Translator: Victor Carras
Reviewer: Maria K. Okay. Well, I have 10 minutes (Laughter) to inspire you to move
in the direction of well-being, perfect health, discover your true self,
resurrect your soul, influence the markers
of ageing at a cellular level – the level of cell biology –
and actually discover who you really are. But before we do that,
the first thing I want to share with you is that you have to change
your perception of your physical body because we are talking
about literally reinventing the body. Your physical body is not physical,
your material body is not material. You have to start thinking
of your body as an activity, as a process, if I may say it so,
instead of a noun, as a verb, an activity. So our bodies are constantly
in the river of change and transformation. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said: “No man can step
into the same river twice, because it’s a new man
and it’s a new river.” Likewise, your true self cannot step
into the same flesh and bones twice, because in every moment of your life,
you are actually in the river of change which is your physical body. Through processes like eating, reading,
digestion, metabolism, illumination, elimination, sensory experience, thoughts,
feelings, emotions, desires, memories, imagination, creativity, intention,
intuition, inspiration, In fact, the physical bodies that you are using right now
to listen to my lecture are not the ones that you came in
from Times Square a few minutes ago. Even with one breath that you breathe in, you breathe in
10 to the power of 22 atoms, which is a huge amount of stuff that comes from everywhere
in your environment, ends up at your cells,
your heart, your brain, your kidneys. With every breath that you breathe out, you are literally breathing out
at the atomic level bits and pieces of your heart,
and kidney, and brain tissue, and technically speaking, we are all intimately sharing our organs
with each other, right this moment. In fact, there are studies –
mathematical calculations – that can show without a shadow of doubt
that right this moment, you might have a million atoms that were once
in the body of Jesus Christ, or Buddha, or Genghis Khan,
or anyone else you want to think about. In just the last three weeks, a quadrillion atoms
have gone through your body that have gone through the body of every other living species
on this planet. So think of a tree in Africa, a squirrel
in Siberia, a peasant in China, you have stuff in your body,
which is actually non-stuff, that was there only three weeks ago. None of the atoms in your body
are the ones that you were born with. None. They were manufactured
in the crucible of stars, and in fact the atoms in this hand
and the atoms here may have come from different stars. The carbon, the hydrogen, the oxygen that is right now circulating in your body
is not even a material entity; it’s a process. Once you understand
that your body is a process, then you can engage
in reinventing the body. And you do so by very simple, fundamental activities
that you pay attention to. So let me tell you what are
the most important fundamental activities. Sleep. When you sleep, your body
rejuvenates itself, repairs itself. Not only your brain,
but the rest of your body. The second thing: meditation. We now have, actually, scientific proof
that a daily practice of meditation – and we have done these studies
with places like scientists at Harvard, at Mount Sinai here in New York,
and University of California – within – in our study –
within four days of meditation, people increased the enzyme
that controls biological age by almost 40% in four days. And then we took those samples,
we sent them to our teams – as I said in these institutions –
and we showed that the entire genome starts to express itself
in a different way. You don’t change the sequence
of nucleotides in your body, but there are genes that get up-regulated, genes that promote homeostasis
of self-regulation or self-repair. And there are genes
that get down-regulated, genes that activate inflammation. So both inflammation
and homeostasis are self-repair, our protective mechanisms. When you fall down, you need the inflammatory
response to heal yourself, but if that response is exaggerated
then it is the basis of many diseases. Many diseases,
including chronic conditions, like bronchial asthma, arthritis,
many types of cancer, etc., etc., heart disease, inflammatory disorders are all connected with these diseases. So when the genes get
down-regulated or inflammation, the genes get up-regulated, you’re literally changing the activity
of your genes and the enzymes that control cellular ageing. And this we have shown already. So here are the few things
that really matter. I mentioned sleep and meditation. Movement. The more you move,
the healthier your body. Don’t worry about the kind of exercise
you want to do, you can do any exercise. The key thing is to keep moving. The fourth thing is emotional well-being. And somebody in a previous talk
mentioned the limbic brain. The limbic brain
is that part of your brain that is influenced by your emotions. So when you experience emotions
like joy, peace, compassion, empathy then there’s a phenomenon
that occurs in your brain, it’s called limbic resonance, and the hormones that are secreted
and the neuropeptides that are secreted, like oxytocin, and dopamine,
and serotonin, and opiates, these are immunomodulators, and they enhance
self-healing or self-repair. On the other hand, if you’re feeling
guilt, hostility, depression, any of the things
that create fear in your body, then limbic resonance
turns to a limbic dissonance, and that starts
a disruption of homeostasis. So cultivating those emotions. And finally: diet. A diet that is free of – A diet that’s not based on refined foods,
manufactured foods, or processed foods. A diet that is more plant-based
and also perhaps a Mediterranean diet, which includes fish and olive oil. It’s that simple. Sleep, meditation, movement, cultivating healthy emotions
and a healthy diet. So here is the formula: Wake up every day with the intention that you are going
to experience a joyful, energetic body. A restful alert mind. Cultivate the emotions of peace, joy, love, compassion, empathy, and equanimity, and finally experience lightness of soul. Because at the core of our being is an intelligence that’s orchestrating
all these activities that I mentioned. You have 600 trillion cells in your body, which is more than all the stars
in the Milky Way galaxy. Only, by the way, only 10% of them are human, the rest is what is called the microbiome. So of the 600 trillion cells in your body,
most of them are bacteria. You are a walking bacterial colony
with a few human cells added. And all of these cells are working
together as an ecosystem. And the things I mentioned to you,
they influence everything. Diet particularly influences
the microbiome, which is in the GI tract, and the microbiome and your genes
actually regulate each other. So, it’s a fascinating thing. Our body is star stuff that has learned to self-regulate itself, That has become self-aware,
that knows itself, that regulates itself, that evolves, and ultimately, that goes back
to the field of pure consciousness, which is the field of infinite
possibilities, infinite creativity, that takes leaps of evolution,
and as we move into the future, I think you will see
that reinventing the body is not a possibility in the future,
it’s a possibility right now. Thank you. (Applause)

