hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel so this video is the first of my maternity and pregnancy series it’s all
about preconception is how to get pregnant and how to prepare for a
healthy pregnancy so this is for all the couples who’ve been struggling to get
pregnant or had complications in their previous pregnancies or miscarriages or
simply want to have a first healthy pregnancy with the healthy baby and a
good recovery so before we jump into it , if you have if
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internet and I think this is really important in our time why we have loads
of issues with fertility pregnancy and birth so yeah so preconception is a very
common concept in India and it starts three months before we try for a baby
and I would say there are four levels on which you need to work before conceiving
and visa first for physical level so you need a body without toxins second level
is third level is intellectual level so I’m
outside in the garden and loads of women hope you can still do so a third level
is intellectual level so you need to read inspiring books be surrounded by
beautiful things on nature etc and a fourth level which is probably the most
important is the spiritual level where you need an aspiration towards evolution
because you are creating the next generation and also a sincere desire to
welcome desire to welcome a new soul to your family so let’s start with the
physical very relevant relevant images for this physical preparation it
compares pregnancy – like hoeing the plant so you would
need the same kind of preparation for growing a plant growing baby so it says
if a farmer wants to throw a good nice plant it means to select a good quality
seeds and same here for us women secondly it needs good soil so the
farmer will work his soil like remove the weed we need to be toxins from your
body and we need to and then the farmer will put some of the compost and here
it’s all the nourishment will receive from food so yeah the field is compared
to our body and the uterus thirdly he needs to time his planting so that
refers to a relation here and lastly he will give loads of water you go to the
plant and they’ll be sunrays so here it is all the food will receive but not all
the nourishment received from food so some general rules before that I will be
that gives especially during period time like when you are menstruating and also
preconception especially so PETA is the fire element and Vata is the air element
so if these are in a balanced state your home you will have a good hormonal
balance and this will prevent any issues of communications during
pregnancy conception so the most doing for example
menstruation is no extreme sports traveling
trying to rest as much as possible do not watch it violent movies or anything
that makes you cry do not listen to loud music do not talk too much don’t enjoy
cold or spicy or oily food all these activities and food will increase your
pizza or your mother and for example yoga now especially a sock dosha
but is apana Vayu Aparna Mata will is responsible for the downward movement
like eliminating waste or initiating labor you don’t want to provoke that
button because it could for example result in miscarriage so yeah keep theta
and beta balance state so let’s jump into proper
diet Alvida says we are what we eat because the food we then intake will
make ourselves we’ll make our organs and all of our tissues so the food is also
created well it’s going to create if you have good food you will have it I would
go beyond that I would say you are what your grandmother is because you pass on
that you know you pass it on and you pass on to your child and you get it
from your answers so yeah food what is good food good food
aids fresh unprocessed organic and vegetarian if possible because
increases pulled up and if you eat home-cooked food you will
avoid all the salt and sugar that comes from processed food you eat organic food
avoid all the pesticides and fertilizers which toxic for you so I sorry I have
some notes so I’m gonna be looking down so I read a list out cue food items that
you can’t eat in this preconception period and it’s everything that is such
big what is that big such because everything
that’s fresh pure clean full of energy and life so that is rice milk
lentils oil honey whole cereals grains like beans and nuts
all dry fruits spices specific spices is turmeric human Korean panel Stanford
very literally and obviously all foods and vegetables in terms of physical preparation second
thing you need to do is detoxify and purified from your body from all the
toxins that accumulated over time and you can do so by for example having one
tablespoon of aloe vera juice first thing in the morning before eating
anything this is going to help eliminate Andra toxify your digestive system and
then you can also go on the specific liquid diet that’s easy easier to digest
for example on the month you gonna try for the babies of the third ones of your
preconception on the seven eighth ninth day after your period so first days the
first day of you you can go on a liquid diet with fruits
and vegetables so thank you which is nice buddy so yeah these will help you
cleanse your digestive system and a thirdly in terms of physical preparation
you can loosen preconceptions sweet conceptional massage
I’m yoga so you can go home yoga classes and do some breathing
exercises or you can do you can also do some
preconception massage we backed up over there is some preconceptions inside if
you only go for that there is also you can also do good but enough which is a
massage way chickpea powder and turmeric and some
hugs that is also gonna like purify your skin and then if you don’t have all
these options you can actually just do an exchange between you and your partner
which is much massage each other and that’s really good for for bonding as
well perfect for this time so that’s it for the physical
preparation let’s jump into emotional prepare ation
so to have balanced emotional state I always recommend that you get in touch
with the five elements of nature which is earth water fire air and ether so so
first of all starting with us you can just go for a walk in nature you can
walk five feet touch the grass or you can do some gardening naked hands touch
the soil touch the plants exception this is gonna help you kind of ask yourself
is called earthing and it’s gonna kind of remove all the negative energies and
because you are connected with the whole planet you know what I mean
because you’re connected with us it drains out all the negative energies and
now to get in touch with water you can if you have the chance jump into the sea
take a swim into the sea if you don’t have that option then
and just take about a bath or shower relaxing with essential oils Accenture
or simply if you don’t have any time you can just do a feed a path for your feet
with some salt and essential oils calm down and relax because water has the
energy to regenerate your mind just you have the Sun which is biggest fire then
