The Healingresearch in KI which Disappeared Interview with Channie West about hiding healing research in Karolinska Institute, Sweden The results from 3 years of healing research were hushed down and all papers and data disappeared They were stolen
according to professor Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg – We interviewed Channie West in September 2014. She partly told about the Healing Research in Karolinska Institute, which she and a numbers of healers took part in during 3 years, and how later on the positive results disappeared, and this research was silenced. Channie talks about plenty of documents with research results which disappeared. It was in October of 1995, and I had a person who had taken a course of healing with me, who got in contact with Per-Arne Öckerman, who is professor in Blood-analyzes. Öckerman was interested in doing a test to see if healing could make a difference in the human blood. So then 12 people got to give blood samples, and the following day they got 1 hour of healing, and the day thereafter they gave new blood samples. After that Ökerman was nearly shocked, because there were very positive changes in their blood, which would have taken himself 3-4 months of medical treatments with minerals and vitamins to attain the same results. Candida decreased, the immune system increased, free radicals decreased etc. He thought it was so obvious and fantastic that he said we should take this further and study it more. And then we went from him over to Karolinska and met Professor Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg, and that was in December of ’95. And she then got to see these papers and was very very impressed, and said ‘Come and we’ll go in and get a rat and see if we can do some sort of test with healing’. We went in to a room and put a rat inside a cage, and the rat jumped up on to a bench. And I remember I put myself next to the rat and hold my hands over the cage, and about 2-3 minutes after it just crawled together and fell asleep. And then she said ‘It must be something wrong with that rat, so we have to get another one.’
And then they came with a new rat in a cage. The same thing happened, I hold my hands over and yes, 2-3 minutes after the rat had crawled well together and asleep. And then she said ‘This is impressive, this we want to see what is.’ Because she was doing research on massage and what happens with different things. Now I did not touch that rat, but she was studying that the brain leeks something interesting as the same as occurring when one is breast feeding a child etc., and it is probably this which also happens when one heals. And then we got to come back again, and we had more rats in the cage, and it was more and more, and different ones etc. And it was always like they ran around and then they laid down to sleep. But then they had behavior research on those rats; so after we had done this healing, it was not only me, but others too, but first it was basically only me. But when we had done healing on the rats, they was put inside a large cage with a roof on, with sensors inside, so if it went up and cuddled it’s face, which is named ‘Rearing’, those sensitive sensors noticed it, and if they crawled together in a corner, which is their safety place for sleep, it was registered; if they walked around, that was registered, if they went into the middle, it was registered. So we had a study of how they behaved after they got healing. And it was so special how those reports looked like, they also had reports on how other rats behaved, but ours who were given healing, had such incredible different behavior. So Moberg though it was exciting, and we continued and did a lot of different experiments. The research was about testing as much as possible, everything from behavior, but even that they went in to look at how the rats’ tail temperature was, the weight of their adrenals etc. So I guess they autopsied the rats and looked at what even happened in other ways. But they even tested us who gave healing. And first they though it was connected to me as a person, so then I sent people who had done a healing course 1 day ago, 1 week ago, 1 month ago, a half year ago and a year ago. And they got to test different models and look. And then they even brought people who had done Reiki, but that did not work. At least not in the same way, not that clear. And then they tested how the temperature in the hands became, how the blood was, and they tested a lot of things on us, in different ways, to see what happened. And they thought that this was exciting, but what happens if we ourselves here on KI tries to do healing, we who are doing this research tries, and then asked how do you do this? I answered: Imagine light from above, like you have a canal or tunnel, a funnel, of love and energy and in this way one asks for the White Time to go down into the body and make a turn by the heart and go out through the arms and hands. And then they tried it and sat there and ‘Ahhh’. And that did not work, it made no result whatsoever. And then they said ‘Ok, but then we’ll take a course.’ They came here, and it was both a professor, doctor, psychologist, and someone else then who did a course. And also some laboratory assistants who did a course. And then they repeated all their experiments which they had done before with no results. And when they did it all over again, they got the same results as those I had. So it showed that it was not connected to me or for how long one has been doing the experiments etc. No, it was because of the Openings we do, for one to open up for this to work. It was that which made it function. Then everything continued, we were there and there were more and more rats and people who got scared because of some things where one could do some very strange things with this healing. So they were worried for what it could be. Among one thing was an experiment where we did distance healing. That involved me sitting here at my home, about 20 miles from Karolinska, and healed rats, and then we had a difference from those rats we had chosen to heal compared to other ones in the laboratory, otherwise everyone in Karolinska would be affected. Because one realized that if one worked with rats up close, and then put their cage close to some others, it affected them positively, so they were worried that this would also occur by distance work. So we marked up the rats differently than they did in KI, I sat here at home, and when we did those researches, there were somebody who didn’t want to cooperate with us any longer, cause they were worried for what you could do and how you could influence. I said this is through Love and to Help, not to do anything else. They were worried for what it could be, how it worked and what it involved etc. So there were somebody who didn’t want to participate any longer. Then one had a maximum of 3 rats in each cage when one worked in different ways. You could say 1-3 rats. But then the experiments involved more. One day they brought in 5, and then I thought, I even said inside myself and even out load, ‘Put your heads that way and the tails the opposite way’, and then they did that, which made the person bringing them in screaming and nearly running out, because she was so scared that it was possible to influence something, thereafter she never returned. But anyway, I continued with all these healing methods and models which one did, and they probably continued with their things. But I was very specific that I didn’t want to do anything where one harmed or like did something that could in any way be unpleasant for the rats. Of course it is not pleasant to be a lab animal. But I wanted to be as humane as possible, as kind as possible, because that was my feeling for it all. But then we were going to start healing wounds, and then I said ‘No, that I won’t participate in’. And then it was two others of my students who did that experiment, and then the result was 85% time increase of healing wounds. And it was at that point the light was blown out, so to say. Then there were no more tests or anything later on. The whole thing just turned to that they themselves did this test and healed wounds. And the following day there were a lunch, I remember there were foreign doctors, professors etc. We were quite many, we sat outside. I was excited because I new there were fine results, though I didn’t know they got 85%, I new they were good, oxytocin which is released in the brain etc. All those things one knew. I thought how exciting this will be. I sat beside one who started to talk some, and then the professor Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg sat right opposite me and then she said something like ‘Cut it off, stop. That is not true, there is no proof.’ And I said ‘Oh. Yeah, yeah, sorry, I misunderstood.’ But then I thought, this is a bit an unpleasant situation, because I new how exalted she had been. So when we were leaving, I put aside a laboratory assistant and said ‘I happened to spill coffee on my papers from KI with all my results etc.’ I don’t drink coffee, but I said so anyway. ‘Can you please copy as much as you can?’ So she did so, and then it was copied; and thereafter I met with the professor and asked about the wound healing and then she just ‘mumbled’, where I asked how many % was it, she “mhmm”, but what was it then, again “mhmm”. Lastly she said ‘85% faster wound healing’. Then I said ‘That is fantastic’. Then the day after all those meters of shelves with plenty of documents behind her were gone, and she did not say anything that it was stolen then, but I saw that maps were gone with the documents of our research, that I noticed so to say. And later she said to people, when she was interviewed for the TV program ‘The Unknown’, then she said that they several times, even 4 times, had been robbed on KI, about this research and this healing. And I think it sound a bit hysterical that they would delete disk drives etc. And she said ‘You don’t have any papers at home?’ And then I answered ‘No I don’t actually’. But maybe I was not honest. Maybe it was not right to do it that way, but I said so. Then later during the time thereafter it has been so that one has been quite because one had to sign a paper in the beginning that one should not say anything. And one wanted to start to apply for research support and payment etc. to do this research, and one had to sign that one gave them rights to handle everything. But I wouldn’t do that, because I had been promised that if the results were good, there would be published an article in ‘Science’, and that I thought was very exciting, I thought that was a cool idea. But first of all I wanted to see myself which results the research gave. And I was not after money, because I traveled with my car there, on my own time, and payed fuel and parking. At the end I said to KI, couldn’t you at least let me have the parking for free, when I am even here and doing this for free. Then I got that. And KI even payed me when I later educated these people in healing, courses, yes then KI payed that, so I guess they wanted people to try this, but later when they discovered how effective it was, then it was Stop! And then it was no more. Research in KI
