had worse. – You got queens? Queens?
(jazz Music) – [Bleznick] Huh? – Queens? You’re playin’ good, don’t
worry. – [Bleznick] No, I had worse
than queens. – You played good, though. What
everybody said, you’re still playing good. I just got lucky. – You did. That’s true. – Everybody who says you
can’t get under their skin, you can get under their skin. And that’s what I do best. Off the table, I’ll
take you out to dinner, I’ll buy you drinks, I’ll
do whatever you need. On the table, I’m gonna rip
you a new (bleep). That’s how it’s gonna be. – She was not nervous. Her neck
did not pulsate. I’m gonna tell you somethin’,
uh, I can’t believe she bluffed there. It was (bleep)
unbelievable. I’m not gonna lie. – Welcome back to Poker
Night in America, from here at Turning Stone. Let’s return to the bros. – You would have never folded an
eight. – [Sigel] Especially when I
show ’em an ace. – Yeah. Of course! – No, he would have folded
if an ace came on the turn. – Yeah right. – [Hanson] Buy-in for this
game between five and 20,000. The blinds are 25 and 50 with an optional $100 straddle. – He said he had to get
unstuck. He almost did. – What? No, I don’t. – What are you talking about? – 7,500. – What about it? – I’m not trailing anymore. – Are you not behind anymore? – I will be after. – [Sigel] After what? – [Micall] After he sees his
cards. I don’t know, what’s after? – [Sigel] After he sees his
cards. – [Hanson] King-10 for Jared
Bleznick. A raise to 125. – You can, just, inappropriate. – [???] It would be
disrespectful. – [Dentale] All right. I
apologize. – [Hanson] Samantha Abernathy,
welcome to the game. Jack-five of hearts. – [Stapleton] What is she doing? – [Hanson] Calling in
position, duh. – [???] His– Him actually
winning? – [McKeehen] Yeah, it really is
shocking. – [Dentale] You’re playing good
though, that’s all that matters. – [McKeehen] It’s funny ’cause
you’re the only one that’s tilted, because we’re all
(bleep) thrilled. – [Deeb] I’m not thrilled. – [McKeehen] You’re not
thrilled? – No, when he has 10,000, he’s
in way more. Now he’s (bleep) countin’ his
chips. He’s like, “I’m up,” you know, “This is day camp for my girls.” I know how he thinks. Glantz thinks the same–
– [McKeehen] Glantz! – Glantz, Mike’s on lockdown
the rest of the day. Just make him one of the four. – [Dentale] I’m never on
lockdown. That’s one thing about me, bro.
I’m never on lockdown. – [McKeehen] That I will call. Mikey, am I all– – [Sigel] All-in play, baby. – Guys like us are (bleep) never
lock down, bro. It’s all about havin’ a good
time, man. Can’t take the money to the
grave, bro. As long as I’m enjoying
myself– – No, you’re on lockdown, Mike. – Kid, I’ve never been on
lockdown in my life. – I call. – He was on lockdown the
first time I was on this show. – Yeah, exactly. – No, I was like, I was stage
fright, bro. – [McKeehen] That would be
lockdown they’re the same thing. – [Dentale] Two, four, six,
eight, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 19. Wow, that’s a lot of money here. – Are you giving me– (laughs) – He just wants a reason
to look in your eyes. He’s just calling the flop just
to do that. – [Dentale] Wow, I’m drunk. – [Stapleton] It gets better for
Bleznick. – I call. – [Stapleton] Sam moves
all-in, Bleznick calls. – [Dentale] Please let Sam win. Sam, what do we need you to win,
bro? – [Sigel] Heart. She needs a
heart. – [Stapleton] She needs a
non-king heart. – Heart. Please dealer. Heart! – [Stapleton] Red, but it is not
a heart. – Run it twice? (laughs) All right you win. – How you gonna do it? Do
you flirt with her all night, then you take her money? You’re such a scumbag. – [Abernathy] All right, I need
five more. – I think that’s his brother.
He’s Douche. The Bag Brothers. He’s Douche’s
brothers. – Yo, why you taking all
her money like that, bro? – Yeah, you just killed the game
Jared. What the (bleep), dude? – You just killed (bleep) poker. – And you didn’t straddle,
either! That’s so disrespectful! – I have a backer for this game. – How rich is the guy that’s
backing you? (laughter) Who is it, Donald Trump? He saw you playing before? – He’s just best friends with
Mike. – He saw you play before,
and he backed you? – [Abernathy] Aw, Mike’s ready
for a nap. – No, I’m not fully backed. I
sold a lot of my stuff. – [McKeehen] She said you’re
ready for a nap. – I need a bottle. – Is that 4 P.M. nap? Can I smash one over your head? – [Deeb] Hey, don’t hate on the
4 P.M. nap. Seriously. It’s how I get through my
(bleep). – [Abernathy] I just wake up at
4 P.M., so… – [Deeb] Like, it actually, like
top business people, really advertise, like, that naps are
really necessary. – [Dentale] Naps are the best,
man. When you work twelve
hours a day, I take naps. – [Micali] You know, in other
countries, naps are, like, a normal thing. They stop the
