79 thoughts on “Powerlifting Motivation – PAIN is Temporary”

  1. I really like ur videos but plz put som music instead of this speach that we all heard a thousand times that more annoying than motivating 🙂

  2. infinity8oleg, друг, на 1:10 это из музыки или это просто регбисты орут боевой клич?)

  3. yep, pain is temporary. besides a ripped of chest muscle (s. mendelson), ronnie coleman's heavy back damage, a torn hamstring (g. leeman), fucked up knees (rich piana), …

  4. I know that's a lot of weight and everything. I respect that guy and everything, but I feel like that little movement should not count as a bench press. Thats just my opinion. 3:1

  5. Maaaan, this motivation makes me wanna fucking turn into the craziest sickest nastiest mothafucker there is!!! This is my pre workout before my deadlifting, squats, and bench press workouts. Wooh !!!

  6. That shit fucks up your body…permanently, not just temporary. Get me? FOREVER. So who's leaving with me to calisthenics?

  7. actually this video demotivates sane ppl like me rather than the opposite. yeah I'm not fit I admit, but the way these guys do it is another extremity

  8. "there is no reason to be alive, if you can't do deadlift" ~ jon pall sigmarsson
    i say there's no reason to be alive if you wrap the bar with clothes when squatting..

  9. pulled peck… f*** that shit, I almost pulled mine 3 years ago (slight tear). Since then I switched to working with Rings and Parallel bars.

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  11. Having torn a pec on bench and a hernia on squats, I can't watch any injury videos anymore. The recovery SUCKS and it's really just not worth pushing yourself that hard unless there's big money involved. Trust me, when you can't even push your chair in because your pec is torn and you have to start all over again, you train smarter next time, not harder.

  12. Powerlifting is the ultimate bullshit sport! Lifting belts, wraps and range of motion fuckall. Add to that, being a 400+lb fat fuck and it's not healthy either.

  13. man what he thinks becomes ..but don't think u r superman and jump from the buildings…get a permanent injury and then its all over..

  14. i say body building is useless and i stand by it. power lifting on the other hand commands respect. these are warriors. mad respect.

  15. This is frickin stupid, Pain is forever, These are bad injuries you don't work through, as I sit here in my recliner with my back brace on. Eating percocet 10's like there M&M;s and adjust my pain pump to deliver better relief. I'm glad I even survived this stuff

  16. Почему ешь?! Почему спишь блять?! Давай работаем бля,давай,Малан.

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