in my book the lose your belly diet I say if you can change your gut you can truly change your life and I’ve seen this happen for people all over the country and one of the biggest issues a lot of people have is they’ll say well eating healthy food is so difficult it’s really expensive so one of the focuses I came up with a bunch of new recipes really looking at healthy eating on a budget and trying to get at ingredients that don’t take a really long time to make so you can whip this up literally in five minutes or less the first up here is salmon and black bean dinner salad and what I love about this believe it or not I am not afraid to use things like canned beans and canned salmon ironically can salmon fraction of the cost of fresh salmon you still get those wonderful omega-3 fatty acids and as I talked about in my book if you can use ingredients that not only help you feel full but that are good for those good gut bacteria your little buddies canned beans are such a wonderful cheap affordable source of good fiber and protein so Doc’s I want you to give this a whirl because in here you’ve got avocados healthy haha onions tomatoes and it’s enlist the dressings our yogurt based nice oh that yogurt you’re getting some of those great probiotics nice not bad right I mean you know what I love about canned salmon you can find it anywhere you don’t have to live on the coast can’t Sam you’re gonna find it anywhere in America at your grocery store should give it a whirl this right here if you went and got this at a restaurant you’re looking at maybe fifteen this is less than four bucks a serving even cheaper in some places so I want to move on to one of my other big favorites and that is cooking things in bulk this is Hardy Southwestern meatless chili that I love and the reason I love it is because you’re combining all these ingredients that are healthy and good for you loaded with nutrients and the base again you’re looking at beans but you got oregano chili powder salsa corn onions I mean it’s it’s it’s so tasty and what’s cool is for less than three bucks a serving you can make this and freeze a big batch so you run home after a busy get up for your kids it’s really delicious daughter without the meat yeah I don’t really miss the meat flavors delicious the beans are really filling so you cook much I love cooking I really love cooking but you know what just like dr. Chavez is saying sometimes it’s hard when you don’t have a lot of time and I feel pressure like to put healthy food on the table I have to take a lot of time to cook but now I know that there are certain things that you can do seem easy yeah in affordable and last but not least this is something really fun in my book taco stuffed peppers hmm we often think of making tacos and it’s always corn tortilla shells or refined tortillas well if you use that red bell pepper as your taco shell you’re getting all those added nutrients and you can stuff it with everything from salsas to beans that’s a quinoa brown rice mixture and have you tried it drew that’s really I’ll go and you can either use turkey you can use meatless substitute and what’s fun about this is you can get your kids excited because you can you can have your kids try to eat it by hand and it’s kind of fun to watch them alright is that a dare this is your finer world great way to use bell peppers [Applause] we’re loaded with vitamin C that with the tomatoes you’re getting the lycopene and these can be made for less than at most five bucks of serving so great really delicious so are you proud of me drew yeah these are great additions good russa simple cutting simple living but healthy as can be in on a budget and incidentally these recipes you can find them on our website the doctors you can pick up your special edition of lose your belly diet with a bonus chapter and recipes included at select sam’s club and donut locations you

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