I have not run out of ideas. That is unfair and it’s blasphemy and it is just incorrect simply. Okay, I’ve been away for like a week. I just had to exist in the abyss at the lowest level of human function as possible, but now I’m back I’m back with a vengeance and I’m back to react to my old vines I will say is a little – is a little tiny disclaimer um some of my vines were made in like 2015 where it was socially more acceptable to be a little bit more offensive than it is today uh if I posted the vines that I made in 2015 today, if I made them today and posted them on twitter or something [singing] I would have no career So let’s just get into this. If you’re gonna slate me for anything, that’s fine just do it in the comments so at least then this video gets popular. And also this video is gonna be like 15-20 minutes long by the way So like feel free to dip in and out if you want I know it’s gonna be an investment. Most YouTubers do this when they turn from Viner to Youtuber, it’s no exception. It’s an easy video idea. People like seeing it It’s fun I think this is a look down memory lane especially seeing as the Youtube compilation I have works from newest to oldest so it has all my recent vines going down to my very oldest so it’ll be like a journey through the time, I don’t know I think it’d be fun Let’s just- let’s just do this, I’ve got an iPad and everythi- aww, I just locked it. Fuck it let’s just go “Last Vine bitch!” Christine! -My name is Tom Harlock, vine died three weeks ago and I haven’t been
-Look at how blonde I am And also, that’s so true. Happy Halloween motherfuckers I’m gon’ put my dick in a pumpkin These aren’t even gonna be embarrassing, they’re just gonna be like not funny Fun fact: when I started Vine about 2 and a half years ago I have been a vegetarian for 3 days and this is fucking triggering me. You’re a fat fuck. You are a fat fuck. When I started Vine like 2 and a half years ago I just looked completely different I can’t wait to show you my new nail collection. They’re called pepperoni oh my god nobody’s looking at you Gabriella you petty bitch Fucking true Fun Mini game, look how much of a smack head I turned into in probably like 10 minutes I was different then I am right? I was a different person. [Singing Jacob Sartorius’ Sweatshirt] If you remember this is when Jacob Sartorius blocked me on twitter I harassed him -[chanting] Daddy, Daddy, Daddy…
-bullying children, bullying children…
-Unblock Tom! Unblock Tom Hey, guys, a lot of people have been asking me how I’m doing mentally and physically, so I thought I’d make this video to show you. Bye! [indistinguishable] That’s Camp Unplug! Camp Unplug! We’re babies! That was so fun that was in Wisconsin, where we were filming it -You are my dad, you’re my dad! Boogie Woogie Woogie.
-We were filming this time last year actually -Hit that pussy easily
-God damn -Tell her I can hit that shit so greasily
-Goddamn [High School Musical’s We’re All in the This Together playing] I think this is Last summer, when Vine was dying off. No- this is like this time last year I think. No- it was march I think Forget about it! [Dubstep music playing] I may look like a caucasian male, but I identify as a 2007 Jonas Brothers music video Gender identity joke. I think about how much I hate myself and sometimes- -Congratulations, you had a baby boy
-Did that clip that vine? That vine was well banging. You’ve misgendered a baby for the last time doctor. [Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne playing] Only joking bitch. You thought I was crying? [chuckles] I don’t cry for anyone I have no emotions
-I think I was actually crying in that -if I say I want to hang out with you it doesn’t mean I like you
-I though I was genuinely crying, then I decided to make a vine -it means that I look nice today -And it would be a waste if people didn’t see me
-And it would be a waste of an outfit- aw for fucks sake [Love Robbery by Kalin and Myles playing] [Often by The Weeknd playing]
This is fallout with Jake. This is that moment. I’m sorry dude, I haven’t looked at my phone in like fucking days, so basically- Uh-hu, honey [music playing] Just because it’s the Beatles doesn’t mean it’s not good okay!? I was crying here again. You can come by the eyes No, Daddy You’re quirky pussy smoke weed Okay, okay. I’m gonna pause this undead abysMal because I need to provide content when if I started dying people will ship needs across Platforms, so they’d like to tell their vine followers to go from them on Snapchat shit by posting flip it grabs It was at least Flipagram So don’t know why is like there wasn’t any alternative up out there at the time flip programmers as the easiest one Anyway, everyone was doing a lot once a week I never tried to but I did do it once not alike But that snapchat story was the funniest situation of my whole entire life if I saved that I put out getting this video basically I will come to a train and I’m like oh There’s this guy in this go who have just met each other and they’ve been really nice and I could hear them meeting each other And just like asking about each other’s lives, so I thought you know this is like a young love I really I really enjoyed it so I started filming obviously because content creator Just like Snapchat it like this is so sweet girl turns around to the guy and like What do you do? And he’s like? Oh, I’m a quidditch player, and I was that oh But now I have to record the whole of this thing because there’s no way that I can’t hear the rest of this story turns out that he was a professional Quidditch player which is a niche University sport in uk and around the world a thing. I don’t know turns out is very good either way. I’m snapchat me I’m like oh my God. He’s a fucking player Hilarious till he gets a phone call. He’s like Thomas ha Tom Harlock Pearlie his mate watches my snapchat He’s walking up and down the train Yeah Why are you crawling backwards run or something okay? That’s true enough when we made them since familiars oh Wait, that’s me When it’s three times a week, then I I can was it’s a shirt Tampon you know in the washing machine I got