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  1. LOL I make similar noises when I suck a woman's Breasts… In N Out – That's soo "California"… Damn, Girl – you look good with a Booty! – 5:23

  2. Even though I have no plans of getting pregnant anytime soon, I feel like I’m a little more prepared than I was before because of your vlogs. I love how honest you are with the whole process.

  3. Sorry Coleen thw skin does not go away. My eldest is 14 and my belly looks like a liiiiitle wrinkly sac of empty skin but Ive now got 4 children so maybe mine is more stretched lol xx

  4. WAIT I WAS IN PRIMARY WHEN SHE ANNOUNCED SHE WAS PREGNANT!!! I just feel like I’ve been in secondary forever I love it

  5. I really want a chicken and cheese burrito from chipotle or a chicken and cheese taco from Taco Bell or some chicken Alfredo with tortilla chips or a subway foot long with grilled chicken pieces and mozzarella on flat bread.😩 I just want chicken and cheese with some form of carbs.

  6. You should try a one pot roast. It’s easy,
    Chicken sticks,
    Sliced Carrots,
    Sliced potatoes,
    And but then all in a tray,
    Put some rosemary, diced garlic, salt and pepper and drizzle oil over all of it.

  7. My daughter has the same paci as him at 8:19 😀 Don't worry about extra skin it will get better, you look beautiful 😀

  8. I literally sat in the same recliner everyday with my son for almost 3 months. I ate there, did my make up, played on my phone….and breastfed. All day. Everyday. It can feel isolating after a while. So mad props for moving to another room.

  9. I know dear evan Hansen! I love it!😃😃😄😄😄😃😄😃😃😄😃😄😃

  10. You are Miranda sing.🏫⛪⛲⛪🏬🏦🏭🏭🚖🚍🚖🚗🚖🚗🚗🚘🚗🚤🚕🚖⛵🚠🚗 🚹🔡

  11. H
    Hi h
    Hi ho
    Hi how
    Hi how a
    Hi how ar
    Hi how are
    Hi how are y
    Hi how are yo
    Hi how are you 😇😇😇😇😇😇

  12. Use vitamin E oil for your tummy and wherever you feel like you need help healing! 😍 it helps so much for your skin 😧

  13. You look AMAZING. I'm 24 and my stomach is trashed after pregnancy.. I'm over a year out and theres no repairing the damage unless I get surgery..my loose skin makes me look atleast 10lbs heavier than I probably am. I'm extremely depressed about it but theres nothing I can do.. You looked amazing before and during and trust me you look absolutely gorgeous now!

  14. Cardi b body smashed back after k’s birth is because her surgeries in the past , there was a girl in my strip club that had gave birth 4 months prior and her stomach was stanched to the gods and flat flat , but she always had surgeries bbl way before she became pregnant , so yes it’s not realistic at all .

  15. Whoever is reading this,
    You are beautiful
    You are amazing
    You are wonderful
    You are special
    You ARE loved even if I haven’t met you. You have a purpose in this world don’t forget this and NEVER let anyone tell you otherwise❤️❤️

  16. I am so happy you and Eric are married. I could tell watching Haters that he was in Love with you. It was written all over his face. I’m so happy for you. You deserve this happiness. You and Eric are just adorable.

  17. Looks don’t matter. It’s all about the inside and the personality. And believe me, NONE of your TRUE fans will leave you just because of the way you look, but will stay because of your WONDERFUL personality. We all truly love you! ❤️

  18. Fantastic Video! I reached out to a specialist to find out more about the post birth body and here's some feedback I got: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IG9ONBgsmjc&t=4s

  19. Colleen: I dont think we can top 2018.
    then she continues to go on Broadway with a child is is about to start touring again. with a child! she is a queeeen!!!

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