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  1. @Healthcare Triage @JamesRandiFoundation @Arizona State University @Deepak Chopra @The Chopra Well @DoctorOz 

    It would a mind blowing debate if

    Deepak Chopra
    Mehmet Oz


    Aaron Carroll
    James Randi
    Lawrence Krauss

    Just give it a thought

    PS: I know all of you are very busy people but imagine how epic it would be…

  2. ~ We are all spiritual beings here to resurrect the spirit of enlightenment ~  We are not here to discover who we are but what we are ~ As are minds evolve so to does our bodies ~ If we cultivate unconditional Love ~ it will bring about all of those things you talked about ~ Peace of mind , Happiness , Joy , Equanimity , Empathy , Compassion etc. ~

  3. I find Chopra has many valid points. In particular I find his statement made elsewhere that:"Science is now in the process of overthrowing the climactic overthrow of the superstition of materialism."  fascinating. However, I would go so far as to say this in fact: Science is now in the process of overrunning the under-ruled process of overthrowing the climactic concentric spherical double divisive overthrow of superstition of non-inmaterialistic materials. 

  4. I'm not sure what his point is. He says facts and then for some reason starts talking about some spiritual crap

  5. Its the negative people and the negative rude comments that will make those people sick and unhappy in time.  He is not talking about delusions, mumbo jumbo or some weird mystical science theories.  Its a fact of who humans and all beings are.  I am an exact example of my diet and lifestyle making me very sick and negative.  I changed my diet, my ideas, reduced stress, lifestyle and activities and I cured my auto immune disease, PERIOD! Oh and that included using meditation. I happen to know MANY others who have done the same.  And Deepok was pivotal in the changes I made in my life because the real issue is lack of knowledge and also western medicine and its lack of knowledge of the diet, environment and lifestyles of the American people and give you a pill to treat symptom, not the disease and fail to diagnose or educate you on how to change your life and heal.The Oath says, First Do NO Harm and I was greatly harmed. You CAN heal illness and live a happy long peaceful life.  Deepok is a brilliant man in touch with more then  the average human being.  He is educated and has accomplished so much, including the author of over 70 books and YES he has been invited to TED MED and others so that is an incorrect comment.  Whoever found it necessary to call names, use profanity and insult has most certainly accomplished NOTHING, including being a decent person.