you can look at so early in the morning when during sunrise you can just turn
yourself towards the Sun close your eyes and absorb the sun rays when it’s like
very yeah when is just rising or during sunset that’s good as well that’s full
of brown or full of life and and we also know that the Sun by
citizens on the Sun is out there full of energy full of happiness I know a morale
is boosted that shows what the Sun can do on our mind but if you don’t if you
are for example during preparing for baby during winter time you can actually
just light up us a chimney fire or even look at the flame of a candle and just
concentrate on that flame you can also keep your hands like this towards the
plane get that warmth that I know just energy from the flame yeah so that’s it
for the fire element the air element now all you need to do is just breathe some
fresh air that is so if you are in the city just go out take a walk into a park
or a forest or going to nature do some breathing exercises yeah so that’s it for the air element
now the most subtle element is pizza and for
that we can meditate or listen to mantras or even besides the sound hole
you just sit straight like this right number close your eyes as long as possible so if you’re doing
this for 10 minutes a day you will have amazing impact your paintings on your
mind this is very something just like doing this one since beautiful yeah so
that’s it for emotion parish is just getting in touch with
nature it sounds sounds really simple and big
thing but now intellectual preparation so you can do all activities that are
gonna increase the feeling of togetherness improve your relationship
the sense of love peace joy between you and your partner because we have like
different like lifestyles with fork a daily routine we don’t kind of get that
time together so to break up that routine
holidays because problems not work so if you break off from it I think that’s
gonna help you some college time with yourself and with your partner because
that’s the time this time is gonna help happy baby Islam so for that for example
you can be inspiring books talk to inspiring people listen to you know
personalities that lift up you know that that manifest an ideal for two places
with good energy good vibrations and good vibes for example can be a
cathedral can a temple or it can just be like going into mouth like working beside a river can be anything
with good energy and yeah so anything any activity that
we do with your partner that is feeling of joy peace and love joy and
peace are none same passions blessed for intellectual preparation now the last
vibration is the spiritual level I have I’m gonna read you few extracts of this
poor boy prenatal education sorry I’ve already
started to stained it but it says prenatal education towards a glorious
future it has some text from Shara window and the mother but also authors
like Swami Vivekanand so basically because you are creating the next
generation you need to manifest to an idea
through the power of your mind your willpower and your consciousness we can
you know we can decide on the qualities of your child on the way it’s gonna be
what he would he will achieve for example and obviously you also need to
pray for that child it shouldn’t be just like pure coincidence
oh just physical intercourse it should be something that we prayed for that you
know desired for like truly and sincerely so let me read where is it
yeah this this text from Swami Vivekanand his Aryan who is born through
prayer every child not born through prayer his illegitimate according to the
great lawgiver the child must be prayed for those children that come with curses
that slipped into the wall just in a moment of inadvertent because that could
be prevented what can we expect of this project of such progeny it is the
greatest prayer between man and wife the prayer that is going via that is going
to bring into the wall another soul fraught with a tremendous power for good
or for evil is it a joke is it a simple nervous satisfied
is it a brute enjoyment of the body says the Hin Hin Lu no a thousand times no so yeah this is quite self-explanatory
and you need to pray for now I think this is written by the mother yes
it’s about true maternity and it’s beautiful
true maternity begins with the conscious creation of a being with the will
shaping of a soul coming to develop and utilize the body a new one the true
domain of women is the spiritual we forget it but too often to bear a child
and construct his body almost subconsciously is not enough the world
really commences when by the power of thought and will we conceive and create
a character capable capable of manifesting an ideal another extract why accept the obscure
bonds of heredity and etaf ISM which are nothing else than subconscious
preferences for our own trend of character when we can by concentration
and we’ll call into being a type construction constructed according to
the highest ideal variable to conceive with this effort maternity becomes truly
precious and sacred indeed with this we enter the glorious work of the spirit
towards real humanity and its power house in this effort in this attempt
then lies our true duty and if this Duty was always of greatest importance
it certainly has taken one in the present turn of the Earth’s evolution and lastly
like to finish this part with this extract saying cold for the soul where
someone asks to the mother is it possible for the mother and the father
to give birth to this to ask for the soul lavond
so obviously the mother says yes you can ask for the child you want for for the
soul you want hope in earnest when you and your partner boss would put yourself
in a state of aspiration and almost of Prayer and when you prepare yourself
through special concentration and meditation yeah so that’s it I think it
was pretty much clear so yeah that’s it for all the levels of preparation for
preconception period I hope you found these tips useful they may sound quite
soon I think in this day and age written
forget a lot of things which are just basic we live in an era where our
grandparents we’re healthier than us and we have unfortunately even from my own
experience complications with pregnancy and birth etc for example myself I had I
ended up having high blood pressure which was you know which none of my
family members heart so I don’t know I developed it on my own so since since
obviously pregnancy I’ve been a lot more aware of everything of my lifestyle my
health it’s brought to me a lot of awareness generally for myself and and for my
lifestyle on am thankful for that because it’s been a transformation for
me since – yeah I’ve harder I think it has kind of transformed my
life and transformed me as a person becoming a mother yeah that’s too much
talk too much talk I’m gonna probably do another video about conception so yeah I
hope you enjoyed it and if you did please give it a thumbs up and yeah
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