today you’re going to learn a series of
stretches that you can do after a full body workout routine okay are you ready for another video
from our stretching series as we’ve talked about research shows that
stretching reduces soreness and prevents injury when done before and after your
workout and stretching can help you elongate your muscles and increase range
of motion in your joints when you’re doing a high intensity workout lactic
acid can build up in your muscles in small amounts lactic acid can actually
help the body absorb energy help the body burn calories and increase
endurance levels build up of lactic acid can make muscles feel sore or tired so
post-workout we want to use that time to hold static stretches take some deep
breaths and help that clear out this will also keep the range of motion that
you just built up during your workout now as always make sure you check in
with your personal care provider before you start a new workout or stretch
routine then let’s do this here are the full-body post-workout stretches that
we’ll do today stretch number one is called the couch stretch we’re gonna use
the couch you’re gonna start with one foot about a foot away foot and a half
away the back leg is going to reach back and you’re gonna place your knee on
there okay gripping the ground with your foot
you’re gonna make sure your torso is nice and tall our ribs aren’t flared out
there’s not an extra arch in our back you’re gonna gently drive your hip
forward you should feel a nice stretch in the front of your quad and hip flexor
to add to this another level would be to reach back and grab that foot and pull
it toward you now I’m gonna feel it a little bit more in my quadriceps and I
can alternate forward and backwards gently bringing that stretch on and
laying off of it a little bit taking nice deep breaths again ribs down and
you’re gonna hold each side for about a minute stretch number two is gonna be a
hamstring stretch you’re gonna start seated on the floor kick one leg out to
the side the other one’s gonna be tucked in nice and tight just a relaxed
position if it doesn’t come all the way and that’s fine
you’re gonna reach both hands as close to your toes as possible if you need to
start on your knees shin or ankle that’s totally fine but I still want you to
pull your toes up towards your body once you’re in that position
you’re gonna relax this should be a passive stretch you’re gonna focus on
breathing and letting gravity take your head down towards your knee you’re gonna
spend at least a minute on each side stretch number three is called scorpion
stretch you’re gonna start laying on the ground this is gonna be a nice
post-workout stretch especially after you’ve done a lot of upper body work
maybe push-ups or plank holds you’re also gonna get a nice rotation and your
thoracic spine it’s gonna help open up the chest a little bit
you’re gonna start laying straight in the line one arm is gonna go out to the
side it’s important to externally rotate that shoulder or turn that shoulder back
and down by twisting your hands up towards the ceiling
okay thumb back once I’m in that position I’m gonna slowly roll over that
shoulder and just relax into it take some deep breaths
you can spend about 30 seconds to a minute here back off reset the shoulder
and repeat we’ll do this a couple times on each side holding for about thirty
Seconds to a minute alright thanks for doing this post
workout full body stretching routine with me if you’re interested in learning
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