it. Good fucking snapchat me if you have an Android I don’t know free market Grainy today is may not I prove chef ramsay exactly why I deserve competition Ron at the End we connected the edge Underage girl to suck your dick And then when she tries to kill herself if you call her crazy what you doing my mum took my iPod away Because she heard me listen to fall out boy. She doesn’t like the fact that I’m emo on the wall By purpose immediate Flipagram sand go shake your eyebrow off because I followed on Twitter First you don’t succeed then just give up and try and do something that requires a little less skill of skill and talent This is fucking I know control and I gompers Whoa fuck say I love you So why did you shoot that woman in the face dude? I just have no control okay? Teenage you are cuz you’re making the same fight over again, honey So Gonna babes some affiliate buys Thank you very much. Oh, this is Timmy. My sister’s captain from fat behind the vine Always cry for that big bitch, okay open your eyes and tell me what you think oh, I think this is like A me three types of rock you could first bitty all I care about is pop rock whoa you’re an idiot and that’s 5 seconds of Summer you posted a reason I posted that by is because of the world You’ve got my app wrong bitch She bit Tim is fitted Bears. I know it man somebody our prom has been killed please help calm down We don’t want to panic at the Disco This is this give me that nice feelings auctioneers. I don’t I’m not getting cringed out yet Did you record that? You’ve got a sex tape joke wow feminist Tom you go, bitch I? Think I smell inside going on old school let’s go I Don’t even though I made like eight of these you could store a pair So do your head like a license over hand when you want to ask a question, please? Easter also known as the dale in Jesus did something Jesus No, you cannot go to Jennifer’s house her dad is an alcoholic, and he sets a bad example you stupid fucking You should now wear yellow anymore stop don’t talk to me It can’t be so shut the fuck up. Oh shay bike to Sarah my daughter or some of you may know her ex Oh eat my pussy harry Sarah was in love, okay? Gross where the fuck my one direction posted lots of people are saying my vines are offensive the people saying it’s offensive Follow Curtis lepore Who is a fucking rape? Thank you for calling the anorexic an eating disorder support service, please hold? This is where I get offense supercooling which I’m sorry services, please hold When your legs don’t work like they thank you for calling Chara. You stop you told Hi guys, I’m in hell. It’s about about so far the people here are kind of burst on you is one of you, so Oh, it’s me. That’s not mixtape time to Spin this shit. I must have been a drug. Oh Yeah, look at my face. I think she was on a lot of drugs You can see like the cocaine behind my eyes and heroin George’s heart she could have been killed Expel so sorry she’s new I’m sorry about the livery was we house all the time and this is for her And now we can hear carol with the weather Carol you dumb fat bitch stop sucking cock could do your job results of your tester back Jimmy and um Join us after the break to find out a few are dying. What the fuck there dude I’ve heard rumors that these stairs that ike wanted apparently some girl died here when she was like 9 or something I have to pause that after that iconic vibe because that was Probably the violet did well for me the most well for me the most the wettest that doesn’t make sense either You know I mean it. Did really good for me. I just ripped off a funny bit of audio, and there’s put over mine Will give me three months to live today I look so young a baby little PSI. Oh shit Your son is doing very nicely um he has one small problem penis, I know oh I think I kill myself in there sighs yeah, I hang myself. It was a Taylor Swift plus the jury Was oh, I’m good swag. That’s so unconfident 14 Shit 2014 how many years ago was that? Selfie game weakest fuck I think I think those two barns are the ones that kind of get on for you nobody Gave my career well, bitch you post this I’m awesome, cuz I’ll seem like an old decorator is my sauce is looking Good they do. They do one person speaks recipe skills I should have just dropped up ICONIC which one was your favorite did you used to watch me on Vine? I don’t know if you did or not I don’t feel like those are all of them I feel like some of them have been like hidden You could hide vines towards the end of your profile, but either way like those weren’t too bad I found them kind of funny I don’t know like my toes croak cold out the one where I said daddy af no no no It’s made me a bit embarrassed if you enjoyed this video, please give it a like up if you a like up does that make sense a Thumbs up I think I mean thumbs up either way Just do it if you want to if you want to see more of me Please feel free to subscribe i’m back on YouTube and right now don’t worry on my back in video mode I was out a video mode for a while make another weekend off and promptly so I was like well I’m just not going to exist for three days with him You know I’m back with a brand new truck Please would come for me if you think I was offensive like it’s not my bad. I made a video like three months ago I apologize for all my mistakes. So just watch that video because it explains everything I’m just gonna go because what time is it it’s number where I watch but it’s probably around Midday lights one edit this video Yeah, I think I did enough as well. I think I’m overtired good. Bye . Thank you very much for watching I love you very much. Thank you. Bye. If I love you. Thank you very much by watching. Thank you for watching goodbye Cocaine is coming town. I probably should stop – unless you do release let’s make nose Killing man from compressed a tuna keeping city n ews when you and I’m running out of fairy dust Yes

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    I understand if it's personal, or if you don't want to relieve what happened.

    Anyways, your reaction cracked me up nonetheless.

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