  6. This talk is 10 minutes of science and 30 seconds of faith based consciousness talk, presented as though it is logically derived from the first 10 minutes.

  7. anyone who wants to hate on this video should take his advice for one month and then they would laugh at themselves for their words and actions

  8. BUT there is no 'intelligence' behind it all Deepak…..(at least there is no evidence of any intelligence behind it all). Of course thought can affect brain state (in sort of the way that movement is what muscles do, the "mind" is simply what the complex conscious human brain does)….so the way we focus / exercise the mind or what we choose to cultivate in thought /awareness/mindfulness will have an impact on brain electro-chemistry…thus influencing mood/emotion and physical well being (since the brain is a very influential part of the body). It's all physiology. And although we don't fully understand it all just yet, we don't have to invoke some 'intelligence of the universe' to explain it.

  9. I guess what Deepak Chopra is saying is use common sense, I went through a deep dark depression, lost everything and found out about meditation, along the way I had forgotten these facts about living without stress, healthy diet and all the rest of it. I was a very angry person and negative. I applaud him for promoting a healthy lifestyle but I think the thing that bugs everyone about him is he can "come across" as a saint who does no wrong! Nothing wrong with that, you can't be an angry negative person promoting all this stuff that way. I am sure he loses his shit sometimes, we are all human!

  10. When the mind goes beyond the thought of ‘the me,’ the experiencer, the observer, the thinker, then there is a possibility of a happiness that is incorruptible.

  11. Really, a valuable person doing a great service sharing higher knowledge for welfare of humanity on the globe. …. May God bless Him.

  12. himself doesn't resemble anything of his own training and claims in aging, intuition, creativity… sugar coated phrases…

  13. All this vitriol and Chopra didn't say one sentence that was "mystical." Everything he said was scientifically backed. He didn't refer to consciousness as something outside the body or that it was a universal intelligence or any of the other things all of you "haters" accused him of in this talk. The "intelligence at the core" of the human being he referred to is simply the consciousness and intelligence of the human brain. And I say this despite my personal belief that consciousness isn't something that arises as an emergent phenomenon of the human brain. I am more of the opinion that consciousness comes from a universal constant like electromagnetism or gravity.

    This makes me think you are all "brainwashed" followers of whatever is taught in college and high school regardless of how true or false it might be. You believe it just because some professor said that is the way things are. You say that you are only being rational. Rationality is subjective, not objective. In fact, everything in your brain and mind is subjective. You cannot get away from that. Even the idea that the person "who makes a claim must prove it" is a concept that came from philosophy, not science. Everything in science is the result of an attempt to be objective, but if the person or people conducting the experiment are self-aware and individual thinkers how can they be fully objective? They are all individually subjective perspectives.

    All of this vitriol and "hate" comes from a subjective perspective that tells itself (regardless of whether you as an individual believe what I am saying or not) that any perspective that isn't mine or that of my professors or other "scientists" it must be radically wrong. Which is the same thing that happened to Copernicus, Galileo, and any number of other scientists of the past that brought us forward in our understanding of the world around us. The difference is that they all had an open mind – one that didn't assume something or other is wrong because it doesn't agree with their personal convictions or understanding. Instead, they experimented with it. Perhaps you all should do the same.

  14. So what exactly did he talk about that was bullshit? I've read up on the science of all the things he mentioned. I don't see how he's off the mark much. I mean the only thing I really disagree on is that we self regulate. I believe we once did, but the more 'advanced' we become, and the more we alter our environments/foods/habits, the further we get from being able to self-regulate. That's why we are now seeing the first generations to backslide on longevity, not expecting to outlive the previous generation.

  15. @TEDx Talks, why are you allowing this kind of speakers? You know what reputation Deepak has in the world of sience, right?

  16. Even your look is a testimony! But these haters do not want to listen. Deepak do not worry, we know where the hate is coming from. Greetings from Nigeria.