Karolinska Institute Here is the map where I collected all the things from Karolinska and the research. And in this map I have even when I started with Per-Arne Öckerman, 5th of October 1995, then did the saturation of the blood before we had the healing, which was the day after, and then the last day, it was a revisit the 7th, where they got to give blood again and look for the results. And it showed that of 12 persons, 8 had better immune system, candida was less with everyone, 5 of 12 had magnificent improvement, some had a bit too high level, but summarized everyone improved, and then it was free radicals which decreased with 8 of 12. And here are some of the first curves we got from KI, so this must have been after we were there and did those test healing methods, so this is the clear part which involved with specifics where they had them in that bigger shelter and looked at the activity of the rats. Then one can see, one has ‘Locomotory activity’, and it decreases on those black spots, which is those who are healed. One sees then that ‘Forward locomotory’, drops down to nothing, and that is simply that they just stop. ‘Rearing’, which is when they cuddles their face, increases, that they always do when they are sleeping. And then it is ‘Peripheral activity’, which I think is that they put themselves in the corners to sleep. And so we see here that first we have them in one way, and then they they lay down to sleep, and then they wake up and walk some, and lay down to sleep again. So we have this clearly picture of how they behaved. And then there is in this map plenty types of research. They told, I don’t know anything about research in this way, but they told that when they got one star, it was significant and fantastic good, we had often one or two, but we had even three stars on these differentials. Then it is written a lot of strange things which I don’t understand, because I am not a researcher in that way. I was just there. But we got plenty of papers here with different curves etc. Also that we got something with that they tested other things which was related to pain levels, I was not there then, but they tested different temperatures on the tail, and the adrenalines, and more. So one looked at a lot of different models. And even on those who walked around in the same room, as those who got healing. One called it that ‘they went along’, even they were not being healed directly. They went along in the same room so to say. And then we experienced that those who went along in the same room, also became better, got a calmer, softer feeling, so the things that happened to them, was that they significantly became better too. But most important, they discovered that everyone became better after this healing. – Wound healing? The wound healing was the thing that was significant, 85% – Material from that? No I don’t, I think there are two persons who might have it, those who participated and did the wound healing. I never got any papers, because when I talked with her, she wouldn’t give that. And then it has been a lot which I didn’t want to talk about, which happened on KI, some little strange things. Even after KI, some threats was involved, and some other things which has not felt good. And then I saw an article in a magazine named ‘Metro’, that hey’ve got millions from a Consul in San Francisco, and Osher was their last name. Then my father said, when we looked at that article, ‘This is a lie.’ Because it said that Karolinska had never done any research in alternative treatments. And then I’d been there for some years. So then they said that they’ve never done anything. And then I called the editorial board, and then they said that the news you are bringing, we should have gotten before we published the article. And then I said ‘How can I know what you are going to publish?’ That was impossible, so to say. So they was not directly interested in publishing that. But then my father said ‘Now I will help you’. And then we sat down and wrote a letter to this Consul Barbro Osher, and then we did that, that was 2007. But I never dared to send the letter since I’d been put down by different threats from Karolinska. So it became that I never did that, I skipped sending the letter. It lays here at home, unsent. I would have wanted that the honesty and truth came forward, about how they behave. That is what I feel is important, in many ways for me. I am not interested in earning money. And courses like this, in White Time Healing, I educate the teachers in the world for that, but I don’t educate students today, so I mean, I would not earn from more White Time Healers, or something. Because it has always been an interest for this healing, and it always will. And I myself now are more interested in working with other things, which for me is more important. Pictures and cuts
from ‘The Unknown’ TV4+
Nordic Television 20th December 2006

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