and what would you tell maybe someone
out there who this morning this afternoon or this evening sure you know
has been having a headache or is you know maybe thinking could this be a
migrant and I’ve got to go to Baptist Hospital and see a doctor when do you
say time to go see the doctor so there’s there’s some triggers that are really
concerning technically if you have visual changes if you have vision loss
if you have neurological symptoms that you have never had before
if you’re having a weakness of any upper or lower extremities if you’re having
difficulty with your speech if you’re having a throbbing pulsating thunderclap
headache which is typically the worst headache of your life we tend to have
those patients go either directly to the ER or common eval you know can’t get an
evaluation if it’s symptoms are not as severe in the office same day or next
day with your primary care provider but typically red flag symptoms that are new
such as the ones that I just mentioned go to the ER get an evaluation it’s
always better to be safe than sorry if you’ve never had headaches before in
your life the other thing that I encourage patients to do is keep a log
of your symptoms be weary as to what’s going on in your life be aware of your
external factors what’s new in your medications what what’s me with foods
and drinks what have you been doing over the last 24 to 48 hours that could have
possibly triggered this headache to occur and what are some of the things
you can do to kind of make your symptoms a little bit better try that if your
symptoms are not as severe or alarming such as the ones that I had just described

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