middle of work to nap. – [Deeb] The siesta. Yeah. – [Dentale] Europe they
do it all time, man. They close their shops down.
They take, like, midday naps. I just made that up. – All right, Glantzy. You got me. Nah, I gotta call. (laughter) – [Hanson] Heads up
with McKeehen and Glantz. – [Abernathy] (laughing) “Just
made that up.” Famous last words. (laughs) – God, I gotta stop drinking,
man. Everybody’s all serious,
trying to take my money, and I’m ripped. You just took all her money,
bro. – Yeah, and I still did that. – You’re such a good person.
– Why did I do that? She has good vibes, you see
how nice she is towards you. You give her the mad scheme. Chinese, I love my girl, the
whole spiel. So good. – Girls, they want it so much
more when you tell ’em you have a
girlfriend. – Of course. You see how good
I got him to bring it out? It’s so great. – And my girlfriend’s pretty
hot, too. – You’re girlfriend’s okay. But she’s hot. – [Stapleton] Yeah. – I can’t do this. – [Stapleton] She can’t even. – So you just go back to
drinking? – [Sigel] Yeah. More alcohol. Matt, it’s on you buddy
you just got raised. – He’s aware. – He ain’t ascared. – I call. – “Call.” (laughter) – Parks Ambassador Matt Glantz
against Joe Luck Box McKeehen. – [Dentale] Who will win this
pot? Queen of spades on the turn. I called it. – [Glantz] Smashed that turn. – Did you? – You should let me know now,
because I’m probably gonna bet. – I’ll let you know after your
bet. – All right, I’m gonna bet then. – [Glantz] How much? – [Stapleton] Dentale wasn’t
kiddin’. That was a good card for Glantz. – [McKeehen] Is this where
they’re supposed to tell you whether this is where
you go all-in or fold? – Can I get Mike’s help on this
hand? – [McKeehen] Okay sure. – I’ll do whatever he tells
me to do on the street. – Yeah. They never have games
here. – But you have to think about
it. Don’t say it, don’t, like, react. So he doesn’t know. Should I call, fold or go
all-in? – [McKeehen] Did you say all-in? – No, I said should I
call, fold or go all-in. – [Stapleton] So Glantz
is gonna let Mike Sigel make this decision for him.
– [Sigel] I would call. – You’d call? I can’t do what he says. (laughter) – He’s an idiot. – You showed Mike your hand? – Yeah, I said I was gonna do
what he– – You’re an idiot! You can’t get
nothing! You just call, you moron! – That’s the worst play I’ve
ever saw in my life. You got that on camera? This donkey on camera? – Joe’s like a son to me. Super kid, super nice, but, you
know, he’s a sweatpants wearing kid. Wears sweatpants and a
t-shirt to everywhere even to the final table. He tells me he doesn’t
like getting dressed up and wears dirty, old sneakers
and that’s just who he is. And he won’t be changed. I’ve
tried. And a lot of his other friends
have tried. But that’s Joe and he’s
just a fun guy, a nice guy that is fun to have at the
table. You had nothing, Joe? – [McKeehen] I had six-high. – [Glantz] Oh my God. He was
right. I should’ve just called. – [Sigel] No kidding, you clown! Matt that was the worst failure
I ever saw in my life. – We gotta take a little break here on Poker Night in America but we will be right
back. I promise this time. – [Voiceover] Closed
captioning is brought to you as a public service by
Poker Night in America. – [Voiceover] We’ll continue
with day one next time, but as we stop right now
here’s the updated chip counts for the night. – [Stapleton] Dentale’s
the biggest winner so far? What is wrong with the world? – Now that we’re done for the
night, I’m going to introduce you
to Skaná Spa. No rules. – Who is Toscana Spa? – Oh you’ll find out. – Next time on Poker Night
in America, Sam Abernathy bluffs the pants off of one of
these guys. Don’t worry, his pants
don’t actually come off. – Find us on the internet
at pokernight.com where you can watch full
episodes and unedited live streams. He’s Joe Stapleton, I’m
Chris Hanson. See you next time on
Poker Night in America.

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  1. i guess this just goes to show how hard it is to make a good poker show. Stapleton doesn't get along with his sidekick-host and two of these players are just plane douchebags.

  2. Terrible shove by Joe on the river. How does a worse hand call? I'm not saying he can't call it off with his hand, but check/ call or check/fold is the correct play

  3. Imagine a borough full of everyone who acts like Mike Dentale. That's what Staten Island is like

  4. Lol Shaun put an extra $500 in the pot just to needle glantz knowing he had the best hand and ended up losing haha. He’s the man though very fun to watch

  5. As much as I'd love to rip on Dentale because he's an asshole…he did nothing wrong on that first hand and Joe didn't need to jam.

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