Astaghfiru Llāha l-‘aẓīm. Madad yā Sulṭānu l-Anbiyā’,
madad yā Sulṭānu l-Awliyā’. Ṭarīqatunā ṣ-ṣuḥbah
wa l-khayru fi l-jam‘iyyah. We are gathering here again
with this word. Our assembly is for Allāh (jj). And human beings aren’t
created to live alone. People live together. “There is goodness in the gatherings.” says Shāh-i Naqshband. Let’s see what they’ll present
us tonight? Everything they present us
is good. It is for our benefit. Both physically and spiritually. Allāh’s (jj) divine blessing is for you personally. Personal means your body and your soul. It can’t be seperated. Body and soul are in unity. Without a soul,
a body has no life. There won’t be a body. It will die. When the soul leaves the body, the body collapses. It falls apart,
returns to its origin; the earth. So ṣuḥbah is good for the body and the soul. Both benefit from it. Physicality takes benefit
in this world. Until our souls leaves our bodies; it keeps going. What the soul takes is
forever. The soul keeps what it takes. The soul never dies whatever it takes,
keeps it forever. This is one of the
many reasons why we are in this world. We are in this world,
our body moves and one day it becomes
inactive. The baby is inactive in the mother’s womb
for 4 months and 10 days. It doesn’t move. Then it starts moving. What is the reason?
The soul came, it brought life. So the soul
moves the body. When soul leaves,
body is inactive. When the soul comes it starts moving
in the mother’s womb. The day it dies, is the day
the soul leaves. When the soul leaves the body, the flesh and bones then the body is
doomed to melt, decay, fall apart. This happens. What is the last point of being an idiot? Today’s people, thinking they are smart, they say “the intellectual class” they don’t believe in anything. Especially they don’t believe
in resurrection. It means they couldn’t take
anything from this world. Those idiots, ignorant ones think that they are only flesh and bones. They think their
physical body is only alive because of eating and sleeping. So they only care about keeping this body healthy. Because according to them they are alive with their bodies. They don’t value the soul. They say “How can someone resurrect
after death?” They are wrong at this point. Your body dies but your soul doesn’t. Your physicality dies. Our physical body can live a 100 years only with great difficulty. Physical being
can’t tolerate more than that. It is doomed to melt and fall apart.
When the door of this body’s cage is ready
to be opened the bird of the soul flies away
from the cage. After the bird of the soul
flies the cage of the body is empty. There is no life in that cage
anymore. What is a cage without a bird?
Throw the cage away. The cage has a value
with the bird in it. The cage was valuable
because of the bird. When the bird is gone,
the owner throws away the cage. Another bird can’t go in that cage.
He throws it away. Today’s idiots don’t
think on this point. When somebody is dead, “Can he resurrect?”
they ask. What keeps people alive? His body or soul? The soul for sure,
when the soul leaves, physicality ends. The soul keeps
the physicality going. When the soul leaves,
the physicality starts to fall apart. Hour by hour, day by day,
month by month, year by year it starts to fall apart. After some time, the human body
falls apart. “How will the rotten bones
be resurrected?” How will their bodies
be resurrected after turning into soil. The soul brings life it. Since there is a soul, a house will be found
for that being. When you find that mansion,
it is a new mansion. The old mansion is destroyed.
A new mansion will be given. That person will appear
in that mansion. There is no need to
put the rotten bones back together. It completed its mission. If you know the art,
you can do a record player, a TV
a hundred times. A radio ten thousand times.
You know the system. Because one of them is broken the factory won’t be hopeless despairing or mourning. No. Another power
will be appointed with Allāh’s (jj) order
to make it work. Let our body be rotten.
It will be rotten. The soul doesn’t die,
the physicality dies. The death of physicality
happens after the soul leaves. Because the soul doesn’t die,
its being is eternal. it’s being doesn’t die. Since the soul doesn’t die,
Allāh (jj) gives a new mansion with His power
to come on Judgement Day. He (jj) puts you in a new
physicality. Those unbeliver mushrikūn come holding a rotten bone
in their hands and ask; “How will He (jj) resurrect
these rotten bones?” The minute the power of
spirituality touches those bones, they revive. When the earth is dry,
without green grass or leaves He (jj) makes it rain,
everything turns green the earth is brought to life. He (jj) will give us a new body. That body is from your soil. Your soul will get into
that newly shaped body you’ll be resurrected to come
on the Judgement Day. When the judgement is over, you come to Judgement Day,
the way you left this world. We come in our worldly forms
to the Judgement Day. Woman comes as a woman,
man as a man. Old comes as an old man. Young comes as young. Allāh (jj) doesn’t gather
the children in that field. Either Muslim children or children from other nations,
they are under the training of Ibrāhīm ‘alayhi s-salām
and his wife Sārah. Allāh (jj) opens another door
for them and puts them in paradise without
questioning. Those children stop
at the gate of paradise. They cry for their mothers
and fathers to come. They wait and cry
for their parents to come. Allāh (jj) wills and their
parents also come. Whoever enters paradise,
there is no sadness for them. There can’t be distress, sadness, crying. “What do my little servants want?”
