Please welcome Geneviève Filion.
Good evening. When I was young, you might say “well,
it’s been a while”! [Laughs] my father had the habit,
before predicting a misfortune, to start his story by “one nice day”,
this or that thing will happen to you. So, I will start by saying “one nice
night” my life has rocked. Indeed, I was awake at 4 o’clock in the
morning by intense pain in my head like lightning strokes,
thunders that only stopped days later when I went to the
Neurology Institute. And there I was diagnosed with daily migraines and
fibromyalgia. It was for me the beginning of trials, errors, adjustments
of medication: it was a phase that I did not know, obviously! I went
back to work but after one year my neurologist
said: “Listen you are pulling one side of the blanket with your work while I pull
on the other side with my medication… But now, I can’t increase your dose anymore.
You have a decision to make”. I gathered my employees and I told them that I would
come back when I would be healed. But, it did not happened before my retirement. I continued to search for different kinds
of drug and therapies as my neurologist always told me: “I can
not heal you, I can only help you with
medication, in having a more pleasant life… So
go for it”. I continued to search, and
to search… Until one day, my brother told me about a book: “The brains’ way of healing”
from Dr. Norman Dodge. To me, who as we just said, is not from
scientific or medical background, it was an extraordinary discovery. It was the
discovery of neuroplasticity or the ability for the brain to rewire
itself, to create new pathways itself.
It was a fascinating world for me. However, I must admit that there was one chapter
which got my attention the most!… The chapter is called “The doctor
who heals himself”. It is about a doctor who runs a clinic specialized on
chronic pain: Dr. Michael Moskowitz who, after an accident,
had chronic pain himself. So, he decided to look a little more
intensively and despite everything that he had already been reading on
the subject. But he searched more specifically on neuroplasticity. It is
said that he red up to fifteen thousand pages of literature. And then, he figured out a
method that he applied, at first, on him. It
worked and his chronic pain disappeared. So obviously, he
started talking about it to some of his patients and with some success. So
I looked at it and told myself “I should try this method.
What do I have to lose?” The method as such, I will explain it to you briefly
because it would be a little too long for the time allowed to us
tonight, is based, as I said, on Dr. Moskowitz study on
pain and on the fact that he determined that there is, among other things, nine regions of the
brain that send us pain signals. But these nine regions also have
other functions in life. So we have to
visualize those other functions that each of these areas or regions have in order
to ward off the message of pain and to replace it by another message,
another function that brain area or brain region has.
As an example, if I talk about the “Supplementary motor area”,
you guessed, another of its functions is mobility.
So it’s about sending a message like: “I’m going to move, I’m going to walk,
I’m going to swim, I’m going to dance without pain”. Visualize it, repeat it until
you really feel it and then you continue with the other eight regions of the
brain. It’s an exercise that can take 15-20
minutes depending on whether you are focused or not. I said to myself “I will
try it”, but as I was starting from so far, I
surrounded myself with a small wellness team including
an acupuncturist and a massage therapist specialized in
fascia. And then, I started to apply the method: At the beginning I did it 5
even 7 times a day, which was a little exaggerated, so I slowed down to
four times a day. And I set myself a goal: to heal in six months!
After five weeks, I noticed that I was taking a
little less drugs, that my migraines were a little
shorter and less invasive. So I decided to realistically change my
goal to 8 months in order not be disappointed. And, finally, after seven months
that was it: I was in remission. After 16 years, I was in remission!
That is: after having taken for 16 years minimum 21 opioids per month,
for 6 and a half years having had 32 Botox infiltrations every 10
weeks and having had during about 12 years of one to two cortisone cures
by year, I passed to 0 (nothing. Since May 2018, I did not take anything;
I do not take any medication. But when I have what I call
now my “head calls”, I do again my visualizations and it fades away.
I do not need to do anything more. You will say: “Is it good for all
kinds of pains?” From what I red and heard,
because I continue (to this day) to follow the conferences from
Dr. Moskowitz and his partner, they apply it in their daily practices to their
patients who have different kinds of chronic pain. You might also ask: “Is this
method for everyone?”. Well this is another game.
As you can see from my little Experience,
it takes a lot of motivation, a lot of perseverance and when we
suffer from chronic pain, I know it, it is not easy! So it needs
a lot, a lot of perseverance! But if I talk more and more
about this method which is “another” method, it is because
I see it as an extra tool for people who suffer from chronic
pain. Then it’s a tool that has no side
effects and who could perhaps allow other people like me to RE-LIVE!
That’s what I wish for the most people. [Applause]

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