I’m a clinical educator and clinical
researcher at the School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science. I
also work as a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist dealing
with complex and disabling musculoskeletal pain disorders. A good
example of the impact of our work is in the area of back pain. We know that
typically people understand back pain is a disorder that is linked to tissue
damage; you need to scan; if you have pains you protect your back; get a strong
core; hold your posture. Our work has shown that this is not the case. We now
know that engaging in relaxed movement that builds confidence and safety in the
body is way more effective than guarding and protecting the back. This work is
influenced both the way that healthcare practitioners examine people with pain,
as well as setting management plans for them. This work has been incorporated
into national guidelines for back pain and has influenced University curriculi
across the world. As a team, we’re very committed to translating our research to
the broader community. We’re involved in developing websites for both consumers
and clinicians. The broad aim of our research team is to reduce the
disability and suffering of musculoskeletal pain in our community.

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