He (jj) asks. “They want their parents.” Children want their parents,
they cry there. They can’t be soothed. They don’t keep quiet.
Their cries are loud. “What do these children want?” When the all-knower Allāh
(jj) asks they want their parents,
they were together in the world, they are used to it. They are crying “We won’t enter
paradise without them”. Then the divine will
manifests. Allāh (jj) orders that
the parents come closer and they also enter the
paradise for children together with their children. If the stations of the
parents are higher they send the children
to their parents’ paradise. Lets come back to our subject. On Judgement Day,
until reaching the gate of paradise people come in their own form. Old as old, black as black
white as white. Woman as a woman.
Child as a child. They come there.
They pass from aṣ-Ṣirāṭ. There are two rivers
before entering paradise. They dive into one
and swim. They bathe in it. When they bathe,
Allāh (jj) dresses them with their heavenly bodies. The worldly, temporary body remains there. He (jj) dresses them a
ḥaqqānī body, that will be eternal in
eternal life. When you are dressed
with a ḥaqqānī body it is eternal. When He (jj) dresses you,
it is finished. There is no death,
no illness, no getting old, no need
for anything. They are in paradise
only for pleasure. It is for enjoying Allāh’s
various blesssings. There is nothing else there. “Da‘wāhum fīhā subḥānaka Llāhumma wa
taḥiyyatuhum fīhā salām. Wa ākhiru da‘wāhum ani
l-ḥamdu liLlāhi Rabbi l-‘ālamīn” (10:10) They say at the beginning: “Subḥānaka Llāhumma” (10:10) You are Subḥān yā Rabbanā. You are pure from any imperfection!” We are amazed with Your endless blessings. We are amazed with
Your greatness and gifts. You showed us blessings, that are beyond our imaginations. You are far from any imperfection.
You are the almighty. You can’t be lost. Because from pre-eternal
up to eternal you have the absolute perfection. People of paradise
praise Him (jj) like this. “Taḥiyyatuhum fīhā Salām” (10:10)
This is how they greet each other. Salāms, salāmun salām. Salāmun salām. Salāmun salām. Their last words; “al-ḥamdu liLlāhi Rabbi l-‘ālamīn”. If someone reaches there clean when they bathe in the first river they wear the dress
of the paradise people their bodies become Ḥaqqānī. Their dresses are indescribable. Their beauty and grace
is indescribable. “Wa ākhiru da‘wāhum ’ani
l-ḥamdu liLlāhi Rabbi l-‘ālamīn” their last prayer is;
“Oh Lord, You are the owner of endless,
absolute glorification.” Their bodies will change there. The bodies of paradise people
will have a quality, that can endure eternal life.
It will change there. So, try to prepare and provide your ḥaqqānī body, that will carry you through eternity. Don’t go that much
for this temporary body. Because no matter how much you take care, you give food and drinks, put it in comfortable houses,
mansions, wander around
in the most perfect vehicles your physical body will not improve or get better. So pay attention
to Allāh’s way you’ll win. If you care about the world,
you’ll lose a great deal. The earth will take away
our physicality for the next life. There is manfestation
in ṣuḥbah assemblies, that will elevate
our spirituality for hereafter. Pay attention to that,
at least we shall be among the attendants of
the saints’ assemblies in the presence of Allāh (jj). Each one of them
are the sulṭāns of hereafter. Besides, when we are included in their paradises as guests there will be special
gifts and blessings. And finally paradise people will return to their own places. Try to improve your ḥaqqānī body. Whoever has ḥaqqānī body,
shayṭān won’t enter their grave. Whoever has a ḥaqqānī body they won’t be distressed here and hereafter. So try to reach your
ḥaqqānī body while you are in this world. Once you take it in hand. Finish. May Allāh (jj) forgives us and cover us. Allāh Allāh Allāh Allāh Allāh Allāh ‘Azīz Allāh. Allāh Allāh Allāh Allāh Allāh Allāh Karīm Allāh. Allāh Allāh Allāh Allāh.

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