  17. this guys going nuts he needs to know what logic is and stop thinking too hard because hes just going crazy spreading the disease of this nonsense

  18. Some good ideas mixed with LOADS of Bu***it, Deepak I hope you feel shame, you could promote the same ideas without the packaging of misguidance and lies and it would have a better effect.

  19. Deepak might sound like a quack with his complicated sentences. BUT if you break down his talk and practice a few points and change .., we can move forward. I take his talk and break it down and pick up a few points .

  20. “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

    ― Nikola Tesla

  21. Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily. Life is but a dream.
    It is all an illusion (in my imitation voice of Deepak.)

  22. I enjoy knowing how many people hate this man. The haters have that nice toxic feeling of hatred running through their veins right now, and they watch him again and again. So they mock his IQ but surly watching something you hate has to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard ???

  23. Thank you very much Deepak. I see at you someone who comes to give us an awewsome gift. The fact I receive it or not make the difference about who really I am.

  24. Slow voice by attraction guru. Just a man who identifiy them as possible. programmed with thought program. . .

  25. I hope people who listened to this boost of knowledge may not necessarily from medical or similar baground to understand…however I will try to explain this whole game of medical system and how government s fooled their own citizens I my ways, they know a doctor may not know about science of Jyotish , a Jyotish will no be able to go through Cell and Molecular Biology books or research, similarly a biochemist working on biochemistry of neurons may not dig deep into answers in Ayurveda, moving a step ahead a Vastu science has very important relation to which direction you head is when you sleep, every direction has its own science , we all have a very auspicious relation with earth…. Leaving negativity behind…if one could let's help each other to have a better life in Thai planet, don't let the government control the holy plant Cannabis, don't buy anything without knowledge, and if you could please stop funding Alcohol and Cigarettes industry's please if you could.

    ??? Enjoy Trance ?

  26. Atmospheric nitrogen Plasma
    Will allow us to live to 200+ years

    Atmospheric Nitrogen Plasma sends muscle and bone cells
    Into regeneration

    Built a TESLA COIL and use it in a treatment room and add maybe
    a little extra nitrogen in the room …

  27. I have his book about stopping and reversing ageing, but i wonder why he looks old instead of looking 20 or 30 years old if really ageing can be reversed… And in the book i have it says you can reverse ageing in the looks department

  28. Chopra says that you can have a young body without age… even that he reinvents his body, but he ages the same as everyone else and will die at a normal age … Apparently they are only selling titles and nothing else.
    So, the day he was 90 or 100 years old and looks young and lucid, I'll believe it … for now it's just a good best seller.

  29. Maravilhoso!!!
    Serviu pra mim…
    Quero assistir esse vídeo todos os dias até me consientizar de tudo isso

  30. '600 trillion cells in your body'…..maybe if you weigh 600lbs.
    A recent study out of the Weizmann Institute in Israel states that the number of bacteria may actually be very similar to the number of human cells in the body.

    The authors of the study found that the 10:1 ratio of bacterial to human cells goes back to a 1977 study by Dwayne Savage and an earlier 1972 paper estimating the number of bacterial cells in the human body. The Weizmann scientists redid the estimate and found that there were about 39 trillion bacterial cells in the body. They also estimated the number of human cells in the body, about 84% of which are red blood cells, finding there to be about 30 trillion human cells in the body.

    While this results in about 1.3 bacterial cell per human cell, the numbers may vary significantly from person to person and could change significantly with each defecation. They estimate that the range of bacterial cells goes from about 30 to 50 trillion in each individual. Women may also have a higher ratio of bacterial cells than human cells because they have fewer human cells, specifically red blood cells.

  31. 1.Good Sleep
    3. Movement-Excercise
    4.Emotional Wellbeing
    5.Healthy Diet

    Wake up everyday with the intention for a healthy body and mind .

  32. I believe that a few people will understand the talk, and think its mystical or get critical because he's best seller. So, what he talks about, its not how to hck the age process. But, reiventing what you feel, the deep and meaning that life carries to most top personalities, just imagine if you meditate for a long time, and do these other concepts, master them how they should be, what kind of life will you have?

    I leave you with this thought.

  33. Bonjour à tous. C'est une super conférence que donne la Depak Chopra. Merci à lui même si il n'a que quelques minutes. Namaste.

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