hello everybody, Adrian Melero from
Miami Acupuncture therapy and in today’s video we’re going to talk about
sinus congestion relief sinusitis with acupuncture and microcurrent now the
typical protocol… if I could have my own demonstrator lie down here basically in typical acupuncture there
are some points that are needled: Bitong here where the cartilage ends; there’s
gall bladder 14 and then there’s some of the various points and then there’s also
some acupressure points that could be used you know when you press here and do
that way, those same points could be stimulated. [done] normally with needles but
also a little microcurrent so there’s a very basic brief 30-second protocol that
can help drain the sinus prevent sinusitis or a sinus infection helps
prevent it and a couple other things I’m going show you so basically we turn this
on put the desired setting, Q tips on the probes and then a lot of patients they like this
usually after they’ve received a treatment face down and if tend to be be a
little more predisposed to being congested… they love to do this as a
little as a little aside when finishing the treatment so usually I’ll start off
up here do a little squeeze like that and then just release the pressure
then I’ll stimulate the bitong point which with microcurrent not only are you
activating the acu- point but you can mechanically push along the sinus cavity
and just trace along here it also helps with the eye bags, It is not going
to disappear completely but it can help reduce it quite a bit just by letting
the fluid out sometimes even by tightening the skin with the
microcurrent setting also if you have the darkness also in Chinese medicine they
are referred as to stagnation if you have the local stagnation you could also
reduce the color so as you’re going along the sinus cavity here just
continue along here and then I just very gently go down here and just let it come
down the lymph I’ve had people one time I had a patient on the way here they’re
exposed to pollen and then they had a little allergic reaction so in addition
to the treatment that I was treating the patient for I went ahead and did this
you know with the little draining of the lymph and that really relieved their
symptoms right away that she was also experiencing there’s a little acu-
points do touch this up right here you know
just kind of have things move along here and then I’ve had patients that that
I’ve done this as an aside for and they reported back that after having many
years of sinus infection ever since I started doing this for though they’ve
never had a sinus infection since in the years that they’ve been coming here and
need doing that little part for them if you’re also predisposed to sinus
infection if you watched my video on the colloidal silver there’s also a
colloidal silver nasal spray available which you could also find in my webstore
that you can just spray it and then very topically it can knock out a lot of the
things going on there most of the mold that accumulates on
your body more than anywhere else in your body accumulates inside of the
nasal cavity so it’s useful for that as well so basically that’s my brief
protocol for sinus congestion sinus movement if you like this type of video
this type of demonstration and cutting-edge revolutionary remedies feel
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