I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make this
video it’s definitely opening myself up to scrutiny there may be people who
think that my postpartum belly is gross just not Hollywood perfect there may be
people who think that I’m being a complainer and that I have nothing to
complain about I don’t know this is the internet people can be mean and hate me
for a million different reasons and I hope that there’s just at least one
person that this video helps in some way whether my postpartum belly makes them
feel really great about their postpartum belly or maybe it can help them learn to
love their postpartum body the way that I have learned to love my postpartum
body but anyone who does want to judge my postpartum body harshly you can go
suck a D because this is a real untouched by plastic surgery, lasers,
CoolSculpting… I don’t even know what all is out there at this point I don’t judge
anyone who does get plastic surgery by any means you do you if you’re not
hurting anyone I don’t care get like a billion plastic
surgeries. I guess I guess don’t do that that is probably hurting yourself at a
certain point but I don’t care what anyone else does I’m not judging other
people I’m just hoping no one’s judging me I haven’t done anything other than
moisturize with different balms and oils and that’s really it so this is what my
postpartum body looks like if this is your first time coming to my channel I
have three-year-old twins and a 1 in 15 month-old baby so my body has definitely
had time to recover and I think my body just is what it is at this point so that
is what I’m going to show you today yep that’s what I’m gonna show you today but
before we get into it I have to shamelessly plug my channel please like
it ready and if you are current subscriber
thank you so much you guys really mean the world to me prior to having kids I
would say that my stomach was pretty toned even when I sat down I didn’t have
much extra skin or rolls or anything like that
I had insecurities here and there about my body but overall I think I had a
pretty healthy body image for a young girl
the journey to my current body started when I got pregnant with my twins in
2016 in an 8 month period I went from 125 pounds to 200 pounds so no need to
pull out your calculators I gained 75 pounds in an eight month period there is
quite a lot of stretching that needs to happen in order for you to gain that
much weight and that little time to give you some context doctors only recommend
women pregnant with twins to gain between 35 to 45 pounds depending on you
know where they were starting at the beginning of their pregnancy
my mother-in-law also always like to remind me that in both of her pregnancy
she only gains 20 pounds don’t know why she needed to remind me that every time
she saw me but she did I earned a lot of tiger stripes everywhere in my twin
pregnancy and I delivered two perfectly healthy identical twin boys in September
2016 then when my twins were 14 months old I got pregnant again with my third
baby boy the twins had stretched me out so much
that being pregnant with my third didn’t change my belly at all I didn’t get any
new stretch marks my skin like my belly skin didn’t feel tight at all it still
had more room to give if baby wanted to keep growing but he came out seven and a
half pounds healthy as well so now to the good part I will show you what my
belly looks like after stretching out for three kids overall I love my body
and all that it is done for me giving me three children I can walk I can run I
can do so much I really have nothing to complain about it’s been a process to
get to good place so again if you don’t have
anything nice to say don’t say anything at all if you have something nice to say
please leave a comment down below I’m gonna overlay the video right now you
can see it there’s from about an inch above my belly button until all the way
down there’s little white stretch marks everywhere and the skin below my belly
button and slightly above it is just very loose so you can see a lot of the
stretch marks there they kind of go all the way around to my back and then the
skin is kind of just loose and saggy in the middle and identical kind of whitish
clear stretch marks on the other side as well overall I feel like my shape is still
pretty much the same it’s just the skins really loose and you can kind of see it
where my c-section scar is below the skin there’s so much extra that it
almost hangs down a little like I can lift it up alright I’m jiggling my belly
with Spanx and all kinds of different tricks I can cover up all the extra skin
and still make myself look pretty thin just in regular day to day life wearing
regular clothes and I feel like with high-waisted mom jeans too you can cover
up so much of the extra skin and stretch marks that it I I hope they’re in style
forever even when they’re not in style I’m still gonna be wearing them and the
alot I got these pants at Target the brand is Knox and Roe’s they’re amazing
I would highly suggest getting some because the elastic waistband and just
the jogging material sucks everything in so this video I literally just tried to
find the least flattering angle possible and I think I succeeded um you can see
kind of the texture of the skin it loose and there’s a lot of stretch marks
it I don’t think I would ever go under the knife like a true plastic surgery
like a tummy tuck or something again no judgement for those who do you
do you I don’t care it doesn’t affect me and I guess I should never say never
because I don’t know what future 60-year old me wants
speaking as myself in this moment I don’t think I would go under a true
knife however I would potentially consider some sort of laser treatment or
I don’t know all the stuff that’s out there I’ve done zero research on it but
if the opportunity arose and it was not expensive and it was pretty much pain
free because I’m a total baby and I don’t want to deal with any pain it’s
not something I would say no to but again zero research has been done on it
so I would need to do extensive research before I truly stated whether or not I
would do something there you have it mom bod could be better but I think I like
most women we have a tendency to pick ourselves apart and it’s just not
necessary there’s supermodels out there I’m sure
that picked themselves apart actually probably more than most regular people
because it is literally their job to be perfect and it is not possible to be
perfect when I think back to when I was younger and what my body looked like
pre-baby I mean I don’t think I gave myself enough credit at that time in
that skin there were always things that I thought could be improved and now when
I look back at that I think I should have taken nudes like just kidding but
also today is the youngest you will ever be again and I’m sure nine-year old me
in the future would kill to have the body that I have now and I try to remind
myself when I start getting negative body image thoughts that to all the 90
year olds out there I’m rocking it I’m killing it my body is amazing maybe I
should go hang out of old folks homes more
I don’t know I guess the moral is is to appreciate and love the body you have
now because it’s the only one you got so if you have a choice to be happy about
it or sad about it let’s try to be happy about it and focus on the things to be
thankful for I can walk I can run I can do so much stuff I can create life who
cares if my belly jiggles a little I mean I guess I care a little bit but
overall it doesn’t affect my life I wasn’t a swimsuit model before having
kids or anything even in that realm so really my life is not affected at all by
my belly now other than I wear one-piece swimsuits when I go to the beach my
husband still loves me my friends and family still love me and my kids don’t
care they’re probably thankful for it because my belly now is the result of me
creating them and it is easier said than done I acknowledge to love yourself and
love your body especially when we’re constantly bombarded by images in the
media that just aren’t real it’s either people who I mean I guess
there is a very very small subset of people that are just born nearly perfect
and good for them that’s great but a lot of the images I think we can all agree
on Instagram and on TV and in magazines they’re either people celebrities who
have gotten plastic surgeries so they in a way have an unattainable body without
you know going under the knife or they could go under the knife as many times
as they want they’re still editing their pictures to filth and it’s just not
anywhere near realistic but it’s sold to us as if it is reality so I’m hoping
that showing you my belly shows you a little piece of reality my challenge to
you if you are having negative body image thoughts at all whether you’ve had
kids or not anytime you a negative thought about your body try
to replace that negative thought with two positive thoughts so for me if I’m
being honest I still have negative thoughts about my stretch marks at times
on my body and anytime I have one of those negative thoughts bubbling up I
quickly think about two things I love about my body to push those negative
thoughts down it really has helped me and I hope it can help you if you’re
thinking so negatively that you’re feeling depressed or you’re doing things
that you know are not healthy for your body please talk to friends family or
professional and get further help it’s really important because this is the
only body you’re ever going to get so please take care of it if you enjoyed
this video please be sure to LIKE and subscribe and check out some of my other
mommy videos there should be some videos floating over my face right now feel
free to click any of those and I will see you in the next video bye

49 thoughts on “Postpartum Belly After TWINS | Postpartum Body & Stretch Marks After Twin Pregnancy | Twin Skin”

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  14. Argan Rain %100 Pure Argan Oil Treatment is the best moisturizer for my face and I have tried many. My only criticism would be that it is brown in color so be sure to rub it in very well as I have left the house on more than one occasion and noticed, once in better light, that it is discolored around my hairline where I did not rub it in well enough. This product is well worth the money.

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